Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The internal battle of a young shapeshifter

In my mind, my shapeshifting ability appeared as a fog. Within it, the eagle form was dominated by its instincts. It wasn't like my horse form. Waiting for enough time to pass wouldn't allow for me to shapeshift again. I realized that now. In order to change back, I had to fight.
The eagle dived, talons stretching forward. I braced myself as it struck me. Wrapping my arms around the eagle, I fought to hold onto it. The bird released a screech as it struck me with its beak, while its talons tore into my torso. Gritting my teeth against the pain, I squeezed the eagle.
I had to make it a part of me.
The eagle gave another furious shriek as it began to merge with me. I held on, though the agony brought me to my knees.
Finally, my arms were empty. Opening my clenched hands, a feather fell from one. As I reached to pick it up, a hoof appeared beside it.
Looking up, I saw met the gaze of my horse form. It watched me for a moment, then lowered its head to sniff the feather. Then the horse sneezed and lifted its head quickly. After shaking its head, the horse looked back at the feather with a huff.
“I didn't ask for it.” I said shakily. I could still feel the eagle form's instincts, though they were now caged. Picking up the feather, I reached out my other hand to grab the mane of my horse form. Getting to my feet, I couldn't help but laugh. “Master would be furious.” I told the horse. “What I'm doing right now is dangerous. A shapeshifter isn't suppose to allow all of their forms to manifest in their mind at one time.” Patting the horse's neck, I tied the feather into its mane. “I have no idea what'll happen the next time I shapeshift. This trip could have altered you.” The horse shook its head with another huff, its tail lashing. Letting go, I sighed as the pain from fighting the eagle form's instincts returned.
Taking a deep breath, I drew my senses outward. But before my shapeshifting ability faded from sight, I saw an eagle land on the horse.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Types of bookmarks

1. A slender piece of paper. This paper can be anything form a receipt to a sticky note. The only defining characteristic is that it is typically something you used to hold your place because it was what you had on hand.
2. A decorative bookmark. These are the kind you would find at a store. They often have a tassel of some kind, while some come in a little plastic bookmark sleeve.
3. A ribbon. Now, some fancy hardcover books come with a ribbon connected to the spine. But don't think that is the only time you can use this kind of bookmark! Ribbons come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you could make a bunch of identical bookmarks if you wanted to.
4. Leather. Now leather or synthetic leather can make for a pretty good bookmark, though they can get a little thick at times.
5. Metal. A thin metal bookmark can be a lot of fun. It also has the advantage of being magnetic, which can make finding your bookmark easier at times.
6. Duct tape. You can make your own bookmark out of duct tape, which can be found in a surprising number of colors and patterns.
7. Hair. A small braid of hair can also be used as a bookmark. I think horse hair would be a good choice for this.
8. A feather. You would need to be mindful of the thickness of the shaft, but a feather could make for an interesting bookmark.
9. Plastic. There are many styles of plastic bookmark. The design and shape of plastic bookmarks can be highly amusing to see.
10. Tatting. A tatted bookmark makes a wonderful reading companion. And it also provides a sleek, classy appearance to any book it is found within.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The life of a bookmark

My journey began when you bought me at the store. There were plenty of other bookmarks hanging around me. For just a moment, I feared that yet again I would be passed by in favor of the kitten bookmark.
But your fingers pulled me off the hook, and carried me to the register.
When we got to your house, I was so excited. What book would we read first? A mystery, or perhaps a action filled science fiction novel.
But we did not begin reading that night. You carefully placed me on top of a slender paperback, and wrapped us in paper.
It was dark. The paperback was a simple children's fantasy. It barely had enough pages to need a bookmark like me!
I waited a few days.
The light blinded me for a moment as the paper was torn away. A young boy stared down at me, his excited grin slowly fading as he realized what he saw. I fell off the paperback as he reluctantly picked up the book. After turning to offer a half-hearted thanks, the boy finally remembered me. His young fingers were rough as he scooped me up.
I was shoved into the paperback, accidentally bending one of its pages in the process.
After he took us to his room with the other gifts he had received, the book I was in was tossed onto a shelf.
I rested between the pages of that unread paperback, waiting.
Months passed.
Finally, the boy returned to the shelf. He pulled the book out of the pile that had accumulated around it.
It was finally time!
He pulled me out of the book.
But wait?
He tossed me back onto the shelf!
From where I now precariously balanced, I watched as the boy began to read the paperback. After only a couple of pages, I saw him fold the corner of the page down. The boy closed the book and dropped it onto the bed.
I had been tossed aside in favor of dogearing the page!
Sorrowful, I watched as time passed. The boy eventually finished the paperback; after a dozen more dogeared pages. I laid on that shelf for a few more months. Eventually, I got mixed in with some loose papers. The papers I was between got carried out of the boy's room and out to garage. There, I was dropped into a box.
Where I waited.
I lost track of time, waiting in that box. And as I waited, I wondered.
Had I not been interesting enough for the boy? Was I too small?
Would I ever be able to aid someone's reading experience?
Then, I felt someone sorting through the box. The paper above me was lifted. The light was blinding. I was picked up. As I left the box, I realized who it was.
The boy!
He was a few years older now. As he carried me to his room, I wondered what had cause him to remember me. Had he decided to use me as he read?
In the boy's room, I noticed a birthday card on the bed.
But that was my destination.
I was being regifted!
I was inside the card for a couple of hours. Then I met my new owner.
A girl.
Unlike when the boy had received me, the girl did not look disappointed. Her thanks to the boy for me was sincere. There was an eagerness in her grip as the girl carried me and her other presents to her room.
And finally, we read.
That first book was a gushy romance. But other books followed.
I eagerly awaited each one.
As I passed through the pages of one book and into another, I slowly became worn.
Eventually, the girl closed a book we had just finished, and carefully picked me up. The girl was older now, years of stories having been shared by her and I.
She carried me over to a special book. Gently, she slid me into a page protector, next to another bookmark just as worn as I.
As she closed the book, I saw her offer a bittersweet smile.
And I was content.
Content with the time I was able to serve as her bookmark.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How to... books I would want to read

1. How to conquer the world (in three easy steps).
2. How to tat with your feet.
3. How to build a working time machine.
4. How to tame a dragon.
5. How to continue writing while asleep.
6. How to shapeshift.
7. How to defy gravity.
8. How to eat a magic bean.
9. How to dodge a giant's foot.
10. How to make an invisibility cloak.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The heir replacement society

Sitting in an elegant waiting room, a woman anxiously waited for her turn. She was far from home; where heated disputes threatened to transform into a full fledged war.
"Madam," the woman looked up to see a youth standing in the doorway. "Doctor Owen is ready for you." The boy told her. The woman quickly stood and followed the boy. As they walked past many rooms with large windows, the woman saw children of all ages being taught.
When they reached Doctor Owen's study, the boy opened the door and offered her a bow. "Pleasant day, madam."
With a nod, the woman walked into the study. Doctor Owen stood beside a bookshelf. He was a tall man, with a think head of silver hair. After pulling a book from the shelf, he turned toward the woman.
"Madam Faydell, please have a seat." Doctor Owen said, motioning to a plush chair. As she sat down, Doctor Owen strolled behind his desk. "May I offer you our condolences. Prince Jacobs was a charming lad."
Madam Faydell gave quivery smile. "My son would have been a wonderful king."
Doctor Owen nodded, then opened the book. "I presume you are here to claim his replacement." Flipping through the book, he came to a stop somewhere in the middle. "Ah yes, here it is. Your other son was left in our care sixteen years ago. Jacobs twin."
Madam Faydell nodded. "Alec. Could he be prepared to take his brother's place?"
Doctor Owen closed the book. "He is ready. We need only finalize a few details in his cover story, then Alec may return home to claim his throne."
After a moment of hesitation, madam Faydell spoke. "Will he remember this place?"
With a smile, Doctor Owen shook his head. "None of our replacement heirs remember their time in the society."

Friday, July 12, 2013

How to find a monster

1. Wait in your room. Some monsters lurk under the bed, while others hide in the closet. Both of these kinds of monsters can be lured out if you pretend to be asleep.
2. Find someplace with a lot of fog. Certain monsters can create fog to disguise themselves while traveling. Other common disguises that monsters employ are thunderstorms, blizzards, and extremely overcast nights.
3. Check within old buildings. Monsters enjoy worn accommodations, particularly castles.
4. In a forest. There are monsters who cannot stand civilization. So if you are searching for one of these monsters, a forest is one of the best places to start.
5. At a lake. Freshwater aquatic monsters sometimes gather at lakes. Others prefer rivers.
6. On a beach. Saltwater aquatic monsters may frequent popular beaches after the crowds have left.
7. In a landfill. Some monsters consider garbage to be a delicacy, and so can be located wherever large quantities of trash is found.
8. Under a bridge. This was a common domain for monsters in the past. Now however, you must be selective in choosing what bridge you search. Older bridges are best, or those that do not receive much use.
9. Within a cave. The cave is one of the preferred dwellings of many old monster. The drearier the better.
10. Wait for Halloween. Monsters that love candy cannot resist coming out on this night.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fragile Existence outtake: Memories of Youth

I closed my eyes as laughter filled my tired ears, fighting back the memories of my youth.
Granna, Granna! Wait for me!” A young boy cried excitedly, followed by the laughter of a little girl. “Catch me, Warren!”
A gentle hand touched my shoulder, and I opened my eyes. Hansen's wrinkled face still held some of the youthful charm I had grown to love over the years.
Memories?” He guessed with the accuracy of a mind reader.
Though time has aged them, some seem as if they had only occurred yesterday.” I sighed, looking down at my wrinkled hands.
So much time had passed since those dreadful days, yet I could not forget them.
And the truth was that I didn't want to forget.
To forget would be worse then to remember. Because if I forgot, then I would be dishonoring those who had sacrificed their lives.
Hansen reached out and took hold of my hand, his brown eyes kind. “Love, I know you have lost much. But you don't have to suffer alone. I'm here.” He looked into my eyes, and another voice entered my mind.
We are both here, Jessie.”
I shook my head, a tear rolling down my cheek.
Life grows harder every day. Regrets deepen, old scars reopen. I question the decisions of my youth, and wonder how things could have been changed or prevented. Nothing comes easily anymore.”
Hansen kissed the hand he held, his love for me filling his countenance. “Things are easily questioned in hindsight, but you must remember how it was during the event. There are many things that we cannot change. But the present is ours, and must be faced with the wisdom gleaned from our past mistakes. Our children are grown, and our grandchildren play in safety because of those sacrifices. Do not forget that not everyone was lost.” He looked away, and I followed his gaze.
Doyle glided through the air until he reach us. Then he landed gently on my lap. I stroked his spine, smiling sadly as I gazed into one of the rubies on the cover of the book which held my friend.
Does he still fight?” Hansen's grip on my hand tightened for a moment as Doyle answered my question in our minds.
Constantly. But the seals remain secure. His outrage never dies, and he swears revenge.”
Hansen looked at the book which was our oldest friend, then shook his head.
So he truly has rejected our aid?”
Yes. Though I try to limit our conversations. Each time I converse with my brother gives him an opportunity to test the barriers. There have been a few times where he has succeeded in breaching my mind.”
Hansen glanced at me, then spoke once more.
What would happen if he succeeded in breaking free?”
Doyle was silent for a moment, his pages rustling.
Because of the mutation Ahriman's Power caused, it is highly likely that he could somehow gain control of someone's mind and thus control their body. But the seals are strong, and the probability of his getting free is slim.”

Friday, July 5, 2013

Different ways to use the phrase "put on".

1.  A hat.
2. A show.
3. Shoes.
4. Weight.
5. A pot of water.
6. A smile.
7. Your favorite movie.
8. An act.
9. The radio.
10. A foreign accent.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A song about spaghetti

Oh, I love to eat spaghetti,
I really, really do.
I eat it with a meatball,
and sauce too.
For spaghetti is Italian food,
which I really like.
So next time it's on your plate,
remember to invite me.