Friday, March 30, 2012

Things you can do with a Banana

1. Make a tie.
2. Have a pleasant conversation about your civilization and that of the banana.
3. Practice your sculpting ability by making a monkey.
4. Hide messages within and thus pass along secrets to the rebellion. 
5. Entertain children by making a puppet.
6. Unlock the gateway to another world.
7. Build a sailboat.
8. Use as a prop for a joke.
9. Develop a machine that is fueled solely by bananas.
10. As an object lesson when teaching a class.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Djinn and the Vartija, part V


I didn't have much time remaining.
Very little time at all.
And here I thought you were going to draw it out, make me suffer.” I laughed. I had to laugh, or else I would have cried. Muritage frowned, the first frown I'd seen on his face.
Better not to prolong the kill, lest the prey have a chance to escape.”
I sighed, shaking my head. “Nothing flawed in that logic. Though I'd prefer not to be considered prey. I do have a name, you know.” I looked at the Djinn, forcing an anguished smile to my face. “Emrri Kieryn.”
His eyes changed just a little, “Kieryn. Little dark one.” He came closer, and gently touched my face. “It fits.”
I studied his amber eyes, wondering what he meant by that comment. But then I focused on his hand.
So this is it.” I kept eye contact, my voice barely a whisper. His eyes revealed nothing, nor did his voice.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Possible sources of magic.

1. Words. The capacity to comprehend the written word is a magic we shouldn't be ignorant of.
2. Blood. Often a source of magic used to tighten the bond of an oath, its practice is typically frowned upon.
3. Fire. An ancient magic which tilts toward passionate destruction, it is not for the careless of heart.
4. Water. A magic of life which has many great and terrible roles, depending on the tide.
5. Plants. Used to both poison and cure, it is a more subtle magic which takes time to flourish.
6. Animals. Loyal companions or dangerous shadows, this type of magic is difficult to control once set free.
7. Food. An addicting magic if restraint is not used, it has a near endless amount of variance.
8. Names. Once something has be given a name it is forever changed. Names are given to everything in an effort to further our understanding and knowledge of the common magic which surrounds us.
9. Music. Melodies set the heart aflame or cause it to drown in sorrow. Abundant in our world, we must choose our use of this magic carefully. For once heard, it is impossible to rid ourselves of it completely.
10. Choice and Consequence. The greatest magic of all, our ability to choose for ourselves is a gift we must use wisely. For its twin is always a step behind, ready to show us the other side of our decisions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Djinn and the Vartija, part IV


Her gaze darted between my closed hand and my face. There had been a slight recognition when I spoke one of the names my species were called.
So she's at least heard mundane tales of my kind.
I smirked once more, opening my hand. The scorpion was gone.
A Djinn.” Her voice was soft, while the pulse underneath my fingers was a rapid whirlwind. The beat of her heart called to me. I hadn't been this close to another since my exile began.
My senses were starved for the soothing companionship of touch.
I lifted my hand from her neck, forcing myself to lean away. I couldn't allow myself to lose sight of my purpose. Couldn't become lost to my senses.
I met her eyes, watched as thoughts danced behind them. The girl was intriguing, dangerous. The danger was in the fact that I...
I don't want to kill her.
Her heartbeat still rang, despite the fact that I was no longer in contact with her. I wanted to hear her heart beat, just lean against her and count its beats.
Become lost in it.
Lost in the connection.
I don't want to be alone.
I shook my head, trying to clear my mind. The girl closed her eyes, a shudder running through her. I gazed at her, suddenly wondering if she had placed those thoughts in my head.
What effect do Vartija have on Djinn? Is she affecting my judgment?
I should kill you now, get it over with...” I hadn't realized I had spoken out loud until I saw the girl's eyes snap open.

Friday, March 16, 2012

First Lines

1. If I had known vacation would end in the belly of a dragon, I wouldn't have taken that job flipping pancakes.
2. Mom invited aliens to my birthday party.
3. "Why is my turtle in a tux?"
4. The statue shattered, taking with it my only way home.
5. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were a fish."
6. Slipping on a banana peel was the best thing to happen on Friday.
7. "Don't stress child, an allergy to human is quite common."
8. The explosion of 2314 was my last day on Earth Delta.
9. All the lights died when the monsters came to town.
10. "The paperclips are coming!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Djinn and the Vartija, part III

I fought back a smile.
I kept my eyes on the Djinn's clenched fist, while carefully plotting my next move. I wasn't sure how much he knew about how my abilities worked. Hopefully not enough to see through my strategy.
He was so close, frightfully close.
But not close enough.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Things to do on a Birthday

1. Eat some of your favorite foods for every meal.
2. Continue plans for world domination.
3. Celebrate with family and friends.
4. Add new items to your collection, including BEWARE OF DRAGON sign.
5. Cultivate new ideas for stories.
6. Finish a book. Then begin the next on your list.
7. Look back at the previous year, and forward to the new age.
8. Feel a rush of power as you arrive at the minute of your birth.
9. Attempt to share excitement with your cat.
10. Smile.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Djinn and the Vartija, part II


She actually isn't too hideous...
The thought surprised me, but I was careful to only display smug arrogance to the girl. She had yet to fulfill my expectations concerning her species. The legends always depicted the Vartija as simple, bland creatures; on the edge of feral monstrosity. Yet this girl, who carried the aura of one of the Vartija, had shown a vast rang of intelligence and complexity.
I studied her, postponing the kill for a little longer. Her skin was quite pale, as was her long braid of beige hair. Delicate eyebrows were arched over large, pale hazel eyes that leaned more toward green then brown. She was fairly small for her age, a little fawn among the creatures she hunted. Though a wile fawn, this one.
I leaned closer toward the cliff, manipulating the water molecules within the air until they were a solid enough vapor to support my weight. If she wasn't hanging from one arm, she probably would have shied away. As it was, she flinched when I trailed a finger along a loose strand of hair on her cheek.
I seriously doubt that there could be any attraction between our kinds.” Her voice was firm, but the hesitation within her eyes was hilarious.
There has been a significantly high level of attraction from the Vartija toward my kind. The allurement your people felt was what caused their betrayal to destroy not only an empire, but an entire lifestyle stretching back eons.” I shook my head, allowing a hint of that ancient sorrow into my countenance.
She stared at me, unspoken questions darting around her eyes. When she finally spoke, it was in a soft voice, “How could a single betrayal cause such devastation?” I narrowed my eyes at the raw emotion that filled her voice.
Was it regret? Doubt? Or some strange emotion I had yet to encounter during my exile?
Could she actually feel regret for a betrayal she's only heard the faintest of shades of?
I leaned closer to her, my finger trailing down her neck now. She was a strange creature, much different then the memory-cache my mother guarded had made the Vartija out to be.
Betrayal holds more sting then a thousand scorpions.”
I held out my free hand, conjuring a scorpion. The girl's eyes widened with fear. “What are you?” She asked, watching the scorpion. I smiled, enclosing the insect in my fist.
You've yet to figure it out? Obviously your knowledge of the legendary is flawed. My kind have been called many things. I prefer Djinn.”

Friday, March 2, 2012

Animals you wouldn't like being trapped in a box with

1. Mice.
2. Spiders.
3. Beetles.
4. Bats.
5. Moths.
6. Frogs.
7. Snakes.
8. Pigeons.
9. Weasels.
10. Crabs.