Friday, March 31, 2017

Fun Familiars

1. A spider. Because how great would it be to have a familiar that could provide you with an endless supply of unique thread for all your crafting needs?
2. A penguin. Because at least one of you should be able to withstand cold temperatures.
3. A skunk. Being able to clear a room might not be kind to your nose, but it makes for a useful familiar.
4. A slug. Because sometimes being around something slimy can be strangely satisfying.
5. A turkey. After all, there doesn't seem to be any rules stating that you can't eat your familiar.
6. A frog. What could be more fun than trying to catch something that is always one hop ahead? Watching as children try to catch it.
7. A vulture. By watching where it circles, you'll always be prepared to swoop in and snatch the ripest deals during any sale.
8. A hedgehog. Because having a grumpy and poky familiar can help remind you of how good your life really is.
9. A butterfly. Having such a graceful familiar can help you to remember that some things call for a gentle hand.
10. An archer fish. Because one of you needs to have good aim.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Numbers on the Clock

There was a different number on the clock,
Each time you went to see the Doc.
At one, something blue was growing on your tongue.
Then came two, with a swollen foot stuck in your shoe.
Around three, a bee had stung your knee.
Four was when you slipped on the floor.
When the clock struck five, you'd fumbled while juggling knives.
Before six, you were bitten by ticks.
At seven, you had lost a fight against Evan.
When it was eight, you actually felt pretty great!
But at nine, you felt an ache in your spine.
At ten, you'd fallen in the glen.
Around eleven, you found out what happens when you use expired leaven.
Finally it was twelve

Friday, March 24, 2017


1. Blue is the sky on a lazy day.
2. Blue is the water, where you can splash and play.
3. Blue is how you feel after a loss.
4. Blue like the tie you wore before it was stained by some sauce.
5. Blue were the berries you covered in cream.
6. Blue was the color that filled your dream.
7. Blue is your lips after too much time in the snow.
8. Blue is the bruise after you stubbed your toe.
9. Blue were the feathers you plucked off the ground.
10. Blue like your mother's eyes, when she saw what you found.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Dragon's Den

The dragon's den is somewhere you never go without a plan.
For within the dreary murk, a dangerous creature lurks.
Jealously guarding his gold.
And should you foolishly wander in, forget about the treasure you sought to win.
For your situation is dire, to be roasted with the dragon's fire.
Your armor added to his hoard.
But if the prize you will forsake, then the victory is yours to take.
Through accomplishments from which you'll have more to lend, than what you could have taken in the dragon's den.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Kittens Love...

1. Shoes. They're great to climb on, chew, and some even have laces to play with!
2. Couches. What better place is there to take a nap under?
3. Other kittens. Having someone their own size to pounce on is great fun.
4. Food. Be it milk, moist food, or something more solid, kittens love to eat.
5. Biting. A kitten needs to test out their new teeth on just about everything.
6. Boxes. Give a kitten a box, and it will be bouncing in and out of it all day.
7. Sleeping. Naps are a very important part of a cat's life, and so must be practiced from a very young age.
8. Playing. Kittens can find a way to play with anything. Their shadow? Pounce on it. A rocking chair? Climb on its legs. The sleeping dog? Climb on its back.
9. Attention. Unlike an adult cat, kittens demand a lot of attention from their caretakers.
10. Pouncing. Be it on a toy, your foot, or nothing at all, kittens love to practice their pouncing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Straight lines upon a field of white.
Words written in uniform rows, give an account of how much you know.
Doodled drawings fill the edges, replacing boredom with delight.
Pencil sketches, and smudging ink.
Each reveal just what you think.
Folds crease what once was smooth.
And delicate cranes help to soothe.
A worried mind, or anguished heart.
Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.
So be it dreams or doubts, duties or defeats.
A blank page can manage much, if you'll only fill the sheet.

Friday, March 10, 2017

For a Bologna Sandwich

1. Bait for a trap.
2. A midnight snack.
3. As a peace offering between warring first graders.
4. It could be used as part of a code, set just after a ham and cheese sandwich.
5. As a quick meal while you run about all day.
6. It could be a test of your date's potential. If they don't like a simple sandwich, then what other simple things might they dislike?
7. To cause a distraction. Because who wouldn't be distracted by a sandwich?
8. As a conversation starter. Many an awkward silence can be broken by the appearance of a bologna sandwich.
9. It could be a pillow after a stressful test. For when all you have is a bag of chips and a sandwich, that sandwich starts to look a lot more comfortable.
10. So you'll have something to feed the neighborhood dragon. When he doesn't want a cheese sandwich, that is.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Ropes of sunlight, coils of fire, and the weaves of night were all placed in perfect rows upon the shelf. Not a single hair was to be out of place, unless you fancied becoming a dragon's lunch.
Luckily, princesses around here are known for their elegent floral arrangements.
Unluckily, I happen to be the only princess who failed to grasp that particular talent.
So instead of the braids on the shelf cascading in the colors of a sunset, they looked more like a jumbled pile of fisherman's nets.
I called my draconic captor Billy, because the horn on his chin looked as if it he'd stolen it from a goat. I'm pretty sure he wishes he'd snatched one of my sisters instead of me every time he sees what I've done to his collection, and I often wonder why he hasn't eaten me yet.
Of course, all I needed to do was look over at his nest to get my answer.
For among all the gems, gold, and treasures that Billy slept upon were braids of soft, earthy brown hair.
My hair.
For some strange reason, my hair seemed to be like catnip to dragons. And thanks to something in the smoke of dragonfire, my hair now grew by several feet each day.
That made it hard to do some things, like cook, clean, and escape from this cave. The cave was always smoky, even while Billy was out hunting. And while my hair grew quickly while within the smoky haze, it positively flooded from my head for a couple hours after getting awat from the smoke.
And having a flood of hair pour out of your head is exhausting. You lose the energy to even think about running away, and by the time you do feel like moving, the sheer weight of all that hair keeps you from getting very far.
And once your dragon catches you, it carries you right back into the cave, and glares hungrily while you braid all of your new hair.
Sometimes, Billy nudges me outside just so he can get some fresh hair for his nest.
After he sees the mess I've made of his hair collection, I'll probably end up spending the entire night braiding a new flood of hair.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Food You Might Find in the Freezer

1. Flavored ice. Sometimes they're popsicles, and sometimes they are simply tubes of colored ice.
2. A frozen dinner. Because it can be handy when you need something quick to heat up for dinner.
3. Frozen peas. Great in fried rice, stews, and for that black eye you got from an overly exciting little league game.
4. Leftover pizza. Who doesn't love a slice of pizza during a movie night?
5. Hot dogs. They cook pretty fast straight from the freezer!
6. Ice cream. For those rainy moments in life, it's wise to keep a supply of your favorite flavor on hand.
7. Burritos. Though with frozen burritos, enough is never enough!
8. Cheese. Because a block of cheese is a great food to have on hand.
9. Spaghetti sauce. Homemade sauce, carefully portioned into single servings, is a great freezer filler. Just pull one out whenever you feel like pasta, and enjoy!
10. Berries. Because what else are you going to add to your smoothie?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Cat's Comfort

A soft pillow or a warm lap,
Those are the best places to take a nap.
Stretched out in the bright sunshine,
Dreaming of tasty birds that could be mine.
Safe from children, dogs, and toys,
In a secret hiding place free of noise.
Body curled comfortably from head to tail,
A rumbling purr within me swells.
It is a perfect day, to rest at ease,
Wherever and whenever a cat may please.