Friday, December 28, 2012

Unusual Accessories

1. Gift bows. Normally found on presents, these bows can also be used as a hair accessory, bracelet, or pin.
2. Shoebox. Depending upon the outer design and the size of your head, a shoebox can be used as a hat.
3. Tree garland. After being shortened to a manageable length, garland is transformed into a festive scarf.
4. Paperclips. Full of potential, these pieces of metal can become a necklace, bracelet, hair accessory, and much more!
5. Candy wrappers. After saving enough of them, these can be fashioned into many different things such as a tin hat.
6. Tissue paper. With some knowledge of origami, this has the possibility of becoming anything from a rose to a bird upon your shoulder.
7. Keyrings. Whether you are in the process of making chain-mail or a belt, keyrings can be used to add a touch a character to your outfit.
8. A tatting shuttle. Just take a filled shuttle, loop the thread from it around your wrist then back around the shuttle. Now you have a bracelet that can be removed at mediocre moments to provide entertainment!
9. Twist ties. A simple addition to an outfit, they are a useful item to have on hand.
10. Small mechanical devices. When getting a part replaced in your game system or movie player, see if you can keep the old part. These type of things can provide a fun quirk to a necklace, bracelet, or pin.

The inspiration for this Ten Reasons came from Ali.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking forward to a new year

The year grows short.
Another prowls the horizon, eagerly awaiting the current year to die.
People look back on what they have done. Some smile contently as memories flood their mind, while others turn away from the reminders of their mistakes.
As the year declines, resolutions will be made. Hearts fill with hope as they look forward to what opportunities the new year may bring.
May 2013 bring some excitement to you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun names to put on gift tags

1. Twinkletoes.
2. Your Secret Admirer.
3. Mister A. Person.
4. Miss Somebody.
5. A Peaceful Alien.
6. Under the Tree.
7. Not your parents.
8. Future Overlord.
9. Snugglypoo.
10. None of your concern.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Shiniest French Toast

Lots of polish is used in making the shiniest french toast. In the land of Taweh, this dish is considered a delicacy.
Lines quickly form in preparation of the annual french toast rally. There, eager children gobble up as much as they can get their hands on.
After consumption, the shiniest french toast causes the skin to sparkle uncontrollably. This can last anywhere from a few hours to several years depending upon the quantity consumed.  

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Uncontrolled sparkling may lead to:
-Cravings for french toast
-Crazed fangirls
-and/or loss of freckles

Do not eat the shiniest french toast if you are:
-A time traveler
-Easily amused
-and/or lactose intolerant.

Edible wizard hats may contain traces of:
-Unpleasant odors
-Gray hair
-and/or unidentified jellies

The land of Taweh is not responsible for any injuries sustained while consuming our products.
All purchases are final.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fun things to repeat

1. Reading a book. Whether for the second or seventh time, returning to a wonderful novel can be exciting.
2. Odd cuisines. Some foods just have a way of drawing you back to them.
3. Silly sounds. After having discovered that you can sound like a chipmunk, wouldn't you want to entertain your friends?
4. Hobbies. Things don't normally become a hobby unless it is something you enjoy doing more then once.
5. Cutting your hair. A change in hairstyle can be quite an adventure.
6. Building a fire. Although you may not light every one, assembling the fuel into a viable form is a enjoyable exercise.
7. Games. Revisiting a favorite game can bring the opportunity to teach another how to play.
8. Making friends. There is not limit to the number of friends one can have. Remember to choose wisely.
9. Sharing. Why keep something fun to yourself?
10. Sleep. Although too much is not good, sleep is a wonderful thing to repeat. Sometimes you'll get a bonus and dream!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Muritage and Arielle


You're playing a dangerous game.” Arielle warned as I surveyed the backyard; studying the remains of a battle that had occurred while I was unconscious. The lawn was covered in ash, along with the charred remains of various creatures, and a stench of roasted flesh lingered in the air. From what I could identify, the aura had lured in many dangerous creatures. But blinded by the aura, they had not been prepared to face an ifrit warrior such as Arielle.
I know the risks.” Gesturing at the repulsive massacre, I frowned. “Can't you clean up after yourself?”
She picked up what appeared to be the skull of a young manticore. Trailing a finger along the first row of teeth with a smile, the ifrit shook her head. “Where is the fun in that? Besides, this will make a lovely gift for the vartija.” Releasing a soft giggle, she tugged a tooth free and tossed the skull aside.
With a frown, I conjured a vacuum jar. Using the magic artifact, I began removing the carnage while Arielle lingered by the tree. After the yard was clean, I turned to her.
We're not suppose to conjure things with magical properties.” She said with a tut.
What will they do, banish me again?” I asked snidely as the jar and its continents vanished. “I study the necessary magic, so no construct of mine is unstable.” Leaning against the fence, I looked at the neighboring houses. “I assume you raised an illusion of silence?”
Of course. Otherwise it wouldn't have been any fun.” Arielle lifted her hand, flames sprouting from her fingertips. “But enough stalling. What are you planning?”
This vartija's ignorance offers us many possibilities. With a vital portion of her magic claimed by myself, she offers little threat to our kind at this moment.” Meeting her cyan eyes, I smirked. “If molded properly, she could become a powerful tool against the other Higher Races.”
Clapping her hands, Arielle laughed.
A pet vartija could be quite useful! But how will you break her will?”
Through patience.”

Friday, December 7, 2012

Things that can be annoying

1. Bug bites.
2. Slow moving lines.
3. Roosters.
4. Having a rock in your shoe.
5. High pitched noises.
6. Forgetting a person's name.
7. Overcooked pasta.
8. Squares.
9. Typos.
10. Melted ice cream.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Cafeteria

I sat down and placed my lunch on the table. Picking up my sandwich, I focused my senses on the room. A mild vanilla scent rose from the other students in the cafeteria, along with a tranquil warmth that made me feel at ease. Taking a bite from my sandwich, I tried to ignore the human aura and search for anything out of place.
The back of my neck tingled as a slight licorice scent tickled my nose. I turned around, in time to see the gum bubble Nathan had made pop.
“No lunch today?” I asked as he sat down.
“It's Thursday.” He replied with a shrug. I nodded and took another bite. The cafeteria served salad on Thursday, which was not a something my meat-loving friend willingly ate. Being a sack lunch person, I didn't normally pay attention to the cafeteria food schedule.
While eating my sandwich, I watched him flip through a book on mythology. I had met Nathan shortly after my mother and I moved here. Since that time, he had grown to be my best friend. Due to his fascination with mythology, I had often come to him for help identifying critters. He was always willing to answer my questions, happy to share his knowledge.
“Do you need something?” Nathan asked, looking up from his book and pushing back the light blond bangs that were beginning to hang over his eyes. Those eyes were what had first drawn my attention all those years ago. The left eye was pale gray, while the right was bright green. Even now, I enjoyed watching his eyes.
“Not unless you can make the last two periods disappear.” I said, faking a yawn. “Today has been so slow.” He looked around the cafeteria, then smiled mischievously.
“The day does pass slower when Alicia isn't around.”
I nodded. “If she wasn't home sick, then you two would be debating about food again.”
Nathan and Alicia were polar opposites when it came to food. Nathan was a carnivore with a sweet tooth, while Alicia was a vegetarian who wouldn't touch a piece of candy with a ten-foot pole. Lunch was normally a battlefield where they tried to convince the other to change sides. Their debates could be quite entertaining, though I doubted that it would have made this school day move any faster.
I wanted to get home. What critters had been drawn there because of my aura? Was Muritage still suffering from my aura? I had watched him stumble across the lawn and into the tree-house. That brief show of weakness from the djinn had worried me more then the knowledge that I had lit a beacon pointing to where I lived. So far as I knew, his species were not ones to reveal weakness. Without knowing what exactly he had stolen from me, I couldn't rely on the abilities I knew when the next battle arrived.
What if he took my ability to bind critters?
The thought made my heart pound. If I couldn't bind and send away, what would I do to end the next attack?
I finished my sandwich, and the bell rang.
Back to class.” Nathan sighed.
The school day is almost done. I'll be home soon.