Friday, June 30, 2017

Favorite Family Desserts

1. Pecan pie.
2. Lemon cake with lemon curd filling.
3. Homemade vanilla ice cream.
4. Lemon squares.
5. Rice crispy treats.
6. Cherry crisp.
7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
8. Dark chocolate brownies.
9. Apple pie.
10. Oatmeal cake.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dragons' Dominion

It was a programming error that released the dragons. Just one line of code, mistakenly imputed, somehow broke the ancient binding spell.
The dragons were swift, mercilessly targeting those with any aptitude for magic. For it had been mages who locked them away, and so the dragons desired a world without mages.
The dragons hadn't expected the world to have forgotten how to use magic, nor to have transforms their ancient enemy into a creature of myth.
But the dragons didn't complain. Such behavior merely meant that there was no one watching for the dragons' return, nor were there any who were prepared to face the dragons in combat.
No, the fools had spent there time making dwellings that stretched so flimsily into the sky.
Such things were begging to be burnt back to the ground.
The dragons were cunning, and took note of all that their weak opponent tried to use against them. Some things, like the metal shells somehow filled with a strange kind of dragon-fire,  were surprisingly dangerous.
Yet despite the danger, those metal shells were laughably easy to beat with a carefully aimed blast of real dragon-fire.
It wasn't very long at all before the skies were once again ruled by dragons, and the land would soob be theirs as well.
For the the weak creatures of the world were on the run, scattering at the briefest glimpse of a dragon's shadow.
Without the aid of magic, nothing could stand against the dragons' dominion.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Packing Tips

1. Make sure the bottom of the box is securely taped. If you plan to fill a box with heavy objects (like books) make sure that the bottom of the box is taped in such a way that the tape won't give out when you pick up the box.
2. Don't overload boxes. If a box is too heavy for you to comfortably carry, then you might want to make it lighter. After all, you might not have the help of stronger friends later on when you need to move that too heavy box.
3. Bubble wrap is your friend. Have something fragile? Wrap it in bubble wrap. Have this one empty spot in the box that none of your stuff will fit in? A piece of bubble wrap can fill it in so your stuff won't shift.
4. Don't pack empty containers. If you have little knick-knacks and containers like jewelry boxes, why not combine the two? The knick-knacks gain a safe place to travel in that means they won't get lost, and you'll feel better about packing your cute box collection.
5. Label the outside of each box. If you don't have to open a box to know what is inside it, then moving the boxes into the right room of your new home will be so much easier.
6. Keep a packing list. What have you packed? Did the crystal monkey get put in the same box as the kid movies, or is it in with the stand mixer? With a packing list, you won't have to wonder where that crystal monkey is.
7. Work on one room at a time. Packing up a house can be a daunting task, but if you break it into smaller chunks, and focus on one chunk at a time, then it will help you keep from being overwhelmed.
8. Have a plan. As startling as it may be, plans can actually work. If you stick with it, that is. Don't change from one plan to another without sufficient reason, for darting about from one plan to another willy-nilly will only add to your stress.
9. Donate what you no longer need. Or more accurately, donate anything you mo longer use. If you haven't worn that shirt in seven years, perhaps it is past time to give it away. For anything you aren't using (and will probably never use again) is simply extra baggage that you don't need to waste resources packing, storing, or moving.
10. Take time to relax. Frantically rushing will only leave you exhausted. Take time away from packing up to remember what fun, food, and sleep are.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Opportunity Awaits

When the road is long, how far will you go?
When the path grows steep, will you make the climb?
When storms rage and shelter seems so far away, will you still trudge through the wet muck?
Will you stick to your course, no matter what trouble may arise?
Will you be the strong back, friendly shoulder, and outstretched hand to others in need?
Will you stand tall through each trial, when they come your way?
Do not delay.
Do not shrug and say, "Another will do it, so it needn't try."
"Maybe tomorrow, it will be easier to get by."
Do not wait for the maybes, though they are tempting to hear.
For "maybes" breed "sometimes", and "when I get the chance".
The opportunity is now, right this moment you see.
And it won't wait for you, for it is already free.
Opportunities must be seized, before they escape.
And put to good use, through each tough time you face.
Through long roads, steep paths, and countless storms every day.
Opportunity awaits.
So make no delays.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Road Trip Necessities

1. A toothbrush. Because fuzzy teeth are no fun.
2. Extra socks. For you never know when you'll need another pair.
3. Snacks. A snack makes the long road seem a little shorter.
4. Cash. Because no every place accepts a card.
5. A planned route. You'll want to know where rest stops and gas stations are.
6. A buddy. They can help keep you awake, pass out snacks, and make sure you don't miss too many turns.
7. Enough time for unexpected delays.
8. The proper chargers for whatever electronics you bring.
9. Water. Because stating hydrated is very important during long trips.
10. Comfortable shoes. Your feet matter, so be kind to them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The night was still, the storm that had raged finally over. But though the chaotic winds and chilling flurry was gone, the desolation left behind acted as a harsh reminder.
Build your walls, and nature will tear them down.
Cower beneath the earth, as the skies rage.
It would take time to recover from the destruction, time that could nit be wasted.
Time that currently kept loved one apart, anxiously wondering if the other had managed to weather the storm.
Would time see them to a joyous reunion?
Or was a rain of bitter tears lurking on the horizon?
Buildings would be restored, others rebuilt.
Strangers would stand together, strengthened by the realization that they'd survived the storm.
Time would bring healing from grief and pain, and provide strength to the weakened.
But at this moment, deep in the night, time holds its breath.
For even time needs a moment to recover from such a storm.

Friday, June 9, 2017


1. Frozen hot chocolate.
2. Sugar cookies.
3. Lemon bars.
4. Caramel.
5. Pineapple upside down cake.
6. Frozen yogurt.
7. Cupcakes.
8. Candied plums.
9. Fruitcake.
10. Pie.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The ground shook as the fierce hunter bounded after its prey. After having stalked the tasty critter for so long, the hunter wasn't about to let it get away.
Around the corner, under obstacles the prey was too dumb to realize the hunter could follow it through, and then a dash through open space toward its hideaway.
But such a fine snack would not be allowed escape.
The hunter leaped, claws outstretched and eager to tear into tender flesh.
The prey only had time for a single squeak, before the hunter bite into its neck.

"Mom!" A little boy named Bobby shouted excitedly from the living room, "Whiskers just caught a mouse, and he's eating it!"
At her son's words, Mrs. Pine gave a sigh from her seat at the kitchen table. She didn't know where their new kitten kept finding mice, but she wasn't about to scold it for following its instincts. She would let the kitten eat what it caught, and mop the living room tile after its meal was done. Hopefully the kitten's hunts would discourage the mice from nesting near (or more disgustingly, in) her family's house.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Names for a Hedgehog

1. Sonic.
2. Lance.
3. Pin Cushion.
4. Quills.
5. Spike.
6. Seamstress.
7. Amy.
8. Snuggles.
9. Chia.
10. Grump.