Friday, April 21, 2017

Everyday Superpowers

1. Wake-up call. Being able to control exactly when you wake up would be a useful power, especially when you need to wake from a nap at a certain time.
2. Temperature control. Would it be nice if hot food stayed hot and ice cream never melted? Well with this power, that's exactly what you could control!
3. Sock seeker. Never be left without mated socks with this power. Simply hold a single sock, and then you'll know exactly where its mate is.
4. Allergy avoidance. Imagine a power that would help you avoid whatever you were allergic to. That would be great for both springtime and the party's buffet table.
5. Golden silence. With this power, any annoying sounds are muffled, with a golden glow only visible to you appearing around the silenced sound's source so you will know when it stops.
6. Back scratch. This power lets you scratch any part of your back without needing your hands.
7. Stylish hair. A power that lets you control exactly how your hair will look can be useful, especially if your hair is usually unmanageable.
8. Simply social. A power that simplifies those difficult to muddle through social situations would be very helpful for any who have a hard time socializing.
9. Just dessert. A power that gives you a dessert whenever you want one. You might not ever het the same type of cake twice, but tyis power is a dessert lover's dream.
10. Listening laces. A power that makes your shoelaces follow your mental commands. Now you'll never have to bend over to tie your shoe ever again!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Creamy Fur

Droplets fell to the scorched earth; signalling the end of a once mighty waterfall.
The shadow that darkened the blistered ground would have sent the forest's creatures running, had there been any left at the once-beloved pool. As it was, the shadow grew as its caster descended to land.
Fierce claws dug into the baked earth as the creature reached the ground. Leathery wings riddled with holes were tucked against a back covered in pebbly gray skin.
The creature stretched, arching its back in a movement far too graceful for anything so large. A long tail slipped lazily back and forth as the creature gave a great yawn that revealed a mouth full of sharp teeth.
The creature sat and twisted its torso about to study its wings. A one wing unfolded, a small patch of creamy fur was revealed. The creature stared at the patch if fur for a long moment, amber eyes unblinking as it considered the oddity.
Strange flashes of memory filled the creature's mind: trees being so much larger, the wind teasingly ruffling its fur, the sweet contentment of a comfortable lap.
Releasing a sneeze that sent an uncomfortable burst of flame from its mouth, the creature turned back to the small patch of fur as the ground sizzled.
Rough, angry licks at the patch of fur made it begin to smoke. The smoke grew darker as the creamy fur blackened beneath the unrelenting force of the creature's tongue.
When at last all trace of fur was gone, the creature settled itself on the ground, curled inward with the tip of its long tail resting gently on its nose.
As its eyes closed and it surrendered itself to sleep, the creature began to purr.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Thoughtful Gifts

1. A handmade craft. Be it a blanket, bookmark, bag, or butter bowl, taking the time to make something for someone else is quite thoughtful.
2. A letter. Writing a personal message to someone takes careful thought about that person.
3. Cookies. Cookies make people happy, especially when they're your favorite kind.
4. A photo album. Pictures capture moments, and moments remembered are moments treasured.
5. A collectible. Giving someone an item for their collection shows that you care enough to know what they like collecting. A collectible could be keys, bottle caps, or even left socks. Their value lies in the collector's heart.
6. A drink of water. When you are thirsty, having someone offer you a glass of water is a wonderful thing indeed.
7. Your service. Sometimes the best gift is delivered through sweat, elbow grease, and a smile.
8. A kind word. Kind words can improve another's day, so don't be afraid to speak.
9. Food. Making dinner for someone else is a wonderful gift to give.
10. Your time. Sometimes the only gift you need give is to simply spend time with someone else, focusing on them instead of on yourself.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

House Cat

Stretched out upon a bed that once belonged to the dog, the kitten was content.
Gone were the days where he'd had to struggle outside, hoping his mother would return before he and his siblings starved. Gone were the terrible nights when a howl might mean that a pack of hounds had found them.
Gone was the rain that left his fur drenched, and the harsh sun-baked earth that burnt his paws.
No, now his life was luxurious.
Comfortable beds, fresh water, and all the food he could ever desire. A warm lap just for him, and toys to pounce on.
Yes, the life of a house cat promised to be a good one.
And so the kitten stretched out once more upon the dog's bed, and purred his contentment.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Waffle toppings

1. Whipped cream.
2. Chopped pecans.
3. Chocolate chips.
4. Peanut butter.
5. Rainbow jimmies.
6. Bacon.
7. Real maple syrup.
8. Fresh strawberries.
9. Lemon curd.
10. Fried chicken with country gravy.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

As the Battle Ends

The scent of smoke as the battle ends,
Spells disaster for my armored friends.
For there swoops down an angry beast,
Cloaked in shiny scales, with eager fangs waiting to feast.
Against its fiery breath they stand,
Foolishly brave knights to the very end.
A sharper scent now taints the smoke,
A bitter warning of what creature the battle woke.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fun Familiars

1. A spider. Because how great would it be to have a familiar that could provide you with an endless supply of unique thread for all your crafting needs?
2. A penguin. Because at least one of you should be able to withstand cold temperatures.
3. A skunk. Being able to clear a room might not be kind to your nose, but it makes for a useful familiar.
4. A slug. Because sometimes being around something slimy can be strangely satisfying.
5. A turkey. After all, there doesn't seem to be any rules stating that you can't eat your familiar.
6. A frog. What could be more fun than trying to catch something that is always one hop ahead? Watching as children try to catch it.
7. A vulture. By watching where it circles, you'll always be prepared to swoop in and snatch the ripest deals during any sale.
8. A hedgehog. Because having a grumpy and poky familiar can help remind you of how good your life really is.
9. A butterfly. Having such a graceful familiar can help you to remember that some things call for a gentle hand.
10. An archer fish. Because one of you needs to have good aim.