Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun Shaved Ice Flavors

1. Horchata.
2. Coconut cream pie.
3. Tiger's blood.
4. Grape.
5. Dreamsicle.
6. Lychee.
7. Sugar cookie.
8. Super sour lime.
9. Pina colada.
10. Black cherry.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Bring late is what got me on this adventure.
I arrived a few minutes after the party began, and a few minutes after everyone at the party had been turned to stone.
From there, I was got lost on the way to a old sage's hut, and so missed the ambush the bad guy had set to catch any hero types (like me, supposedly).
My throw was late facing the monster, and so my newly found boomerang missed the creature's head, hitting the surprisingly explosive wall behind it.
So the pattern went throughout the journey.
My lateness wound up solving the problem or saving me time and time again.
And at last, I reached the bad guy.
And yet again, I was late.
Only this time, being late didn't save me.
Instead, it doomed everyone else.
Because I was too late.

Friday, July 21, 2017

To Wear a Mask

1. So you can breathe while working with dangerous fumes.
2. To help keep your face warm in the chilly weather.
3. As an aid while swimming underwater.
4. While at a masquerade party.
5. When you are sick.
6. To help you sleep while surrounded by city lights.
7. To provide protection while welding.
8. As part of a uniform while participating in a sport.
9. While performing on stage.
10. If you are a superhero.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moments of a Mouse

Trapped. Forsaken, left to rot.
Beguiled by an alluring scent, foolishly betrayed by call of hunger.
Steel walls surround on all sides, while a clear ceiling taunts with perfect view of what lies beyond.
The entrance, so easily entered, mocks any attempt at escape. All avenues have been closed, and each cry for help has been ignored.
Forgotten. Condemned by a sweet bait, and sentenced to pay dearly for the meal.
The floor shakes, and the view above shifts as the prison moves.
Frantically searching for escape, nothing is found but bitterness.
Scents change, and sounds offer nothing but despair.
The cluck of the enemy, and the rush of water.
Within moments, steel walls leak.
Liquid death fills every crevice, and lungs ache.
The sweet taste of allurement which had graced the tongue is washed away.
Eyes close, as the final sleep overwhelms.

Friday, July 14, 2017

To Smile

1. Because someone made you laugh.
2. You found something you had lost.
3. Someone complimented you.
4. A friend came to visit.
5. Your ice cream didn't melt all over your hands.
6. The cake you baked was delicious.
7. Your dog didn't get into the trash while you were gone.
8. You were able to spend time with your family.
9. The cat didn't bite you when he was given a bath.
10. Because it was a good day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The scraggly old barn cat wasn't looking for a family, nor did he want a friend.
All the barn cat wanted was to be left in peace to hunt some mice.
He didn't care about the young mother and her litter of kittens. In fact, he was quite irritated at how their presence was scaring the mice.
The old barn cat's whiskers twitched in annoyance, not amusement, when the runt of the litter gave a very poor impersonation of walking and managed to scare am entire nest of mice into the old barn cat's paws.
The old barn cat got very good at ignoring when the kittens made a mess of his den during their play. After all, acknowledging them could be taken as acceptance of their presence in his home, and that would mean sharing his mice.
The grumpy old barn cat finally managed to scare the young mother and her nearly grown litter away late one afternoon. All the mice would be his once again.
Well, almost all the mice.
For the runt of the litter was still around. Why the runt thought himself welcome, the old barn cat didn't know.
But the runt kept catching the plumpest mice, and leaving them in the old barn cat's den.
And so, the old barn cat would ignore the runt, and hope he went away soon.
But until then, he'd eat all the mice.

Friday, July 7, 2017

For Spots

1. Because seeing stars gets tedious after a while.
2. If Spot doesn't run, then who will?
3. Spots of dirt means that the children didn't wash their hands.
4. Chicken pox just wouldn't be the same without them.
5. A dalmatian without its spots would simply be a blank pup.
6. How can an X mark a spot if it wasn't there?
7. Because connect the dots wouldn't work without those little spots.
8. Spots let you know when you've spilt food on your shirt.
9. Well, they are a lot of fun to draw.
10. Because stripes were so last year.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Joys of the Hunt

Terror stalked the night, waiting for his chance to strike.
The hour was late, and the streets were deserted. Yet Terror would not concede defeat, for he knew something would happen soon.
For the nights had been too quiet.
The flicker of a streetlamp made Terror pause. Could this be it?
No, Terror shook his head, It is merely a dying bulb.
Leaping onto a wooden fence, Terror stared up at the smiling moon. What prize had it gained, to be so smugly illuminated?
The soft patter of paws made Terror's ear twitch, and he turned toward the sound. It had come from a lawn overgrown with honeysuckle, its sweet stench clogging Terror's nose. Still, he noted the rustling of movement within the mass of oval leaves and pale flowers.
Careful calculation dictated each movement as Terror prepared himself. He would have only one chance, and it would not be wasted through haste.
One last twitch from within the honeysuckle, and Terror leapt with claws outstretched.
Warmth crumpled as his weight pinned it in place, and a swift bite ended the struggle before it could really begin.
Terror lifted his head, tilting his face to the sky so the smiling moon could see his prize. Let it smirk from so far above, Terror thought, Nothing with so pale a smile could possibly know the joys of the hunt.