Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Like the wild winter wind.
Like sparks from a raging flame.
Like a smile from one you love.
Like the last thought before you fall asleep.
Like a heart that has finally healed after a break.
How free will you be?

Friday, October 13, 2017

For a Window

1. To provide light to a room.
2. To protect you from the weather.
3. So you have a breeze during hot summer days.
4. So you have something to look out during long car rides.
5. Because some help keep your house well insulated.
6. Because a door isn't always easy to look through.
7. Because sometimes art looks best when light shine through it.
8. It helps you keep an eye on the kinds when they go out to play, without you needing to go out into the snow.
9. It lets you see all the interesting things that happen to food while it is in the oven.
10. Because a wall would be so bland without one.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leave Behind

Leave behind all you know, to get lost within the winter snow.
Let your heart be frozen by the weather, and then be thawed through time spent together,
Together with those you love, watch as the sun rises above,
Above the distant mountains, oh, what a sight.
Will this journey bring delight?

Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Beat a Boss

1. Sneak up on him from behind.
2. Take away his energy source.
3. Attack quickly while running for your life.
4. Copy his abilities.
5. Overwhelm him with sheer numbers.
6. Toss him out of the ring.
7. Beat him at a tennis match.
8. Destroy whatever je is standing on.
9. Go for the giant eye.
10. Jump on his head.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Simple Cut

It started out as a simple cut.
You couldn't even remember where you got it, only that it itched.
Oh, how it itched. For such a little thing, it became impossible to ignore after you discovered it.
A little cut, just below your elbow. How had you gotten it?
You couldn't remember, but the itching was getting worse, and nothing seemed to help.
And was it looking a bit redder now?
Should such a little cut have been gone by now? You could remember other cuts around that size being mostly healed by this time, yet this cut hadn't gotten any better.
But other then the unending itch and the ever brightening color, nothing seemed wrong.
Perhaps the doctor would know what to do...
The doctor was useless.
He couldn't find anything wrong with the cut. Not even after all the tests.
Yet a part of you was certain that something was wrong.
If only you could remember how you got the cut.
It had been almost a month now, and the cut was still there. It hadn't healed at all, and now the itching was everywhere.
What was wrong with you?
You finally got an answer tonight.
The cut burst open when the moonlight hit it tonight, and a monster consumed you.
Even now, as you felt a ravenous hunger in your gut and stared at the pale fur covering your arm, the cut was still there.
Still just a little thing, weeping slightly as it continued to itch.
Would the itchiness ever end?
You howled out the question, then followed the sound of someone's reply.

Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Survive a Road Trip

1. Pack plenty of snacks.
2. Have a playlist with upbeat music for the road.
3. Make sure your phone is charged.
4. Have a map, so you"ll know where you're going.
5. Make sure to have extra cash on you, for those places that don't accept a card.
6. Have a drink on hand.
7. Make sure to pack sunglasses.
8. Wear comfortable clothes.
9. Have a good pair of shoes.
10. If possible, bring a friend.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Winter Storm

White death falls from above, covering all beneath its chill grasp. It lingers in hidden nooks, disguising danger with the appearance of flatness.
When will it leave?
When will the warmth of summer return?
None can tell, for the powdery ice listens not to the whims of men.
All one can do is find someplace safe, warm, and dry; and wait out this winter storm.