Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A dragon and his pet

A woman with short blond hair sighed as she set down a brass bristled brush. A deep rumbling filled the castle ruins as a maroon dragon turned its head to look at the woman. Releasing a puff of smoke that caused the woman to cough, the dragon turned and offered her its other side.
"If you would stop pillaging neighboring kingdoms, then they would stop sending knights to slay you." The woman told the dragon as she picked up the brush and attacked the grime that coated the dragon's scales. The dragon yawned, a foreleg reaching out toward a stack of blackened armor. Snagging a helm with its claw, the dragon pulled it close and began to breathe a slender flame onto the metal. "There are easier ways of getting suits of armor."
When the dragon's wing pushed the woman back a few steps, the woman frowned and lifted her hands. "I know they wouldn't taste the same as those that are delivered right to you, but at least they wouldn't poke you with a sword." The dragon's tail thumped against the ground once, and the woman got back to work.
It wasn't easy being a dragon's pet, but the woman had come to an understanding with the beast. If she cared for the dragon and its hoard, then she was allowed to live. It helped that the dragon fancied her hair for its nest.
The dragon lifted its head as a faint whinny reached them. The partially melted helm clattered to the ground as the beast stood. Glancing down at the woman, the dragon released a hiss and pushed her with a foreleg.
"I'm going." The woman grumbled as she turned and began walking toward the only portion of the castle still in good condition: a tower. "Say hello to your visitor for me." She said with a shake of her head.
Knights kept coming to slay the dragon. The woman's only wonder was if this knight was from one of the pillaged kingdoms, or from her father.
After all, a King did not allow his daughter to be a dragon's pet.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What not to take in the rain

1. War paint that is not water resistant. A majority of the time, it is hard to look intimidating on the battlefield with streaks of color running down your face.
2. Fuzzy slippers. Although this adorable footwear is wonderful for around the house, when introduced to rainwater they become a pair of wet creatures.
3. A book. Wet pages are quite fragile and difficult to read. Your book will thank you for keeping it out of the rain.
4. Most cats. Unless you wish to be scratched, it is not wise to take a house cat outside when it is raining.
5. Candy. If your treat gets wet, it could become sticky or difficult to eat in some other fashion.
6. Fish. Though at home in water, it is not good to put your fish in a  puddle.
7. Electronics. Most electronic devices do not function well when wet. I suggest you avoid using them in the rain.
8. Dogs. They might enjoy bounding through the rain, but a wet dog can be quite smelly.
9. Gingerbread men. Run or walk, it matters little. For soggy gingerbread is quite brittle.
10. Young children. They may enjoy playing in the puddles, but catching a cold is no fun. Make sure they are properly dressed if they do go out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The weather report

On the moon, lights shone from a small office. Gathered within the building were dozens of strange creatures quietly conversing among themselves. But when a door opened and a glowing humanoid walked in, the creatures became silent.
"Thank you for waiting." The humanoid began as he walked over to a wall where a map of the world hang. "I've received the schedule for this week." Pointing at a salamander near the front, the humanoid beckoned it forward. "Team One is on rain duty for the American northwest."
The salamander's tongue flicked out. "We're not well suited for that kind of weather." It said with a hiss.
The humanoid shook his head. "Management wants to shake things up. Team forty-three has been assigned a heatwave in New Zealand." The humanoid scanned the gathered creatures until he saw the frost giant that led team forty-three.
"The complete schedule is posted on the bulletin board. I want every team to do their best." Studying the skeptical faces of those gathered, the humanoid lifted his hands with a sigh.
"Just remember: if we mess up this week's weather, the humans will blame their local weatherman."

Friday, January 18, 2013

Unusual superpowers

1. Extended consciousness. This extends ones ability to retain consciousness beyond the normal limits of a human.
2. Constant bravery. The inability to feel fear. This lack of fear allows for one to preform reckless feats. However, this also puts one at risk if they do not put thought into their actions.
3. Clear senses. This ability keeps one's senses sharp through anything that would otherwise diminish them.
4. Internal spell-check. The ability to always spell words correctly after having learned them.
5. Tastes like Chicken. Anything you eat tastes like chicken. Not to be confused with the similar ability Tastes like Bacon.
6. Mental insomnia. Your mind never shuts down. This will allow one to continue working on plots even while asleep.
7. Aura of awesome. Your mere presence fills others with various levels of awe.
8. Cuteness immunity. You will be able to resist the pull of cute creatures such as puppies and dragons.
9. Surprise radar. Your nose will begin to itch two minutes before you encounter a surprise.
10. Monologue's bane. Anyone who attempts to monologue in your presence will lose their voice for an hour. This includes you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Practicing Blurbs

Once Upon A Time...

Straw was spun into gold.
Surrounded by magic and raised by an imp, a child became heir to an ancient duty. Now the child's search begins to find the family he's never known. But will he be able to survive the journey?

A debt was paid.
Lost in a magic forest, a merchant’s sister meets a fae. The two make a deal that has the potential to change both of their lives forever. But when truth is revealed, will the girl be able to accept the cost of magic?

The quest began.
Following in his father's footsteps, a magician searches the land. Bent on finding a stolen treasure, he will stop at nothing to succeed. But before his quest is complete, a grievous price will be dealt.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Things to attempt

1. Binding a book.
2. Reciting the alphabet backwards.
3. Changing your routine.
4. Using Roman numerals.
5. Avoid using "filler" words when speaking or writing.
6. Reading a novel outside of your preferred genre.
7. Using your less dominate hand for a day.
8. Experimenting to improve a habit.
9. Going to bed earlier.
10. Setting a schedule for your day.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Piper's Son

A colorful wagon pulled by two stocky horses left the magic forest's northern entrance late in the day. Shortly after passing the boundary markers, the driver pulled his beasts to a halt. Leaping off the driver's perch, the man studied the area. After a moment, he stepped off the road and moved toward a moss covered rock. Searching the area, he paused and bent down. Straightening, he held up a battered slipper.
Myrna.” He spoke the name slowly, tucking the slipper into his belt. He had searched the forest for many hours the previous day, but had not found the girl. After spending the night in the forest, Kreilk had concluded that the most likely direction she would have traveled was north. That was familiar land for the girl. Whether she would return to her brother was uncertain.
The ignorant merchant hadn't realized what power his sister had, but Kreilk noticed. The brother's debt had been a excellent way to gain the sister's service. It had taken some time to train Myrna so that her ability became powerful enough to be useful.
But before Kreilk could complete the goal he had left home to do, the girl had run away.
Foolish girl.” He muttered as he returned to the wagon. Heading to the back, Kreilk unlocked the door to the wagon's supplies and stepped in. Crouching among the various wares, the magician sorted through fine cloth bags until he found the one he was looking for. Once outside, he locked the door and returned to the driver's perch.
Pulling the girl's slipper from his belt, Kreilk opened a small, elegant blue bag. He put his fingers in and grabbed a pinch of red dust. Sprinkling the dust on the slipper, he whispered. “Myrna Hilborn.” Closing the bag and placing it in a pouch on his belt, Kreilk picked up the slipper. It offered a slight pull north: following the road.
With a flick of the reins the horses began forward.
You will help me fulfill my quest, girl.” Kreilk muttered to the slipper. For he had known, since the moment he first felt her ability, that this girl was the key to finding what he was searching for. It was why he had been led to the card game where he met her brother. Kreilk had learned long ago to trust the instincts he had inherited from his mother.
For a fairy's instinct always led true.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Things that may make someone laugh

1. Surprises. When someone successfully surprises another, they may take the opportunity to laugh. Depending upon the circumstances, the surprised party may join in the laughter.
2. Stories. Whether from within a novel, on the screen or from elsewhere, stories have long had the ability to entertain us. Some stories focus on amusing us. We typically call these kinds of stories comedies.
3. Family. Those we have grown up with tend to know us well. This can lead to one finding themselves laying on the floor laughing uncontrollably.
4. Friends. Like our family, those who are numbered as friend have great power to cause laughter. Be warned that this sometimes magical ability comes with great responsibility. Use your powers wisely.
5. Pets. Animals can provide comfort in times of need. They can also be quite funny to watch. Try not to laugh too hard next time the cat leaps on top of a open door and realizes she can't get down.
6. Attempting something new. Between the frustration of failure and the joy of having successfully learned something new come unexpected moments of amusement. These strange times can occur from many places: be it a simple mistake the escalates into a amazing creation or from a fellow student.
7. Looking at a fish. Stare into his round eyes. Watch as his mouth pops open, then closed again and again. Face the fish. Be the fish.
8. Acting ridicules. See number seven up there? He could use some custard. Ah, fish and custard...
9. Making a joke. Simple and often successful, this plan for extracting laughter may not work on some people. In that case, try having a serious discussion with them. You never know, they might be pulling your leg.
10. Talking to yourself. Although frowned upon by certain psychiatrists, you may find yourself to be quite the comedian. Just remember that if people stare at you to give them a big smile. They'll wonder what you're up to.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Passing the baton

Wiping sweat from her brow, the runner focused on the track ahead. She could see her partner waiting at the starting line. Although she had been running for a long time and had already covered quite a distance, the runner pushed herself to go just a little faster.
Once she reached her partner, she would be able to rest.
As the distance between them disappeared, a chanting filled the air.
 "Good luck." The runner gasped as she passed a baton to her partner, who began jogging backwards.
"See you next year!" He called to his exhausted partner. She waved to him, then sat down on a bench by the starting line. Watching as her partner turned around and increased his speed, the woman released a sigh.
"At least the leap year is over. I won't have to run for an extra day next time."