Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Strings were everywhere.
On the floor and clinging to the walls, hanging limply over the lampshade.
Just trying to get three steps from the front door was nearly impossible.
I had to duck underneath some, and twist around others. It was like being in some spy movie!
It would have been easier if the strings were all the same size.
Or even the same color.
But no. There were thin strings that were like spiderwebs, and thick ropes with fraying strands.
Contorting my way through it all, I managed to reach an open spot at the center of it all.
There, lounging on my favorite chair, was the monster responsible for all the strings.
The cat.
Whiskers twisting in a feline smile my horrible cat gave a pleased purr and knocked a ball of yarn to the floor.
"Never, ever again," I pointed at my cat and gave a growl of frustration as she rolled onto a tangled pile of sewing thread. "Never again will I leave crafting supplies out where you can find them."

Friday, March 25, 2016

Places to find a cat

1. In a box. Cats love playing in boxes.
2. In the closet. If you often keep the closet closed, don't be surprised to find the cat in there whenever it is opened.
3. Behind the couch. That little gap between the couch and the wall is perfect for your kitty.
4. Under the bed. Yes, there is a monster under the bed, and she will attack your toes.
5. In the hamper. It doesn't matter isthe clothes are clean or dirty, they make a perfect place to nap.
6. In the tree. How else would your cat catch the birds?
7. Behind the door. It is the only place for a cat to be when preparing to ambush you.
8. In the kitchen. The cat will be on the counter, stealing your food.
9. By the window. When the sun shines bright, the cat naps in delight.
10. On your chair. Oh, were you sitting there? The cat doesn't care.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The sphere

The gravel road stretched out for miles, with nothing but desert on either side.
The scent of motor oil mingled with baking sand as the sun glinted off of silvery metal.
A sphere lay half-buried at the end of a long scrape upturned earth. Dark fluid seeped from a dent in the metal, and a squat figure studied it with golden eyes.
The creature shivered despite the desert heat, and lifted a black disc to the sphere's dent.
The disc released a shrill chirp and flashed red as strange runes covered the disc.
The creature gave a groan and shook his head. Where would he find the supplies necessary to repair this damage? He'd crashed in the middle of nowhere, on a strange world.
Turning away from the sphere, the creature lifted a gray hand to block the sun. Well, he'd have to pick a direction and start walking.
Marking the sun's path, he moved away from the sphere.
Hopefully the locals would have what he needed. Or something close enough that it could be modified.
If not, then he was stuck.

Friday, March 18, 2016

To keep a name list

1. So if you ever find yourself with a new pet, naming it will be easier.
2. Because how else are you supposed to name the plants in your garden?
3. Because then you'll only have to remember the faces of your friends.
4. So naming new characters will be a lot easier.
5. It gives you something to do during the end credits of a movie.
6. That way you already have codenames ready for any project you undertake.
7. Because it can be a fun game to see who in the family can collect the most different names from people they meet in a week!
8. So that you'll have enough names to pick a good one for your future children.
9. Because names are interesting.
10. Because everything needs a good name.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fog

When I was a child, my village had one rule.
Never go into the fog.
It should have been an easy rule to follow. Stay inside at night when the fog was thickest, and avoid the clumps that appeared during the day in those shadowy spots the sunlight couldn't reach.
Easy, right?
Well... not for me.
I have what the village elders consider an unhealthy amount of curiosity.
Which means that I'm actually interested in stuff, and not content to follow the exact same routine every day.
Seriously, who would enjoy that?
At least the fog changes.
So one day, I decided to break the one rule.
It was rainy, and the fog was blanketing the village streets. On days like this, no one ever went outside.
My parents were busy with my younger brother, who was in a fit of terror because of the fog and rain.
"It's gonna get me!" His shriek shook the walls of our little home, and I wouldn't have been surprised if they all fell down.
My brother may only be five, but he has some powerful lungs.
I used his shrieks to cover my escape. The next time his voice shook the house, I slipped out the door.
The torches on either side of our doorway kept the fog at bay, though with how they were sputtering, I doubted they would outlast the rain.
Gazing at the swirling fog, I shivered. It didn't look as exciting now, and part of me was tempted to go back inside.
But that was a very small part.
Swallowing back my reservations, I strode into the fog.
It was chilly, and seemed to seep into my skin with each step. I couldn't see anything but the swirling fog.
Pretty spooky.
Rubbing my arms, I gave a weak laugh and shook my head. It was just fog! I don't know why the elders are so scared of it. When I told them about this tomorrow, they'd realize that there isn't anything to be afraid of.
Nothing at all.
I turned to head back inside.
And found blue eyes staring at me.
I jumped back, heart pounding. There wasn't anything else. Just a pair of blue eyes floating in the fog.
Okay, so maybe there was something to be scared of.
I took a cautious step forward, never taking my eyes off of those blue ones.
They kept staring at me.
Another step, then another.
Why wouldn't those blue eyes blink?
I was right next to those eyes now, and almost back to where my house should be.
I sidestepped the eyes, and let out a relieved breath as I saw the flicker of torches through the fog.
A glint of movement, and the fog beneath the blue eyes ripped open to reveal a maw of fangs.
I stumbled back as those fangs snapped at me.
They closed around my forearm, and pain seared through me.
My insides burned like frozen metal, so cold it was like touching flames.
I hit the ground, body shivering as the pain spread through it.
The blue eyes watched, its fangs hidden again within the fog.
I might have blacked out, for the next thing I remember is waking up.
Feeling cold, and strangely weightless.
"You were tasty." The voice was like a sigh of wind, and I turned to see who had spoken.
A girl.
A girl made entirely of fog, except for her blue eyes.
Her blue eyes and grinning mouth of fangs.
I made to scramble away, and caught sight of my arm.
My arm made of fog.
"What did you do to me?" I asked, my voice an unrecognizable sigh.
"It's been a while, but we can always count on a fool like you to wander in every few years." The girl said, still smiling as she motioned around. "Basically, you ventured into the fog, and so have become a part of it."

Friday, March 11, 2016

For a festival

1. To celebrate a good harvest.
2. So that the community can draw closer to one another.
3. As a way for people to share their talents.
4. So the younger generation can hear their family's stories.
5. Because they are usually a good reason to eat pie.
6. It gives you a chance to meet people.
7. Because you can learn the history of a place through their annual festival.
8. Because children can have a lot of fun at festivals.
9. They give you an excuse to get out of the house.
10. Because they can help you remember what is important.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Terror stalks the halls every night.
He causes mayhem in the kitchen, scattering everything in sight.
None can sleep while he is around, for he knocks everything off of the shelves.
And should you somehow fall asleep with him in the room, you will shortly be rudely awakened by the pressure of him resting on your head.
Terror reigns in the house, despite pleas to stop his campaign.
Why would any allow Terror to rule? What could cause someone to become so smitten?
It is because he is the most adorable kitten.

Friday, March 4, 2016

To attend a book exchange

1. Because you have two copies of the same book.
2. So that someone else can enjoy a story that you loved.
3. Because you might be able to find that out of print book you've been looking for.
4. It gives you an excuse to talk about books.
5. You'll be able to see what your friends have been reading.
6. It gives you a reason to reorganize your bookshelf.
7. It gives you a reason to buy more bookshelves.
8. You'll get a chance to share books with those who might not normally be able to afford any.
9. Because it is more exciting than a sock exchange. And normally less smelly too.
10. Because you want to share your love of books with your children.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Something fishy

The cat did not like rats.
Nor was he a fan of sparrows, mice, or milk.
When it came to food, the cat liked only one kind.
Goldfish swimming in the bowl, and trout in the stream.
It mattered not what kind it was.
It could be canned, or fresh.
The finest salmon, or the smelliest tuna.
The cat loved the oily texture, and the way that it settled in his belly.
There was only one problem.
His people thought he liked chicken.