Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Story Mines

Down deep beneath the earth lies treasures untold. Glittering gems awaiting their moment to catch the light.
How do we get to them? By digging.
You take the tools of your trade and shovel out layer after layer of rough paragraphs, pick through tough sentances, and even find yourself momentarily lost in the cave-in of research.
But as you delve deeper into the mines, you'll find those treasures.
Lovable characters.
Terribly terrific twists.
Dreaded cliffhangers.
Prehistoric puns.
Yes, so many treasures await you within the story mines. All you need to do is dig.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Easy Breakfasts

1. Toast. If you want to be teally fancy, you could put a spread on it of butter or jam.
2. A sandwich. Take two slices of bread, and stuff something in between. Meat, cheese, peanut butter, the filling possibilities are numerous.
3. Leftovers. Doesn't matter what they are. Cold pizza? Bacon? Spinach and feta tartlets? If it's a leftover, it can be your breakfast. (Because breakfast is merely the first meal of your day, and cannot be bound by the idea that it has to be certain foods.)
4. Scrambled eggs. They're easy enough to make, and because they're scrambled, it's okay if the egg doesn't stay in one solid piece!
5. Ramen noodles. Quick to make, and quick to eat.
6. Cereal. Whether cold or hot, cereal is a super easy breakfast option.
7. Fruit. Apples, oranges, grapes, pears, bananas. Fruit is a breakfast you can mix up in a bowl if you want to be fancy, or blend into a shake if you feel like putting in a bit more effort.
8. A tv dinner. Just nuke it until it's ready toveat, and bam! Dinner for breakfast.
9. Fast food. The easy part is that you don't have to make the food yourself.
10. Yogurt and granola. All you need now is a spoon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Sometimes, you just have to run.
Run, run, run until your lungs ache, until you can't breath for the knife dug into your side.
Run, until your mind focuses on nothing else but the need to breathe.
Running provides something to focus on. The ground beneath your feet, the wind against your face when you go fast enough, the rush of blood beating through your veins.
Running is means you're free.
At least until you stop.
When the run is over, everything comes crashing down.
All your fears. All your doubts. Your responsibilities.
Everything that weighs you down returns, your moment of freedom forgotten beneath the burden.
The sense of being free is lost, but the longing, the urgency to run, that always remains.
And so when the moment comes, you always run.
Run until you can't run anymore.
And the mountainous weight you carry always returns on the walk home.
As does the yearning to run.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Pairings for Lemons

1. Raspberry.
2. Orange.
3. Lime.
4. Strawberry.
5. Cream.
6. Blueberry.
7. Mint.
8. Honey.
9. Coconut.
10. Cherry.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Food is tasty, especially after a hard day's work. But what kind of food is the tastiest?
Is it chocolate?
Fried rice?
What food you think is tasty might not be appetizing to another, and that's okay.
Because if they don't like tater tots in their spaghetti, then that just leaves more for you to enjoy.
Don't be afraid to try new foods, but remember that it is okay to not like everything you try.
If you don't like a food, and you don't have to rely on eating it, then you don't have to eat it.
Just remember that not everyone likes what you like, and so you shouldn't get upset if they say something is gross.
Foods are funny, and sometines leave a strange aftertaste in your mouth.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Basic Ingredients to Keep on Hand

1. Flour. It is a base you can use for all sorts of tasty foods, or as a thickener.
2. Sugar. It's always nice to keep something sweet on hand, for when other ingredients get too tart.
3. Eggs. They could be added to a cake, scrambled, added to a filling, used as a wash for homemade bread, and so much more!
4. Oil. It can be used as an ingredient, to fry other foods with, or simply to coat a pan so other foods don't stick.
5. Ground meat. Ground meat has so many uses. You want burgers? Make a patty. Tacos? Break it up while the meat cooks. Meatballs? Perfect for spaghetti.
6. Salt and pepper. A little seasoning can make the difference between an okay meal and good food.
7. Milk. Not only a nice thing to drink, but useful for making sauces, pancakes, cereal, and more!
8. Rice. Once cooked, it is ready to be eaten, or to be fancified with spices and other ingredients to trainsform it from merely a side to the star of the show.
9. Cheese. Almost anything can be made even better with cheese. Except maybe brownies...
10. Carrots. A vegetable that can last quite a while, and be used for both sweet and savory applications.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The dogs were barking as the train whistle blew. It was not a quiet night, for there was also the sounds of cars rumbling down the road and of children still out playing in the yard.
For although it was technically night, the sun still shone in the summer sky. So long as the sun shone, the children would play.
Yet within the house, there wasa cat who just wanted to sleep. At every sound that came flittering in through the window, the cat would lift her head to give a disgruntled glare. She wanted to sleep, yet the world seemed to insist that she stay awake.
Even the cat's own brother was against her going to sleep. For as soon as he noticed she was comfortably falling into slumber, the cat's brother would pounce on her.
This all made the cat very grumpy, and so she decided that if they wouldn't let her sleep now, then she would make sure no one got to sleep later.
And so it was, that when everyone else settled down to sleep that night, that the cat created as much chaos as one little cat can.
Suffice to say, no one slept.