Friday, May 31, 2013

Stuff you might do this summer

1. Schedule vacation time. After all, everyone deserves to have a break every once in a while.
2. If you have a blog and plan to be away from computers, create a buffer.
3. If going on vacation, pack items suitable for where you are going. After all, parkas are not normally considered swim attire in Hawaii.
4. Go outside! Get some fresh air and enjoy some outdoor activities.
5. Check to see what cool things are scheduled for release. You do want to be one of the first to read the next book in a series or see a film, right?
6. Gather a stack of books to read. Whether they are new discoveries or old favorites, reading is an excellent way to spend the summer.
7. Spend time with your family. Do things together. The summer is a great time to catch up on what your family has been up to.
8. Spend time with friends. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to go on vacation with your friends, or maybe you'll just go out for ice cream. Whatever the case, summer is much more fun when spent with friends.
9. Practice a skill. Having trouble crocheting? Then set aside time to get better at it during the summer.
10. Go camping. What better time is there to go out in the wilderness?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

F.E.- Telepathic children

 I leaned away from the computer, content with the ending. My brother frowned at the screen, then looked at me.
“What do you mean, “End of Part One”? You've barely begun!” His azurite eyes shone brightly, while his mind continued to assault me with questions.
I sighed, and looked down at the old worn out book I held in my lap. Carefully picking it up, I slid a finger down the black leather of the cover.
“There's nothing left. Anything else in here was lost during the fire six months ago.”
His eyes grew dark as my brother remembered that terrible evening.
You could tell a lot from my brother's eyes, sometimes they even spoke louder then his mind. Mother once told me that James reminded her of uncle Seth, though I failed to see the resemblance. Uncle Seth had black hair, while James had mother's copper hair.
James had gotten excited when I had typed out mother's first meeting with our ancestress, Jessie. He loved that he had her eyes, and had told me once that he wished that he had been chosen by uncle Book instead of our older brother Milos.
I had told him that Milos was the one with the strong Mind Sense, not him.
James had then said that I should have been picked, since I had both our parents gifts.
I disagreed.
My younger brother turned the last page with legible writing on it, and found that the rest of the journal had either been ripped out or damaged beyond the possibility of repair.
Still frowning, James looked at me. “Can't Mama fix it? She did create the Memory Journals, after all.” I shook my head before he finished speaking.
“Nope. Mother said that she could fix them, but won't until the twins are older. She doesn't want us reading to them about all the dangerous stuff she and father did.” I shrugged and took the journal back from my younger brother. Carefully setting it on top of the other Memory Journals I had already gone through, I pushed my chair back and stood.
Picking up the journals, I yawned. “I've got to take these back to the library, before Mother realizes their gone.” James stood, the top of his head reaching my shoulder.
“You know she keeps all the cool memories locked away in her ring, right?” He asked. I nodded, using a free hand to mess up his already ruined hairstyle.
“I know, little brother. I have had three more years then you to learn every secret this family has.” I led the way through our house to the library, my ears carefully listening for the sound of  Mother and my youngest siblings.
Chloe and Malcolm were only four, and had been born here in the Earth Realm. Mother had told us that after their fifth birthday, we would go live in Shadowcrest manor with our uncle Seth and his family for a while. I couldn't wait to to see my cousin Sophia again.
But before that, I had to finish writing out the inserts for the family history.
“You know, if we borrowed the ring from Mama, then you'd be able to finish Fragile Existence sooner.” I looked at James, wondering where his twelve year old mind had gotten such an idea.
“Mother would never let us borrow her ring. You know that.” I opened the door to the library and quietly entered.
James smiled impishly as he closed the door.
“I know... That's why I didn't ask first.”
I froze, and turned to look at my little brother.
“You did what?”
He held out a hand, and opened it to reveal a small silver ring; the butterfly wing pattern was as unmistakable as the soft glow.
“I borrowed it when she took it off last night. But don't worry, I left a copy of it with enough memories from the real thing so she wouldn't know.”
I grabbed the ring, controlling my thoughts carefully.
James smiled innocently, then spoke with hopeful eyes.

“Since I got it for you, can I be mentioned in the acknowledgments of Fragile Existence when you get it published here? You owe me that much, Cal.”

Friday, May 24, 2013

For icecubes

1. To reduce swelling after an injury.
2. As a treat for a dog.
3. To keep food cold while traveling.
4. For crushed to make a snowcone.
5. So you can build a miniature igloo.
6. As part of making homemade ice cream.
7. To cool a hot beverage.
8. For entertaining a cat.
9. To keep chocolate from melting.
10. When flavored, as a treat for children.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Door in the Stone: part three

That night, I watched the darkness. From within the light of the fire, I bent a finger and watched as the darkness crept forward; tendrils reaching toward me. I allowed the shadows to coil around my hand, feeling the coolness of its touch.
Then I flicked the same finger, dismissing the darkness.
My thoughts turned again to the future. I had prepared to be an Oathkeeper, not a member of their select order. To be Errskyn was to embrace Newiderr. Only those with tremendous potential were considered. They were the masters of Newiderr and as such, were extremely prized by the tribes.
I looked over at where my teacher slept. I wanted to be worthy of the honor he was extending. Yet at the same time, I wanted to stay in the village.
"Have you ever noticed how the darkness leans toward you?" Faraz asked curiously from across the fire. I looked at him in confusion. He merely shrugged. "Whenever you get in a somber mood it gets more pronounced."
I looked at the fire. "That is likely due to my affinity to the old magic, since it uses the energy within darkness." Looking up, I met his gaze.
He held it for a moment, then tilted his head. "What is it like?"
I turned away, watching the shadows flickering. How could I explain Newiderr?
"The shadows are like... water. They feel different from the light. I direct the flow of shadows like a current in a river." I waved a hand. "When I form shadow runes, it is like I am molding clay. I do not need to see the shadows in order to feel them." Turning back to him, I met his gaze. “Some things like knowing the feel of darkness came instinctively, while others things have taken time and practice to learn.”
Faraz nodded. “My talent is similar. The use of it comes easier then breathing, yet the are portions that have taken effort to master.” Looking up at the sky, he tapped his fingers against the side of his knee. “You should probably get some sleep.”
With a nod I stood. “Good night, Faraz.”
“Sleep well, Nadira.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

Moments to burst into song

1. At the end of a game. It doesn't really matter what kind of game or even if you won. There are many songs you could sing.
2. After you are successful at a task. Reward yourself with a theme of victory. You can even attempt to convince others to join in!
3. When your are with your pet. A lovely ballad is an excellent choice for stroking a cat.
4. While walking. Other people may look at you strangely if you do this in public, but this can be lessened if you wear headphones. Then they might shrug and assume you are singing along to music.
5. When bored. Should you even experience boredom, try singing a song. You could sing fast, dramatically, or even off key! Sing in whatever way helps to change you back from being a plank of wood.
6. To stay awake. If talking to yourself fails to keep those tired eyes open, then attempting to sing an upbeat song might work.
7. While with friends. Friends are wonderful singing companions, so why not give it a try at your next gathering?
8. At the end of a book. You've read the last page. Whether it be a cliff-hanger or a satisfying ending, there is certainly a song available to express your feelings.
9. During a choir performance. This is especially important if you are a part of the choir.
10. When you find that someone has updated their blog!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Story idea: Quartzdym

Contained within a sphere of energy.
The wyrm slumbered.
For countless ages the wyrm had slept under the watchful eye of the Ryft. Trained from birth for this sole duty, the Ryft never faltered in their diligence.
Until one dark day, they were betrayed.
The Ryft were destroyed, and the wyrm set free.
The world not prepared to defeat that ancient beast. The fires spread until the entire world was consumed.
Those who survived the incineration found themselves left in an unfamiliar world. And during the wyrm's rampage, other forgotten creatures awakened.
The weaker creatures fought against each other, while the more intelligent creatures were subdued by the wyrm and set over territories.
The survivors struggled to carve a place for themselves in a world ruled by the wyrm. As the years passed, the world was given a new name.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How to use an empty box

1. Build a fort. It will end up taking more then one to make it life size, but you can build a replica out of one box by cutting it into many smaller boxes.
2. Wear as a helmet. Merely find a box that fits over your head, then cut out some holes for your eyes. Or simply fit it on the top of your head.
3. As a nest for chickens. Have some fertilized eggs? Do your hens love to sit in a cardboard box? Simply gather the fertilized eggs into the box with some nesting material, then allow your hens to brood.
4. To stiffen tatting. Merely cover one side of the box with wax paper, then pin the stiffening tatting to it and leave it alone for a few days.
5. Entertainment for a child. If you use your imagination, one empty box can bring hours of enjoyment.
6. Make a book cover. Find a nice box, then cut out a spine and two pieces for the cover. Put the spine between the pieces of the cover, then connect them together with some card stock and glue. Congratulations, now you have a basic hardcover.
7. As a place for your cat. Step one: set box on floor. Step two: watch cat climb into box. Step three: photograph cat.
8. To intrigue your friends. Simply carry the box around as if it has something in it. When your friends ask about the box, tell them to guess what is in it. If they fail to guess that it is empty, you can tell them. Or you could leave them wondering; what was in the box?
9. Use it as a prop. The box is a versatile object. One moment it can be a rock, then next a table. Or the box could fill in for a person as you practice your lines for a play. The full potential of the empty box has yet to be discovered.
10. Fill it up. What else would you do with an empty box?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Only attempt at fan fiction

Today's post is old writing, and is my only attempts at fan fiction. This was written during a time where I was transitioning from role-playing with a friend to writing down my own stories.

The sky was dark, the sun hidden away by storm clouds. A pale-skinned teenager sat on a rock under a tree, his long lavender hair tied back into a ponytail. “Is it done?” He asked, seemingly to the emptiness around him.
The Hero shouldn't be bothering any of us now.” A deep voice replied as a man materialized just a few feet away. The teenager held back a sigh at this surprising news. At long last, Link, the Hero of Time, was gone. Or so it seemed.
You are certain he is dead?” The boy asked, turning his burgundy eyes to the gerudo. His red hair was cut short and held back by the crown of Hyrule. His golden-yellow eyes narrowed at the question. “He is dead. As is that infuriating princess.” The boy noticed that the King of Darkness seemed to be distracted by something. “If you've killed them, then why do I get the feeling you still think something is out there?” The boy asked, standing. The gerudo frowned at the boy, obviously disapproving of his bluntness to the new King of Hyrule. “I failed to retrieved the other pieces of the Triforce. The princess somehow sent both her piece and the Hero's away before I killed her.” He smiled wickedly, a cold expression that would strike fear in the hearts of peasants. “The Hero wasn't nearly as difficult to defeat without the Triforce of Courage. Just a farm boy with a magic sword.” The man spat, his loathing plainly revealed through his eyes. “Now, Ganondorf, just think for a moment.” The boy sighed, shaking his head. “You've won. The Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny have been killed, the sages are either dead, imprisoned, or enchanted. Dark has eliminated the rebellion, while the traitors are enforcing your law.” The boy smiled, waving a hand at the field and the surrounding area. “The zoras are cowering in their domain until negotiations begin, the gorons have been imprisoned in death mountain, and the kokiri have hidden themselves in the Lost Woods.” Ganondorf looked thoughtful as he scanned the horizon. Death Mountain had an ugly ring of dark red smoke at it's peak, while the Lost Woods seemed to be covered in a thick white fog. Lon Lon Ranch was under the management of Gorman, with the former owner working as a stable hand.
Everything had gone according to plan, and Hyrule had been conquered.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Uses for an oven

1. Bake a pie.
2. Make ceramic dolls.
3. Keep food warm.
4. Forge a horseshoe.
5. Heat a room
6. Fireproof bricks.
7. Bake cherry crisp.
8. Smelt ore.
9. Roast broccoli.
10. Dry green wood.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Door in the Stone: part two

In the morning, I left the cabin to find Faraz leaning against a nearby tree. He had a pack slung over one shoulder and a quiver over the other. Dressed in the browns of a hunter, the sixteen year old offered me a mischievous smile.
"Going hunting?" I asked, wondering who his partner would be until we returned.
He shook his head. "Not today. Or for the next few days, actually. Chief's given my partner and I an escort assignment."
Matching his stride to mine, we walked through the village.
"Must be pretty important if two hunters are needed for the journey." I said, keeping my eyes on the path. Faraz yawned.
"Oh, nothing as serious as a gathering of chiefs. Just taking the tribe Oathkeeper and his apprentice to the cavern." He gave a laugh. "I plan on watching the old magic in action if we run into any trouble. Personally, I wouldn't want to mess with an Oathkeeper."
I shook my head, holding back a giggle.
Faraz was one of the tribe members with a singular talent. It wasn't so fancy as some of the things we had heard about, but he enjoyed his ability.
We soon reached the small shack that Ladarius called home. A simple two room building, I had spent many hours here over the past six years as I learned about the old magic. It became a second home to me after the year sickness swept through and claimed the lives of many villagers, including my mother. I was nine at the time, and there were more Oathkeepers then just Ladarius. It was a strange illness that struck those with an affinity for the old magic. Most of those who had died from it had only a mild affinity, too weak to learn more then a shadowtwist or truthsense.
I shook my head in an attempt to clear my mind of those exhausting months.
The door to the shack opened. Carrying a pack and a walking stick, Ladarius walked over to us. "Faraz, I assume Ahriman has told you of your role?"
Faraz whistled a cheerful tune. "Setup the camp while the rest go play in the cavern. Pretty relaxing actually."
"Enjoy the rest. Once we return, we're going to increase our training schedule." My brother said from behind us. Turning to look at his partner, Faraz grinned.
"Forgive my lack of surprise, but I've expected that news for a week. You get a certain glint in the eyes when the current regimen becomes too easy." His eyes grew wide and shifty for a moment. I tilted my head.
"The right eye needs to be a little twitchy... yes, that's better!"
Ahriman looked past us to Ladarius. "We will follow your pace." When my teacher nodded, we began walking.
My brother walked a few feet ahead of us, while Faraz walked behind Ladarius and I. Faraz softly whistled a cheerful ditty, alternating pitches at a speed only he could achieve.
After we left the village, Ladarius spoke. "You have questions, apprentice?"
I glanced at him. "Does the ceremony need to be during the full moon?"
He shook his head. "No, that is merely tradition."
"Okay," I said, looking at the ground for a moment. "Why now?"
"You have reached the end of what I can teach. To withhold the position of Oathkeeper until the usual age would be a great disservice to both you and the tribe."
"Do you remember the duties of an Oathkeeper?"
Still watching the ground, I sighed. "To preserve Newiderr, seal one to their word, and provide council."
"In order for you continue in the first duty, you must leave us."
I stopped walking. Faraz stopped right behind me.
"What's this about leaving?" Faraz asked, looking at Ladarius.
"There are other Oathkeepers whose knowledge of the old magic exceeds my own. Nadira has the strongest affinity for Newiderr that I have seen. As an Oathkeeper, part of her duty will be to learn all she can about this magic." Ladarius answered. He began walking again, Faraz and I followed after a moment. I looked ahead as the meaning of this journey gained more significance.
Not only would I become an Oathkeeper, but a particular kind.
I was to be an Errskyn.