Friday, October 28, 2011

To think out loud

1.  The sound of your own voice may trigger an idea.
2. Its the perfect conversation starter.
3. It exercises not only your mind, but your vocal cords!
4. If you carry a part of the conversation with your voice, then a character can carry the other half with your mind.
5. Plot creation is more amusing when others can hear it as well.
6. Vocal thinking may be easier to remember then silent thinking.
7. The television characters will hear you better if you shout.
8. Audible thoughts help the battle against unconsciousness.
9. A real voice might help scare away the ones in your head.
10. Its nice to wish yourself a good day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terrarth: Tales of the Old Ones

An icy glare, from a cold sun. Wind with a touch like death squeezed my heart. The frozen world cried as fire began to burn its core. Twin moons fought the sun for dominance of the sky.
Light and Shadow, Frost and Ember, Sky and Ground.
The entirety of the world fought and raged against itself.
There was nothing, simply a thousand possibilities.
Life was new, not quite aware of itself yet.
There were a few creatures awakening to what they were, as I had at the beginning.
My heart beat, my eyes saw, and thoughts swarmed my mind. I was alive, and one of the first.
An Old One, these new creatures would call me.
I turned my gaze from the sky, and looked down at the new world. My people were scrambling around, mingling with the Other Kind. I watched them build an empire, the first of many. We were building the world, preparing it for the creatures to come. Though it was a foolish thing, to prepare for another. Why should we toil, and allow another to claim the spoils?
The Other Kind thought it was best, that it was right.
But what is right? What is the meaning of wrong?
Nothing was perfected yet, everything was flawed.
We had yet to shape the laws of this world, what would be considered good.
It was our duty, not that of the Other Kind. Yes, they were our kin. But what would that mean, kin?
I looked away, my vision focusing on nothing. Then a sound came.
Footsteps, coming to join me in my brooding.
I ignored my companion, one the the Other Kind.
"What are you searching for, Shadow?" She asked, her voice curious.
"Nothing," Was my gruff answer, followed after a moment by, "everything."
She entered my vision, a small creature slight of build, with the sun in her hair and the moon in her eyes.
"Come now, that can't be all." She teased, a smile flashing like lightning onto her face. I turned away, not allowing her charm to enthrall me.
We may have been paired together, but that meant nothing.
As soon as our work was complete, I would leave her.
I did not want one of the Other Kind in my life. They were our opposites, the light to our shadow. Yet without the light, there would be no shadow...
“Leave me be, Light.” I spoke roughly, never allowing her to get close to me. That light may be tantalizing, but I could survive without it.
Her fingers touched my check, turning my head toward her. Her smile was still there, dancing in her eyes. “Never. We're a pair, and tonight we get to pick our true names.”
Then she slipped her hand into mine, and I allowed the light to lead me down into our world.
Into Terrarth.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why cats sleep most of the day

1. Lacking opposable thumbs, the common house cat must resort to long hours of meditation in order to unlock telekinetic abilities.
2. Cats store their energy during the day in preparation for nocturnal raids against the household.
3. A cat may find the activities surrounding them to be dull, and will show their disinterest by sleeping.
4. After a few hours of exertion, a cat needs to rest. What exactly a cat does however, is unknown.
5. Silence is a trait cats must develop through long hours of stillness.
6. The cat is a master of strategy; carefully plotting each step toward their final objective while feigning unconsciousness.
7. Due to the amount of time it takes to clean their fur, cats have no time left for any activity other then sleep.
8. A spoiled feline is quite lazy.
9. The cat meticulously prepares itself to destroy their enemy: the dog.
10. Due to an excess of servants, felines have no need to do anything beneath them. Because of this, they have unlimited hours to devote to sleep.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Myths from the P.o.D.

Welcome! Sorry for the late post, I've been slightly busy. Today begins another series! This series will be known as "Myths from the P.o.D.". Named after my stash of free-writing, this series will be stories from my free-writing. Some of these tales may have sequels added after them, while others may simply be stand-alone.
To begin, here is the start of a story which I call "First Theft". This story is currently unfinished.

The room was simple in design; rectangular shape, smooth concrete walls, two exits and a low ceiling. At the moment the long table in the center of the room was occupied with the company's council members.
“I won't allow it!” Shouted one large man at the end of the table. He was fairly short with a stout figure, and his salt and pepper hair was nearly nonexistent. The other board members watched this man carefully, not wanting to be the one to incite his rage.
“It's already been done sir.” The oldest councilor stated, not bothering to look up from his papers.
What?” The first man shouted, slamming his fist on the table. The oldest councilor gave a single nod, shifting through his papers.
“The test occurred late last evening. Suffice it to say, failure was the result.”
“Why wasn't I informed of this earlier?” The first man's voice held no trace of his former anger; a fact that terrified the rest of the council, for it meant that severe punishment was just around the corner. The oldest councilor finally looked up from his papers, to turn cynical brown eyes on the head of the company.
“Sir, if we had told you about the test before, then you would have shut us down. The risk was calculated, and found to be acceptable.”
Acceptable? My son's life is not an acceptable risk.” Mendel Linch, head of Linch Enterprises, spoke with a cold detachment. While within, his heart screamed for the child he had lost. Regret far bitter then Mendel had ever experienced stabbed like knives as he remembered the last words he had ever spoken to his son.

If you continue to defy me, then you are no son of mine!”
Then I am not your son.”
Foolish boy, she's nothing but a distraction!”
No father, she is my fiancĂ©e.”
Get out! If you marry her, then I will disinherit you!”
Then this is farewell. Enjoy a frozen heart, and an empty home.”


Monday, October 17, 2011

If I were a car

  ____/[ ]\__
 :_ _____ _ -\
   (_)      (_)

If I were a car, I would be a truck.
So I could go off-roading.
But if I was a truck, oh how I'd get stuck,
In the mud for all the morning.

Not what I meant to post today, but it will do for now.
An actual story will be here on Wednesday!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ten Reasons...

Welcome to a new series I'll be doing on Friday!
This series will be ten thoughts I have on a subject. Now this can be anything from folding a piece of paper to building a time machine.
So to start us off, I've picked a rather simple subject:

Why raising a dragon may be hazardous to your health.

1. Young dragons have an insatiable curiosity. This commonly leads to the destruction of new furniture.  
2. During adolescence, some types of dragons cannot control their expulsion of combustible gases. This may lead to minor burns, household fires, and loss of eyebrows.
3. During meal times, some dragons may display aggressive behavior. Please remember to use caution when attempting to remove any dishes from around your dragon.
4. Dragons are notorious kleptomaniacs. Common items taken include jewelry, socks, and car keys. 
5. Due to their rapid growth, dragons are not recommended for families with small children or for people living in large cities.
6. Highly territorial, dragons should not be raised in large numbers. The migration of other animals is also common when introducing a dragon into a new ecosystem.
7. If raised improperly, dragons have a high tendency to become feral.
8. Some types of dragons dislike cold temperatures, and may become irritable if not given the proper climate.
9. Due to acute hearing, it is recommended that all electronic devices be removed from the household before receiving your dragon.
10. Some types of dragons, especially fledglings caught in the wild, may have a preference for human. It is recommended that you report any of these dragons to your local animal control.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


"You might make me into a servant, but I will hold your heart."

With a single sentence, the lives of two characters become inseparably connected.
Welcome to Terrarth Tales.
Here, I will tell you stories of heroes and villains, of sentient vegetables and ridiculous phantasms. Tales of sorrow, courage, and laughter.
It is my hope that you will find something here to interest your mind. Whether that is a snippet of a story, my thoughts on a mythical creature, or simply an intriguing book I've read.

Join with me, as a new beginning rises from the internet.

To start us off, here is an interesting new book I've been following, which comes out December 3rd!
Cobbogoth is about a seventeen year old girl named Norah Lukens, who begins a journey to discover the truth about the murder of her archeologist uncle. But Norah learns that his murder is covering up something far more sinister; and to save others from suffering her uncle's fate, she must go to Iceland in order to learn the truth once and for all..

If she succeeds, she'll gain the one thing she's always longed for.

But if she fails, not even the gods can help her.

I for one, am very excited about this book, which is the first of its series by