Friday, October 30, 2015

Things that make me happy

1. My family. Sometimes we may annoy one another, but I wouldn't trade my family for any other.
2. Good books. A good book that stays with you long after you've finished it is a great friend, one which I hope everyone can find.
3. French bread and apple juice. Because yummy food can brighten almost any day.
4. Tatting. Having a craft that you understand how to do is a wonderful feeling, especially when you've grown up around crafty people. I love being able to tat bookmarks and other things that I can then give as gifts to people.
5. Being able to breathe through my nose. That may seem kind of silly, but for most of my life I couldn't breathe very well through my nose. So being able to easily breathe through my nose is amazing, and makes me very happy.
6. A good night's sleep. Sleep is important, and sometimes you don't remember that until experiencing a poor night of sleep.
7. Water. Water is vital to life, and I'm grateful to have access to clean water.
8. Medicine. Being able to get medicine that helps to relieve your aches and fight whatever illness you may be suffering from is a wonderful gift.
9. Animals. Having the love of an animal can help to turn a bad day into a better one.
10. Having time to think. Time is expensive, but being able to take some of it to focus on the thoughts you've had that day can help you to better understand yourself.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Apples and oranges

In the battle between apples and oranges, there can be only one victor.
The apples laud their ability to ward off doctors, while oranges mock all who dare attempt to rhyme with them.
Both find frequently grace the breakfast table with their deliciousness, and squeeze themselves into juice boxes as well.
In many ways, the two foes appear evenly matched.
But in this battle, the victor is neither the apple nor the orange.
It is you, the one who consumed them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

To give your antagonist some good traits

1. Because it makes them more believable.
2. Because it gives them something for the audience to relate to.
3. Because it keeps them from becoming predictable.
4. Because otherwise they risk becoming dull characters.
5. Because it adds complexity to their character.
6. Because it makes it more likely for the protagonist to have something in common with the antagonist.
7. Because it can build trust between the antagonist and their minons.
8. Because it gives them the possibility of finding redemption.
9. Because it gives them something to confuse the protagonist with.
10. Because it is more challenging for the antagonist to balance both their good traits and their bad ones.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The trouble with ice cream

Do you know the trouble with ice cream?
It melts.
Slowly, until it slips off the cone, or so quickly that your fingers become covered in it.
Some people will stir with their spoon until the ice cream becomes a soup.
Others try to gobble it up before any bit can drip away.
Some take little licks, turning the cone so that each side is given a turn.
Others take bite after bite, then groan as a brain freeze hits.
There are so many flavors, and none can agree on which is the very best.
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. The list goes on and on.
Do you know the other problem with ice cream?
There is never enough to share.
And everyone cries when their scoop falls to the ground.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween earring ideas

1. Pumpkins.
2. Bones.
3. Bats.
4. The moon.
5. A witch's hat.
6. Candy corn.
7. Cats.
8. Spiders.
9. A cauldron.
10. Ghosts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The swan and the witch

Moonlight rippled upon the lake's surface.
If not for its light, I could have escaped.
"Owen, my darling, come to me!" A familiar voice called from the dock. I'd come to loathe that voice, and the power it held over me. Even now, I glided through the water toward it.
The women standing on the dock was beautiful. Dressed in fine silk that seemed to capture the moonlight, while the breeze played with her long red hair.
I stopped a foot from the end of the dock. Curving back my neck, I half raised my wings and let out a hiss.
"Still vexed over a little spell?" She gave a laugh, though her grey eyes grew cold. "I thought you would have finally recognized the folly in your obstinance."
I gave another hiss, wishing I could speak in this form. Then I'd tell Sidonia exactly what I thought of her spell.
"Oh well, you do make an exquisite swan." Bending, she beckoned with one finger. The pressure of her summons tugged at my heart, and I had to close the distance. As she ran her fingers through my feathers, Sidonia sighed. "This would be far more pleasant if you simply accepted my proposal."
I turned my head away. Marry her, and I'd no longer be imprisoned on this lake. No longer be trapped in the form of a swan.
Marry her, and my people would have a witch as their queen.
And I'd be reduced to nothing more than a puppet king.
Turning back toward her, I released another hiss.
Sidonia's grip tightened, and pain flared as she ripped out a handful of my feathers.
"Foolish boy." There was nothing kind in her voice now. "You will come to accept me. I'll keep you here for however long it takes."
She straightened, and gently brushed the handful of my feathers against her cheek. "After all darling, you gave me your heart."

Friday, October 9, 2015

First date ideas

1. Eating ice cream. Each person has their own favorite flavor, and learning why it is their favorite provides a nice starting point for conversation.
2. Going to the library. You both get an opportunity to share your favorite books, and by deciding on a new book to read at the same time, you'll have a reason for a second date.
3. Going out to eat. Sharing a meal is also a chance to share your interests.
4. Watching a movie. Now, you don't have to go to the theater, and sometimes it's more fun to have the movie be an old favorite. That way, you have a chance to laugh and make comments about your favorite parts.
5. A hike. Getting outside can be fun. Being outside with someone someone whose company you enjoy can make the hike even more enjoyable.
6. Playing games. Board games, card games, it doesn't really matter what kind it is. Being able to see how a person reacts to both winning and losing is important, especially when you're getting to know someone.
7. Go dancing. Even if you have two left feet, dancing can be fun, especially when your dance partner is fun to be around.
8. Playing sports. If you share an interest in the same sport, then why not play together? You may just find that you make excellent teammates.
9. Cooking together. Whether it is cookies, pasta, or fried chicken, the time spent together preparing food can be exciting or terrifying, depending on how well both of you can cook.
10. Going to a museum. As you study the different exhibits, you may find that you share an interest in the same subject. Or you may find that the same thing is equally boring to both of you, and share a laugh because of it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dragons and their stomachs

How do you feed a dragon?
Very carefully.
You see, dragons have very sensitive stomachs, and even the slightest change to their diet results in severe heartburn.
Which with dragons, means fire.
Lots of fire.
This is because when a dragon experiences any indigestion, the contents of their stomach are rapidly converted into a partially liquefied compound which when expelled, ignites upon contact with the air.
Since this happens often because of their sensitive stomachs, dragons rarely digest a full meal.
Which means they are constantly ravenous.
So the next time you find yourself facing a hungry dragon, remember how sensitive their stomachs are and offer them your spicy peppers before they can consume you.
It may just give you time to get away.

Friday, October 2, 2015

To take notes

1. So that you have a reference to use later.
2. So you can keep awake during the dull moments of a class.
3. Because writing it down can help you remember the information.
4. So that you have a guide that you can glance at when needed.
5. Because then you can help others remember what they are supposed to do.
6. Because those notes may become inspiration for other projects.
7. They can help keep complicated things from accidentally tangling together.
8. So you explain how you figured something out.
9. Because your notes could help someone else learn how to do what you did.
10. Because sometimes you need a little reminder.