Friday, September 28, 2012

Some facts to consider when creating a fictional world

1. Physics. What are the laws that govern the world?
2. Biology. How varied are lifeforms that inhabit this world? What role do they play in the environment?
3. Geography. What type of material is your world composed of? What types of terrain is there? What is the ratio of water to landmass?
4. Meteorology. What kind of atmosphere does the world have? What is the weather like?
5. Chemistry. What are the rules governing matter and energy reactions? What types of energy exist?
6. Chronology. How is time measured and what rules does it follow within the world? Is time-travel possible?
7. Sociology. What is the sentient species like? What are their customs, their governing systems, their education?
8. Technology and magic. How advanced is the technology? What are the limits on magic? Can the two be combined?
9. Architecture. What style is favored by the current generation? Are structures built or grown?
10. Sustainability. Is the environment of the world capable of sustaining life over an extended period? Or are resources scarce?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breaking the fourth wall

At an undisclosed location, the walls between fiction and reality are crumbling.
Welcome to the Playground.

So what are you in for?” Asked a dark haired man, his smokey eyes skeptical as he watched me from the loveseat. I shrugged, shifting my hat while I thought of an answer.
I'm not quite sure, Nifol. My best guess is that I am considered dangerous for writing all this.” I sat next to him, hiding a smile as he shifted away. We were in a common room, where many fantastical creatures and humanoids had gathered. My companion released a weary sigh.
You do realize that a majority of the creatures in here would kill you with little forethought.”
Oh, I know. But what better way to view my characters then be in the story with them?”
Nifol frowned, his hand tightening to a fist. “I wouldn't call them characters if I were you. Some can be quite temperamental about such things.” He nodded towards an older man who was staring at a mirror. “Like him. He's lost so much control over his life, that the only thing holding him together is some silly idea that his path isn't set in stone.” Nifol smirked and shook his head. He directed my gaze away from the old man, to one familiar face after another. “Remember, it is not just a story to them, but their lives.” Then he laughed, a surprisingly cheerful sound.
Nothing, my dear. The sheer idiocy of everything simply surprised me.” He gestured at me with a shake of his head. “I merely thought of how each word I say is chosen by my own whim. You are the one handing out words, despite every attempt to make us think otherwise.”
I rolled my eyes, standing. Turning back to Nifol, I watched as he stretched his legs to claim the space I had just vacated.
Thanks for the conversation, I quite enjoyed it.”
I only said what you wanted to hear. Whether I consider the implications behind that is up to you.”
With a wave, I turned away from Nifol, wondering what else I would meet in this facility.
Thanks for expanding your view, character mine.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Words with the suffix -kinesis

1.  Aerokinesis.
2. Cryokinesis. 
3. Hydrokinesis.
4. Pyrokinesis.
5. Geokinesis.
6. Ferrokinsis.
7. Electrokinesis.
8. Photokinesis.
9. Chronokinesis.
10. Telekinesis.

How many of these do you know the meaning of?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Above One Hundred Words

The start was as an idea, afraid to take flight.
Although strange to think now, a Thursday was when it began.
There were even two Mondays mixed in.
Some posts were long and complex, while others kept simple and short.
One date was missed, another doubled.
Followers came, bringing excitement with each new addition.
Stories began, at times growing far beyond their intended end.
Reasons were given for various things.
When ideas lacked, projects of tatting filled in the blanks.
Time passed, numbers grew.
Until that moment of realization, where one noticed the count.
Happy one hundredth post, Terrarth Tales.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Colors with interesting names

1. Heliotrope: reddish lavender.
2. Chartreuse: light green with a yellowish tinge
3. Myrtle: dark green with a bluish tinge.
4. Periwinkle: pale purplish blue. (Also one of my favorite words to say. Periwinkle!)
5. Fulvous: a dull brownish-yellow color; tawny.
6. Aureolin: a brilliant yellow pigment used in watercolor.
7. Byzantium: a dark purple.
8. Drab: dull brownish or yellowish gray.
9. Phlox: a color between electric purple and magenta, also known as psychedelic purple.
10. Glaucous: pale gray or bluish-green.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Merchant's Debt

A merchant paced in front of a fireplace, his eyes glazed with anxiety.
He had made a mistake. Having wagered and lost, he had refused to pay what he owed. Now the traveling musician had revealed himself to be a magician; something that was exceedingly rare and powerful. Having been given until tonight to gather what was owed, the merchant found himself short.
"Brother, your guest is here." The merchant turned toward the door at the sound of his sister's voice.
Due to the death of their parents, he had become her guardian. She was quite plain looking and although she was of age to marry, none had come to him in search of her hand.
"Do you have what you owe?" The magician asked.
"No. But if you give me some more time, I can get twice what I owe!" The merchant said quickly, his voice trembling.
The magician shook his head, blue eyes narrowing on the merchant. "How could I trust you to get double what you owe, when you can't even collect the original sum?" Lifting a pipe, the magician began to play.
The merchant's body stiffened, his lungs constricting. Unable to move, he could not breath.
But after a moment, the magician paused. "What do you have?" He demanded, looking around the room. The merchant, having been freed from the music's spell was gasping for air. The magician paused in his search, studying the merchant's sister. Turning to the merchant, the magician offered a smile. "I have decided to allow the debt to be paid by service. Your sister will work for me for two years, Then I will consider the debt paid."
Looking at his sister, the merchant nodded. "Agreed."
After the two had left, the merchant sat and closed his eyes.
He would never forget the look of betrayal in his sister's eyes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Disadvantages of being a sidekick

1. You may get stuck with a hero who doesn't take the time to teach the things you need to know. Good luck taking on the hydra with only a sword!
2. The hero may decide to make you his scapegoat. The villain slip a tracking device under the supercycle? Nice job, sidekick!
3. Getting captured is very bad when the villain can use you to harm the hero.
4. Your outfit is often the most ridicules thing the hero could come up with.Remember to laugh when the hero's attempt at wit falls flat for the fifteenth time today.
5. The team pet loves to make your life miserable. You gain more aches and pains from Fluffkins then from adventuring with the hero!
6. The professor has made dozens of new gadgets that need testing! You better go get the fire-resistant suit and hope that all the bugs were fixed.
Nope, still faulty...
7. The other sidekicks are extremely competitive. Due to a slight misunderstanding, you have gained the title "The Sidekick's sidekick".
8. When exploring, the hero claims all of your ideas as his own!
9. Tasty food is for heroes. Sidekicks get gruel.
10. While others get amazing names that fit their abilities, you get the embarrassing name. But there is one good thing; the villain is too busy laughing at you to push the red button of doom.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: In the Kitchen


After walking around the block a few times, I decided that enough time had passed since my mother's call. As I approached my house, I scanned the neighborhood for any changes. This was a habit of mine, picked up after critter's became attracted to me. I worried about being followed home and placing my mother in danger.
After a few uneventful moments, I released a sigh. Putting on a smile, I walked up the drive to the front door.
"I'm home!" I announced as I entered the house. Walking through a living room decorated with turtles, I headed for the kitchen.
The kitchen was painted a light purple, and was where my mother was most often found when she was home. She was a waitress at the local diner, but didn't have a set shift. This week she worked the lunch shift, which gave me little hunting time after school. It hadn't been easy to keep my hunting a secret for the past four years, but it was necessary.
My father had been the Vartija of the family, while my mother was human. I was working under the assumption that he hadn't revealed that fact to my mother before his death.
"How was school?" My mother asked from the computer desk, looking up from the monitor.
"Eh," I shrugged as I sat on of the bar stools at the counter, "nothing special. Nathan was going to come over later so we can study for Friday's math test."
She smiled as she spun the chair around to face me. "We could order pizza for dinner. Do you know what toppings he likes?"
"Any type of meat will do." I answered, opening my bag. As I set my books on the counter my mother spoke.
"What happened to your wrist?"
I looked at the bandage wrapped around my left wrist. "Nothing serious. Alicia let me borrow a bracelet, and it got caught on a locker." I explained, taking a large metal bracelet out of my bag. I had borrowed the bracelet from my friend, but only to appease her. Alicia pushed a piece of jewelery on me every day: she had made it her goal to infect me with her love of fashion. It wasn't that I disliked accessories and stylish clothes, but they just weren't suitable for the type of encounters I experienced.
When I looked back at her, my mother shook her head and  sighed. "Oh Emrri, you must be more careful. You're starting to get clumsy again."
I laughed. For the first two years after my Vartija abilities activated, I was plagued by a mischievous Kitsune. Everywhere I went, he played some sort of trick that left me fumbling about. I was relieved when I finally figured out how my binding abilities worked.
"I'll try and be more careful." I promised after my laughter subsided.
My mother smiled, then turned back to the computer. I stood, leaving the kitchen to prepare for the study session with Nathan.