Friday, February 26, 2016

How to make time fly

1. Sleep. Hours pass quickly when you're unconscious.
2. Watch a movie. If the movie is one that grabs you, then you won't notice how much time passes while you watch it.
3. Exercise. Working out can make both sweat and time fly by.
4. Work on a project. Be it a craft, hobby, or the development of a talent, the time never seems to be enough once you get going.
5. Play with a pet. Puppies make hours seem like minutes, while a good cat makes you forget about time completely.
6. Prepare for an event. The time spent getting ready for something can rush by like lightning.
7. Eat food. The cooking process can take forever, yet the food vanishes almost the instant you set the table.
8. Laugh. Laughter can fill each hour with a rapid energy that can leave you breathless.
9. Be with those you love. When you are with those who matter most, no moment is long enough. So cherish each one.
10. Just throw the clock.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The hero's quest for treasure

Surveying the land, the noble hero searched tirelessly. The treasure he'd buried was somewhere on this vast plain.
If only he could remember where.
Lifting his head, he took a deep breath. Scents filled his nostrils; the deep musk of summer heat baking the grass, sizzling meat dripping juices onto hot coals, and the familiar sweet stench of his companions.
Then the fragrance of flowers brought his mind to focus.
It was there, among the flowerbed.
Leaping forward, the hero bounded across the plain. His journey took him all the way to that great barrier of sticks, where wondrous new lands lay just beyond his reach.
It was in the shadow of this barrier that the flowers sat, bountious and beckoning.
The hero fought against himself as he waded through, the gentle caress of each petal almost more than he could handle. It would be so easy to lay down and give in to the flowers' allure.
But to do so would mean forfeiting his treasure.
And so the hero pressed on.
At the center, he found the place. A hint of his scent still lingered here, so faint he almost didn't catch it.
Bending over the place, he started to dig.
Dry dirt and flowers gave way dirt that was well moistened. It felt wonderful, and the hero relished the feel of it.
Down, down he dug.
Then he hit something cool and solid.
His treasure.

"Mom! Max is digging in the flowers again!" The boy named Jack called. Mrs. Martin set down the platter of burgers and turned.
"Max, no! Bad dog!" She shouted, moving towards the flowers.
A brown head rose above the flowers, with a long bone clenched between its jaws.
When he saw the woman coming, Max the dog bolted out of the flowerbed and across the yard, leaving a trail of dirt and flowers in his wake.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Stress relievers

1. Reading. Diving into another world can help calm the stresses of the day.
2. Petting an animal. Animals are great at calming nerves, especially if it is a long-time pet that you love.
3. Working on a craft. If there is a craft you love, working on it can help ease your mind.
4. Coloring. So long as you don't set too many limitations for it, coloring can be quite relaxing.
5. Listening to music. Having a favorite song or album can draw your mind to happier days.
6. Writing in a journal. If you write about the good things that happen in your day, then you'll have the chance to recognize all the good that has happened.
7. Talking to a trusted friend. Having someone you can talk to about what is happening in your life is a comfort. And as they help you, you may be able to help them in turn.
8. Going for a walk. Sometimes all you need to feel better is to exercise.
9. Get some rest. Sometimes all you need is a break from the rush and bustle of the day.
10. Clean. There are times when a little cleaning can help lift your mood, as you'll be able to see your accomplishments.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Staring at the modem, I wait for the lights to stabilize.
They flash and flash, determined to defeat my patience.
But I will not be beaten.
And so I wait.
And wait.
For that vital light to become green.

Friday, February 12, 2016

To retire

1. You'll get to sleep in whenever you want to.
2. You won't have any work related drama. Who doesn't want less drama in their life?
3. It will give you time to read.
4. You'll be able to focus on your hobbies and crafts.
5. It opens up your schedule for travelling. Be it to see the sights or vist friends and family, now you'll be able to take that trip!
6. You'll be able to spend more time with the ones you love.
7. It means you're probably old enough to get senior discounts!
8. You'll have more energy. Without the need to run around at your job, you'll have enough energy to play tag with the grandchildren.
9. It means you'll probably get a retirement party!
10. It means you've done a fantastic job, and now you get to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work. Congratulations.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Everything blue

The bird was blue.
Everything was blue.
Douglas couldn't believe it. One minute, all is as they should be. A red birds, the green grass, a warm yellow sun.
Then everything had turned blue in a blink.
"Why is everything red?" Claret asked, her voice pitched higher than normal as she stared. Douglas frowned and shook his head.
"Nothing is red. Everything is blue." He said, frowning deeper as he noticed the other people in the park.
They all seemed to be arguing with whoever was closest to them. As he focused on the closest couple, their voices rose.
"- yellow!"
It's green!"
Turning back to Claret, Douglas shook his head again. Whatever was going on, it looked to have affected everyone in the park. "We need to find the source." He said.
Claret took in a breath, hands clenched to her chest. "What makes you think this has a source?"
"Everything has to start somewhere. This can't be any different." He said, pushing away his doubts.
If this didn't have a source, if it was just a random phenomenon, then he would never see any other color again.
It was enough to make him feel blue.
"Come on," Douglas waved as he started walking.
Claret hurried after him, and slipped her hand around his.
And explosion of red filled his vision.
The red bird was back!
And that kid's backpack, it had a red stripe!
Douglas heard Claret gasp, and turned to her.
Red hair,
Beautiful, wonderful red hair.
"Your eyes," Claret stared at him, "they're blue."

Friday, February 5, 2016

Popcorn seasonings

1. Cheese. It tastes great on other foods, so why not on popcorn?
2. Chocolate. Because chocolate can make many things better.
3. Chili powder. It adds a nice kick.
4. Sour cream and onion. They're not just for baked potatoes anymore!
5. Caramel. Because apples can't have all the fun.
6. Cinnamon. It is a tasty treat.
7. Jell-o. I've been told it's pretty good on popcorn.
8. Bacon. It goes great with nearly everything, so why not add it to popcorn?
9. Wasabi. For those who want a spicy popcorn that bites back.
10. Butter. Why mess with a classic?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Road

Smooth gray stone, stretching like a river for as far as the eye could see.
Streetlamp sentinels kept a lit vigil over the east side of the road, spaced so that none of the murky shadows of the other side could blight their precious sidewalk.
The murky shadows hid whatever lay on the west side of the road. Only a deeper darkness hinted that something moved over there, breathing figures which had shunned the light for the cool chill of the night.
The road was empty of all, except for one man standing in the exact middle.
The man looked first to the left, and then the right.
He debated which way he should go.
If he went west, then he'd find mysteries and an elusive adventure in the night.
If he went east, then there would be a comforting light constantly guiding his way.
He knew a choice had to be made, for he couldn't keep to the middle of the road.
To do that would mean danger once a car arrived.
He turned slowly, studying both options.
Then he stopped, and chose which side he would embrace.
He strode out of the road without a backwards glance at the other side.
With his choice made, all he had left to do was reach that distant place where the road ends.