Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Phone Cases

1. The kind with a place for your I.D.
2. One which features your favorite Disney character.
3. The kind which reveals your pride for your Hogwarts house.
4. One that you can accidentally run over and it won't break. Your phone, on the other hand...
5. The kind that has a built in stand.
6. One that looks like an older piece of technology.
7. The kind that is waterproof.
8. One that is customizable.
9. The simple kind that keeps your phone safe without needing to be flashy.
10. One that looks like a book.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book in a Box

There is a book in that box; though it is tattered and torn.
Once it was well loved, and kept out from the storm.
But now there it lies, with no home of its own.
With no one to read its pages, it might as well be a stone.
For that is how useful the book in the box has become.
With pages waterlogged, and the inked words nearly gone.
The book has no purpose, left alone in a box.
It has no reader, just a moldy old sock.
So when you young novels pass by after the rain blows through.
Remember the book in the box, for the same could happen to you.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cool Names

1. Therius.
2. Eirlys.
3. Hendryx.
4. Leyva.
5. Echols.
6. Nyquist.
7. Ruzek.
8. Salstrom.
9. Feniuk.
10. Lilavois.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One Threat

The first wave of the invasion was a success.
There had been a few stragglers, a few rebels who refused to give in to the new world order.
But in time, they had unknowingly succumbed like all the rest.
When the main fleet finally arrived and surrounded the planet, there was no resistance left.
All it took to gain the planet's full surrender was one threat.
"We'll take back the Internet."

Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Break a Heart

1. Lie. Lies spread like cracks in a glass, and will eventually shatter.
2. Forget. Forget about a birthday, forget about that promised you made. Forget, and let that forgotten heart wither away in loneliness.
3. Dwell on what you want. Me, me, me. I want, I need, I deserve. Focusing only on yourself leaves nothing left for another's heart.
4. Get mad. Anger fuels the Heart-Breaker 3000, and is often on a hair trigger.
5. Break a promise. What you say matters, and following through on what you say matters even more.
6. Don't listen. Listening is a way to show you care. By not taking time to listen, you show how much you no longer care.
7. Betray their trust. If you are trusted, and then do something which shatters that trust, you can be sure that a heart got shredded with the fragments.
8. Make it worthless. If no one cares about it, if nothing of worth could ever come from it, then of what use is that heart?
9. Let it go. Sometimes the best way to tear a heart in two is to simply release it.
10. Never notice. It's sad when a heart is purposefully broken, but it is even more terrible when someone doesn't even notice the heart they've just broken.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What If

Of what use is a talent, if it is not shared?
What profit does it bring to the heart, if kept hidden away in the dark?
What can it teach you, when left all alone?
Whose life can it brighten, if it is never made known?
It brings a special kind of sorrow, known as "what if".
What if I had done that?
What if I had shared?
What if I had done anything, to show that I cared?
What if your talent had brought joy to their lives?
Happiness does not come from the "what ifs" of life.
It comes from the choices you make each day.
The choices that lead one to act, doing all that you can.
Using your talents to help your fellow man.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Sad Moments

1. When your ice cream melts.
2. When you discover that a page has been ripped out of your book.
3. When the dog eats the craft you were working on.
4. When an event you were looking forward to gets canceled.
5. When your favorite pen runs out of ink.
6. When you miss an opportunity to spend time with family who you haven't seen in a while.
7. When you need to sleep, but can't.
8. When someone forgets about you.
9. When a beloved pet dies.
10. When the computer crashes before you could save your work.