Friday, December 28, 2012

Unusual Accessories

1. Gift bows. Normally found on presents, these bows can also be used as a hair accessory, bracelet, or pin.
2. Shoebox. Depending upon the outer design and the size of your head, a shoebox can be used as a hat.
3. Tree garland. After being shortened to a manageable length, garland is transformed into a festive scarf.
4. Paperclips. Full of potential, these pieces of metal can become a necklace, bracelet, hair accessory, and much more!
5. Candy wrappers. After saving enough of them, these can be fashioned into many different things such as a tin hat.
6. Tissue paper. With some knowledge of origami, this has the possibility of becoming anything from a rose to a bird upon your shoulder.
7. Keyrings. Whether you are in the process of making chain-mail or a belt, keyrings can be used to add a touch a character to your outfit.
8. A tatting shuttle. Just take a filled shuttle, loop the thread from it around your wrist then back around the shuttle. Now you have a bracelet that can be removed at mediocre moments to provide entertainment!
9. Twist ties. A simple addition to an outfit, they are a useful item to have on hand.
10. Small mechanical devices. When getting a part replaced in your game system or movie player, see if you can keep the old part. These type of things can provide a fun quirk to a necklace, bracelet, or pin.

The inspiration for this Ten Reasons came from Ali.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking forward to a new year

The year grows short.
Another prowls the horizon, eagerly awaiting the current year to die.
People look back on what they have done. Some smile contently as memories flood their mind, while others turn away from the reminders of their mistakes.
As the year declines, resolutions will be made. Hearts fill with hope as they look forward to what opportunities the new year may bring.
May 2013 bring some excitement to you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun names to put on gift tags

1. Twinkletoes.
2. Your Secret Admirer.
3. Mister A. Person.
4. Miss Somebody.
5. A Peaceful Alien.
6. Under the Tree.
7. Not your parents.
8. Future Overlord.
9. Snugglypoo.
10. None of your concern.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Shiniest French Toast

Lots of polish is used in making the shiniest french toast. In the land of Taweh, this dish is considered a delicacy.
Lines quickly form in preparation of the annual french toast rally. There, eager children gobble up as much as they can get their hands on.
After consumption, the shiniest french toast causes the skin to sparkle uncontrollably. This can last anywhere from a few hours to several years depending upon the quantity consumed.  

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Uncontrolled sparkling may lead to:
-Cravings for french toast
-Crazed fangirls
-and/or loss of freckles

Do not eat the shiniest french toast if you are:
-A time traveler
-Easily amused
-and/or lactose intolerant.

Edible wizard hats may contain traces of:
-Unpleasant odors
-Gray hair
-and/or unidentified jellies

The land of Taweh is not responsible for any injuries sustained while consuming our products.
All purchases are final.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fun things to repeat

1. Reading a book. Whether for the second or seventh time, returning to a wonderful novel can be exciting.
2. Odd cuisines. Some foods just have a way of drawing you back to them.
3. Silly sounds. After having discovered that you can sound like a chipmunk, wouldn't you want to entertain your friends?
4. Hobbies. Things don't normally become a hobby unless it is something you enjoy doing more then once.
5. Cutting your hair. A change in hairstyle can be quite an adventure.
6. Building a fire. Although you may not light every one, assembling the fuel into a viable form is a enjoyable exercise.
7. Games. Revisiting a favorite game can bring the opportunity to teach another how to play.
8. Making friends. There is not limit to the number of friends one can have. Remember to choose wisely.
9. Sharing. Why keep something fun to yourself?
10. Sleep. Although too much is not good, sleep is a wonderful thing to repeat. Sometimes you'll get a bonus and dream!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Muritage and Arielle


You're playing a dangerous game.” Arielle warned as I surveyed the backyard; studying the remains of a battle that had occurred while I was unconscious. The lawn was covered in ash, along with the charred remains of various creatures, and a stench of roasted flesh lingered in the air. From what I could identify, the aura had lured in many dangerous creatures. But blinded by the aura, they had not been prepared to face an ifrit warrior such as Arielle.
I know the risks.” Gesturing at the repulsive massacre, I frowned. “Can't you clean up after yourself?”
She picked up what appeared to be the skull of a young manticore. Trailing a finger along the first row of teeth with a smile, the ifrit shook her head. “Where is the fun in that? Besides, this will make a lovely gift for the vartija.” Releasing a soft giggle, she tugged a tooth free and tossed the skull aside.
With a frown, I conjured a vacuum jar. Using the magic artifact, I began removing the carnage while Arielle lingered by the tree. After the yard was clean, I turned to her.
We're not suppose to conjure things with magical properties.” She said with a tut.
What will they do, banish me again?” I asked snidely as the jar and its continents vanished. “I study the necessary magic, so no construct of mine is unstable.” Leaning against the fence, I looked at the neighboring houses. “I assume you raised an illusion of silence?”
Of course. Otherwise it wouldn't have been any fun.” Arielle lifted her hand, flames sprouting from her fingertips. “But enough stalling. What are you planning?”
This vartija's ignorance offers us many possibilities. With a vital portion of her magic claimed by myself, she offers little threat to our kind at this moment.” Meeting her cyan eyes, I smirked. “If molded properly, she could become a powerful tool against the other Higher Races.”
Clapping her hands, Arielle laughed.
A pet vartija could be quite useful! But how will you break her will?”
Through patience.”

Friday, December 7, 2012

Things that can be annoying

1. Bug bites.
2. Slow moving lines.
3. Roosters.
4. Having a rock in your shoe.
5. High pitched noises.
6. Forgetting a person's name.
7. Overcooked pasta.
8. Squares.
9. Typos.
10. Melted ice cream.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Cafeteria

I sat down and placed my lunch on the table. Picking up my sandwich, I focused my senses on the room. A mild vanilla scent rose from the other students in the cafeteria, along with a tranquil warmth that made me feel at ease. Taking a bite from my sandwich, I tried to ignore the human aura and search for anything out of place.
The back of my neck tingled as a slight licorice scent tickled my nose. I turned around, in time to see the gum bubble Nathan had made pop.
“No lunch today?” I asked as he sat down.
“It's Thursday.” He replied with a shrug. I nodded and took another bite. The cafeteria served salad on Thursday, which was not a something my meat-loving friend willingly ate. Being a sack lunch person, I didn't normally pay attention to the cafeteria food schedule.
While eating my sandwich, I watched him flip through a book on mythology. I had met Nathan shortly after my mother and I moved here. Since that time, he had grown to be my best friend. Due to his fascination with mythology, I had often come to him for help identifying critters. He was always willing to answer my questions, happy to share his knowledge.
“Do you need something?” Nathan asked, looking up from his book and pushing back the light blond bangs that were beginning to hang over his eyes. Those eyes were what had first drawn my attention all those years ago. The left eye was pale gray, while the right was bright green. Even now, I enjoyed watching his eyes.
“Not unless you can make the last two periods disappear.” I said, faking a yawn. “Today has been so slow.” He looked around the cafeteria, then smiled mischievously.
“The day does pass slower when Alicia isn't around.”
I nodded. “If she wasn't home sick, then you two would be debating about food again.”
Nathan and Alicia were polar opposites when it came to food. Nathan was a carnivore with a sweet tooth, while Alicia was a vegetarian who wouldn't touch a piece of candy with a ten-foot pole. Lunch was normally a battlefield where they tried to convince the other to change sides. Their debates could be quite entertaining, though I doubted that it would have made this school day move any faster.
I wanted to get home. What critters had been drawn there because of my aura? Was Muritage still suffering from my aura? I had watched him stumble across the lawn and into the tree-house. That brief show of weakness from the djinn had worried me more then the knowledge that I had lit a beacon pointing to where I lived. So far as I knew, his species were not ones to reveal weakness. Without knowing what exactly he had stolen from me, I couldn't rely on the abilities I knew when the next battle arrived.
What if he took my ability to bind critters?
The thought made my heart pound. If I couldn't bind and send away, what would I do to end the next attack?
I finished my sandwich, and the bell rang.
Back to class.” Nathan sighed.
The school day is almost done. I'll be home soon.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Things you can do with snow

1. Build snowmen.
2. Shovel the driveway.
3. Organize a snowball fight.
4. Go sledding.
5. Have wet socks when it melts.
6. Make ice cream.
7. Catch snowflakes.
8. Dash through it.
9. Make snow angels.
10. Build an igloo.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Contest of Wit

Two people were engaged in a contest of wit. Staring deep into the eyes of their opponent, each awaited the perfect moment to make their final move.
The entire evening rested on this moment. For the prize rested on the table between them, spaced at the exact mid-point. If one moved, then so would the opponent. They were equally matched in speed, and the thought of sharing the prize had not crossed their young minds.
The first boy's fingers twitched, causing the other boy to narrow his eyes.
The time had arrived to act.
They lunged forward, arms outstretched toward the prize.
Both were jerked backed by the collar of their shirts, a stern voice echoing through the room.
"Boys! No dessert until you finish your squash!"
"But mom!" The boys whined in unison, looking at the plate they had failed to reach. A single cookie remained.
"Listen to your mother." The father said as he reached over to the plate and picked up the cookie.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A mix of sweet and savory pies

1. Pecan pie.
2. Bacon and egg pie.
3. Pumpkin pie.
4. Curry pie.
5. Apple pie.
6. Chicken pot pie.
7. Cherry pie.
8. Scotch pie (other names: shell pie, mince pie, football pie).
9. Lemon meringue pie.
10. Fish pie.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Fiery Encounter


I awoke on the couch with a splitting headache. I opened my eyes, then quickly shut them with a moan. My sight was back, but extremely sensitive to the light. While rubbing my head, a thought made me stiffen.
How had I gotten onto the couch?
I bolted upright as a familiar cackle echoed through the room. A wave of vertigo swept over me as I forced my eyes open and scanned the room.
"Can you imagine my surprise? Out of the morning light, a vartija aura swept across the area like a violent storm." I found her floating near the ceiling. Lying on a thick cloud of smoke and clothed in flames, a vision of ifrit beauty watched me with a condescending smirk. Rolling onto her back, the ifrit drifted lazily toward me. "I simply couldn't ignore such a delectable surprise! So I followed the lingering aura back to this place, only to find the vartija gone." Now hovering beside me, she affectionately tugged my ear. The heat of her touch called to my ifrit blood, but I forced myself to move away.
"Arielle, what are you doing here? And drop the illusion." I said curtly. She gave a pout, then waved her hand. The flames disappeared, as did some of the unnatural beauty. With the illusion gone, she was revealed to be wearing traditional ifrit travel garb: maroon pants, the loose legs trimmed with copper flames. A shirt of the same coloration and design, with sheer sleeves that ended just below the elbow.
"Why are you here, Muritage?" She studied me, then gasped. "Oh, don't tell me-" she broke off, hysterical laughter echoing through the room. I winced as her laughter grated against my ears. I waved my hand, conjuring a gag to cover her mouth. It muffled her laughter only for a moment before she set the gag aflame. Being ifret, the fire did not burn her. "You were tamed! Oh, this is excellent! So how did you get caught? During that aura burst, or before?" She looked at my sullen expression, then clapped her hands in delight. "Before! Did the scary vartija sneak up on widdle Murry?" She taunted, cooing the nickname from our childhood.
I knew she would never let me forget this. But part of me was enjoying the taste of home that the familiar teasing brought.
"Why are you back on the central layer?" I asked sharply, trying to divert her attention.
"I haven't slayed a vartija for seven years! I need to finish my hunt." Sparks flew off her as Arielle left the cloud to sit beside me. "I would have burned the entire nest if that vermin hadn't sent me back with his dying breath."
Seven years ago, Arielle Fe'nu had come to this layer for a vartija hunt. Having found and tracked one home, she watched him until discovering that he was alone. Then she set an ambush, catching the vartija by surprise. With his house burning around him, the dying vartija had somehow found the strength to bind Arielle and send her back to our layer; trapping her there for seven years.
"So you've come to find his offspring?" I asked, watching as she nodded.
"I still have the picture I claimed as a trophy." She reached into the cloud of smoke still lingering in the air and pulled out a bag. Removing a small gold frame, she stroked the top of it. "I can't let that little girl grow up to become a hunter." Arielle said as she studied the picture. "She should be, oh... sixteen by now? If some other creature hasn't already gotten her."
She handed me the picture. It had revealed a happy family having a picnic. The man had dirty blond hair and wide green eyes. He was watching a woman laugh, while their daughter stared toward the person taking the picture with a childish smile.
A wry chuckle escaped me. "This vartija has already been claimed."
"By who?" She asked, reclaiming the picture.
"By me."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Games you can play during a movie

1. Audience Reaction. As the name suggests, the goal of this game is to count the number of times that the audience reacts to the movie. You can choose what kind of reaction to look for, or you can just count any reaction. This is a fun game to play when seeing a newly released film at a theater. Try and beat 126 reactions!
2. Alternate Script. When watching a movie at home, gather some friends and mute the volume. Give each person a character. When your character has some dialogue, say whatever comes to your mind. Or if you have one friend who is really good at storytelling, have them narrate the entire film!
3. Actor Change. The object of this game is simple. If you and your friends were the characters in the film, who would you be? Have each person pick who they would be and why. Then during the film, have them explain why their character acted they way they did or made certain choices.
4. Plot Twist. In this game, you change one key part of the movie into something strange and keep that change in mind while watching. Instead of going to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, say that the Fellowship of the Ring were a group of postal carriers delivering a package.
5. Background Events. The goal of this game is to ignore the main focus of the movie. Instead, look for all the interesting things that are happening around the story.
6. Strange Obsessions. Here, you give each main character an obsession. How would this obsession play into the choices they make during the film?
7. Bingo! Before watching the movie with your friends, make some bingo cards with things from that movie. Then see who can find all the the things on their card first.
8. Fashion Sense. Here, you look at what people are wearing in the movie. Is anyone wearing two different color socks? A spotted bowtie? Would they be able to walk down the street in their favorite outfit?
9. Snack Attack. Gather a variety of snacks. Label each with a word or event. Every time that word is said or a certain thing happens, eat a piece of whatever that snack is.
10. Performance of Scenes. With the volume on, play the movie. However, instead of watching the movie, have your friends act out the scenes. Having each person play a particular character would be helpful, but is not required.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Aura, part III


Turning away from the girl, I closed my eyes and fought to remain standing.
All of my senses were behaving erratically. Fluctuating from one extreme to the next, my body was rebelling against itself.
At the moment, my sight was gone. Every scent reeked past my threshold to differentiate between them. There was a ringing in my ears, muffling any other sound. A metallic taste coated my mouth.
Argh-” I jerked away from the scalding pressure against my arm, choking back further cries.
What can I do?” I heard the vartija asked. It had been her touch that had caused my outcry.
Leave.” I rasped. Despite having been diminished in strength, her aura still called to me. It lingered in each of my senses, a tantalizing ruin. “Now!” I groaned, turning to glare at her. For although my sight had yet to return, her aura shined as a beacon.
Silence. A soft breath.
Her footsteps were nearly inaudible as she fled to the house.
After I was certain she was no longer in the backyard, I turned in the direction of my current abode. Stumbling until my hand grazed the rough bark of the tree, I painfully felt for the ladder and forced myself to climb.
Once within the relative safety of the tree-house, I collapsed into unconsciousness.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Things that can sneak up on you

1. Cats. One minute you are brushing your hair, the next a cat is clawing its way up your side to sit on your shoulder.
2. Birthdays. Within the schedule of life, birthdays can often leap out to surprise you.
3. Deadlines. While not everyone has difficulty in making deadlines, these dates can prove stealthy to some.
4. Friends. The process of making friends can be subtle at times. Friends can also be quite stealthy creatures, leaping out from the shadows to say hello or offer a hug.
5. New enjoyments. Whether it be the discovery that you like squid, are fond of Nineteen Eighty-four, or can replicate the call of a marmot, your enjoyment of an activity can sometimes come as a surprise.
6. Plot twists. The plot twist is a cunning beast. It may leap out with little warning, or leave a careful trail for the attentive mind.
7. Changes in weather. Although a forecast can often be correct, there are times when a storm or change in temperature can surprise you.
8. Gray hair. A sign of wisdom and age, this change often comes as a shock when finally noticed.
9. Boiling water. Waiting by a pot, the water is still. You turn away for a brief moment to retrieve pasta from the cupboard. When you return, the surface has suddenly tremulous sea.
10. Ideas. Going about the day, activity happens all around you. Suddenly, a simple act catches your notice. Questions pour into your mind, causing you to think about this activity or object as never before. Pursued further, these bursts of inspiration can change you in ways never before imagined.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Aura, part II

I continued to look at Muritage for a moment. As he frowned, I noticed the humid feeling disappear. Before I could question it, the djinn spoke. "Your aura will likely appear as something subtle, perceptible to a few senses. A majority of auras effect the sense of smell, so you may want to begin there."
Still uncertain what I was searching for, I focused on my nose.
I could smell my waffles, along with the neighbor's rosebush. I tried to ignore the normal scents of the backyard and search for anything unusual. The daylight grew stronger as I waited for something to stand out.
We may have to reschedule this lesson. Mom will be getting up soon.
I opened my mouth to speak, then paused as I felt a tingling in my nose. I focused on the sensation, willing it to become stronger.
An overwhelming scent of peppermint struck my nostrils and Muritage jerked away, his haughtiness disappearing.
"Subdue your aura!" He snapped, turning away from me with visible effort.
I bit my lip and focused on the smell of peppermint, willing it to dissipate.
After a minute, the tension in his shoulders faded. As he turned back toward me, Muritage rubbed his forehead.
"Were you trying to kill us?" He asked shakily, eyes narrowed.
"I was trying to figure out what my aura smelled like." I told him, placing my free hand on my hip. "Wasn't that what you wanted?"
"I did not want you to amplify it! Now any creature in the area has had your aura seared into their senses. Even with the aura now subdued, this area is likely to be swarmed by at least half a dozen creatures." He crossed his arms, which were trembling.
"Are you okay?" I quietly asked. His words had filled my mind with worry. I had yet to face more then three critters at once, and had avoided bringing hunts home as much as I could. Now it appeared that I had invited critters home.
"No. If I were not bound to you and a member of a Higher Race, such a potent dose of vartija aura at this range would have destroyed my senses and left me in a comatose state indefinitely."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Things you can do with peanut butter

1. Make peanut butter macaroni and cheese. This dish is intriguing in flavor and not suggested for a group potluck.
2. Entertainment for a canine.
3. Remove gum from hair.
4. As bait to capture mice.
5. Attempted bait for fishing.
6. As lubricant to remove a ring from your finger. Works better when warmed.
7. Add flavor to baked goods such as cookies.
8. A topping for waffles.
9. Edible crafts.
10. A sandwich spread.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and the Vartija

Halloween, the longest hunt of the year.
On this night, beasts from the other layers roam among us.
It is a duty of the vartija to protect humanity from these interlopers.
But as time passed, the varitja faded from humanity's memory.
The hunt became a delicate game of cat and mouse: in which the cat hid with the mice in order to capture the dogs.
It was a task the grew more difficult with each year as the vartija were slowly hunted by the creatures known as the Higher Races.
Four species, rulers of the creatures living on their layer. Each with their own reason for hunting the varitja.





We have met one of these creatures.
We will inevitably meet the others.
Will Emrri survive?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fantasy characters you may want to avoid

1. Involuntary shapeshifters.
2. Arrogant elves.
3. Anyone granting wishes.
4. Royal chancellors.
5. Stubborn dwarves.
6. Handsome princes/beautiful princesses.
7. Elderly folk living in strange places.
8. Talking animals.
9. Mythical beasts.
10. Hansel and Gretel.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Aura, part I


"What?" She asked as she took another step back.
"I will provide the necessary stimulant to awaken your senses." I answered, no longer moving toward her. "How do you identify the creatures you hunt?" I asked.
The girl offered a shrug. "Normally they introduce themselves by attacking. Some of the less human-like critters show up in the park or by the cliffs. Usually they find me before I find them."
I frowned. "You always let the hunt come to you?"
She nodded. "What else can I do? Its not like critters have neon signs that tell me where they are."
With a soft moan, I shook my head.
How has she survived? How could I have been caught by someone so ignorant?
"Most creatures have a distinct aura. Sensing auras is how the vartija were trained to hunt."
"Okay. How do I sense auras?" She asked, taking another bite from the food she had brought out.
It was possible for djinn to consume the food from this layer, but a majority of it lacked flavor to my species. There was a small selection of delicacies on this layer that I would choose to eat. They were not especially tasty, but the would suffice during my exile.
"Focus your mind on me." I told her. Forsaking the limits I had set at the beginning of my exile, I fully released my aura. By my senses, my aura was the smell of wet charcoal and a lingering mugginess in the air. "Allow your senses to roam. Let them seek for anything out of place, anything that contradicts the surrounding environment."
I waited, considering her aura. I knew that as a vartija, her aura modified itself for each individual that sensed it. Taking a form pleasing to its pray, the aura acted as bait to bring the hunt to the hunter. A wise tactic for one prepared, but idiotic for one as ignorant as this girl.
Pulling myself out of my musings, I spoke.
She frowned. "The air seems more humid then earlier."
"Where? Pinpoint the source."
The girl slowly turned, then met my gaze. "From you. Is that your aura?"
I gave a small nod. "Part of it. Now focus inward, search for something similar in yourself."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Abilities of some mythical creatures

1. Shapeshifting. This ability can be split into two distinct types: voluntary and involuntary. For some, changing shape is as simple a thing as breathing. Others suffer violent transformations and often a loss of control.
2. Petrifaction. Meeting the gaze of many creatures will turn one to stone. In some instances this ability is used for more then protection: which can lead one to a vast stone garden or a business opportunity.
3. Manipulation of elements. The very elements can be harnessed, though to varying degrees. Sometimes as small a thing as encouraging a good harvest or filling a sail with wind. Control of the elements can also lead to devastating events such as a flood or inferno.
4. Captivation. The allurement of some creatures have led the unwary to an early demise. Whether by appearance, sound or scent, attraction is a powerful ability.
5. Communication. With bestial creatures such as dragons and unicorns, you would not expect to have an intelligent conversation. But such a thing is possible. Be it through a telepathic link or actual vocalization, these magical species can be an excellent source of knowledge once a conversation has begun.
6. Healing. Some creatures can be a benefit to those who are ill, wounded, or otherwise in pain. Though the exact circumstances under which a creature may heal another can be highly complex, the opportunity of a second chance may be needed by the more adventurous hero.
7. Bonding. There are creatures whom do not reach their full potential alone. For these, another is needed to support and strengthen. This bond is not always one-sided, however. As the bond-creature gains strength, it also may give its partner use of abilities and strengths that the partner's species would not normally have access to.
8. Longevity. One common ability of many creatures is a lifespan far longer then that of a human. Be it a few centuries or countless eons, the lives of the mythical can surpass the understanding of younger beings.
9. Venom. Many creatures may appear frail, but be warned: the natural defenses of these beasts are not to be trifled with. Some toxins of the mythical have no known cure, while others can only be cleansed by the attributes of another mythical creature.
10. Unknown required secondary abilities. There are some creatures who defy all known logic. While some may shrug and mutter something about magic, others remain dissatisfied with this answer. These individuals claim that it is not merely magic, but subtle abilities that we have not yet discovered. Whether magic or unknown ability, these creatures will continue to awe and inspire others for as long as stories are told.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Breakfast

The toaster popped, and I carefully removed the once frozen waffles. My mother was still asleep, which gave me time to check on Muritage. Carrying a plate of blueberry waffles to the backyard, I walked toward the tree-house. In the dim light of dawn, I was able to see someone sitting atop the flat roof of the tree-house.
Have you changed your mind?” I asked him once I was closer enough to not risk my voice carrying back to the house.
I will not relinquish my hold until you release me.” Muritage answered as he continued to stare east. I shook my head.
Well, I had to try.
I lifted the plate. “I brought breakfast.”
Muritage turned his head, meeting my gaze with a scowl.
What gave you the impression that I would find human sustenance palatable?”
I frowned. It hadn't occurred to me that djinn might not eat the same as a human or myself.
Okay, then what does your kind eat?”
He turned away. “What sustains me is not your concern.”
I stared at him, then shook my head. “So long as you don't harm anyone in order to feed. What are you doing up there?” I took a bite from a waffle as he replied.
If given the option of confinement or the outside, which would you choose?”
I nodded, taking another bite. After finishing the waffle, I looked around at the neighbors' houses.
Could you come down? You're a bit too visible up there.”
Muritage stood. He was wearing umber slacks, a white long-sleeved dress shirt and a sepia waistcoat. He stepped off the roof, walking on air down to where I stood.
How do you do that?”
It is a simple manipulation of water molecules. A common ability among my kind.” He answered offhandedly. Meeting my gaze, he continued. “Such an ability could be compared to a vartija controlling their aura. Once one is aware of the mechanics, utilizing the ability takes scarcely a thought.”
As he walked around me, I turned to keep him in sight. “Well, I can't sense my aura.”
I took a step back as Muritage stepped toward me with a condescending smile.
That is why I will instruct you, little tamer.”

Friday, October 12, 2012

Things you can do with cardboard

1. Use as a box for holding things.
2. Make a large card for someone.
3. Cut out a sword or shield for a child's Halloween costume.
4. Hold excess thread or yarn.
5. Stiffen a tatted snowflake.
6. Practice constructing a castle.
7. Map the area your story takes place at.
8. Bind a book.
9. Make a deck of playing cards based on your characters.
10. Practice your smashing abilities.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Far away, there are a series of tunnels trailing underneath the land of goats.
Though dangerously unstable, these tunnels were the favored route of kittens for leaving their homes undetected.
One day, a black kitten was traveling though the tunnels. Suddenly the ground shook, and the roof of the tunnel collapsed!
Dirt covered the kitten, getting into its eyes and nostrils.
The kitten panicked and fought to get free of the dirt. The kitten succeeded in freeing its head, popping out into the open.
But the kitten's body remained stuck, despite all of its efforts to get free.
The kitten cried for its mother, but was ignored by the small herd of goats nearby.
Time passed, and the cry grew weak as no help came.
Then the goats began bleating as a human arrived.
The human offered the goats a short conversation, then turned as she heard the kitten cry.
Kneeling next to the mostly buried kitten, the human began to dig.
The kitten shut its eyes against the loose dirt the human moved, wiggling its forelegs once they were free.
The human lifted the kitten out of the hole and brushed dirt out of the kitten's fur.
Seeing the kitten was weak, the human took it with her; choosing to care for it until it grew strong enough to return home.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ice cream flavors based on nuts and berries

1. Chocolate almond.
2. Boysenberry.
3. Maple walnut.
4. Blackberry.
5. Pistachio.
6. Raspberry.
7. Butter pecan
8. Strawberry lemon.
9. Macadamia nut brittle.
10. Blueberry.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Reconnaissance


I rose from the couch, satisfied that enough time had passed. If the girl had been aware of the bond, she would have returned earlier. Striding across the carpet to the trapdoor, I crouched and lifted the latch. After climbing down, I knelt beside the tree. It was time to learn about the Vartija.
Transforming into a jackal, I inhaled. Her most recent scent led to a gate in the fence. I slunk across the lawn, toward the house. According to the bond, it appeared that the girl was in there.
After studying the exterior, I shook my head. Some discomfort would be required to enter unnoticed.
Exhaling, I released my hold on solidity. A burning pain engulfed my body as it lost form, rising into the air as a cloud of smoke. My senses were sharply diminished in this form; allowing only for sight and hearing. On the roof, I maneuvered through the air into the ventilation system. Allowing a small amount of my usual density to return, I worked against the current. After a few moments, I left the ventilation system. Releasing the density I had used to enter, I floated to the ceiling. Following the bond, I worked my way through the house.
I found the Vartija sitting on a couch with a boy. There was a square cardboard box on the small table before them, from which they removed slices of some human food.
"...ready for the quiz." The Vartija was telling the boy. He nodded, offering her a smile.
"I'm glad the study session helped."
I studied the boy. In this form, I was unable to correctly identify his species, but he appeared human.
Another human entered the room. The woman was middle-aged, with long hair a few shades darker then the Vartija. Her eyes were a light brown. Dressed in jeans and a cream blouse, she was taller then her daughter. This was the human mother.
"Finished studying?" She asked, looking at the closed books on the table. The boy nodded.
"Yes, just finishing up the pizza."
The Vartija looked at her mother. Her face was open, unguarded at the moment. It was surprising, to see a Vartija at ease.
If she had been trained, I would not be able to spy like this without her sensing my presence.
"How is your family?" The mother asked, looking at the boy.
He shrugged, speaking after having swallowed a bite of food. "They're okay. My uncle is coming for a visit later in the month."
I left the room, searching the house until I found the room belonging to the Vartija.
It was a small, neatly kept area. Solidifying enough to handle objects, I began searching the room.
The description she had given of the item was sparse, but I would find the the journal.
A journal of Vartija secrets, however damaged, might hold the key to my freedom.
It wasn't well hidden.
I lifted the book from the top shelf in the closet. Carefully flipping through it as fast as possible without further damaging it, I scanned the contents. After reaching the last page, I set the book down. Further solidifying my hand, I conjured a near exact replica of the book. Placing the replica where I had found the original, I left the closet. With the original in hand, I floated to the window. Unlocking the window and opening it, I left the house. After closing the window, I passed my gaseous hand through a chip in the glass near the locking mechanism and solidified my fingers. The window lock slid back into position, and I extracted my gaseous hand. Returning to a solid form, I smiled at the chip in the glass.
The reconnaissance had gone well, and now the source of the Vartija's knowledge was in my possession.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Some facts to consider when creating a fictional world

1. Physics. What are the laws that govern the world?
2. Biology. How varied are lifeforms that inhabit this world? What role do they play in the environment?
3. Geography. What type of material is your world composed of? What types of terrain is there? What is the ratio of water to landmass?
4. Meteorology. What kind of atmosphere does the world have? What is the weather like?
5. Chemistry. What are the rules governing matter and energy reactions? What types of energy exist?
6. Chronology. How is time measured and what rules does it follow within the world? Is time-travel possible?
7. Sociology. What is the sentient species like? What are their customs, their governing systems, their education?
8. Technology and magic. How advanced is the technology? What are the limits on magic? Can the two be combined?
9. Architecture. What style is favored by the current generation? Are structures built or grown?
10. Sustainability. Is the environment of the world capable of sustaining life over an extended period? Or are resources scarce?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breaking the fourth wall

At an undisclosed location, the walls between fiction and reality are crumbling.
Welcome to the Playground.

So what are you in for?” Asked a dark haired man, his smokey eyes skeptical as he watched me from the loveseat. I shrugged, shifting my hat while I thought of an answer.
I'm not quite sure, Nifol. My best guess is that I am considered dangerous for writing all this.” I sat next to him, hiding a smile as he shifted away. We were in a common room, where many fantastical creatures and humanoids had gathered. My companion released a weary sigh.
You do realize that a majority of the creatures in here would kill you with little forethought.”
Oh, I know. But what better way to view my characters then be in the story with them?”
Nifol frowned, his hand tightening to a fist. “I wouldn't call them characters if I were you. Some can be quite temperamental about such things.” He nodded towards an older man who was staring at a mirror. “Like him. He's lost so much control over his life, that the only thing holding him together is some silly idea that his path isn't set in stone.” Nifol smirked and shook his head. He directed my gaze away from the old man, to one familiar face after another. “Remember, it is not just a story to them, but their lives.” Then he laughed, a surprisingly cheerful sound.
Nothing, my dear. The sheer idiocy of everything simply surprised me.” He gestured at me with a shake of his head. “I merely thought of how each word I say is chosen by my own whim. You are the one handing out words, despite every attempt to make us think otherwise.”
I rolled my eyes, standing. Turning back to Nifol, I watched as he stretched his legs to claim the space I had just vacated.
Thanks for the conversation, I quite enjoyed it.”
I only said what you wanted to hear. Whether I consider the implications behind that is up to you.”
With a wave, I turned away from Nifol, wondering what else I would meet in this facility.
Thanks for expanding your view, character mine.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Words with the suffix -kinesis

1.  Aerokinesis.
2. Cryokinesis. 
3. Hydrokinesis.
4. Pyrokinesis.
5. Geokinesis.
6. Ferrokinsis.
7. Electrokinesis.
8. Photokinesis.
9. Chronokinesis.
10. Telekinesis.

How many of these do you know the meaning of?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Above One Hundred Words

The start was as an idea, afraid to take flight.
Although strange to think now, a Thursday was when it began.
There were even two Mondays mixed in.
Some posts were long and complex, while others kept simple and short.
One date was missed, another doubled.
Followers came, bringing excitement with each new addition.
Stories began, at times growing far beyond their intended end.
Reasons were given for various things.
When ideas lacked, projects of tatting filled in the blanks.
Time passed, numbers grew.
Until that moment of realization, where one noticed the count.
Happy one hundredth post, Terrarth Tales.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Colors with interesting names

1. Heliotrope: reddish lavender.
2. Chartreuse: light green with a yellowish tinge
3. Myrtle: dark green with a bluish tinge.
4. Periwinkle: pale purplish blue. (Also one of my favorite words to say. Periwinkle!)
5. Fulvous: a dull brownish-yellow color; tawny.
6. Aureolin: a brilliant yellow pigment used in watercolor.
7. Byzantium: a dark purple.
8. Drab: dull brownish or yellowish gray.
9. Phlox: a color between electric purple and magenta, also known as psychedelic purple.
10. Glaucous: pale gray or bluish-green.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Merchant's Debt

A merchant paced in front of a fireplace, his eyes glazed with anxiety.
He had made a mistake. Having wagered and lost, he had refused to pay what he owed. Now the traveling musician had revealed himself to be a magician; something that was exceedingly rare and powerful. Having been given until tonight to gather what was owed, the merchant found himself short.
"Brother, your guest is here." The merchant turned toward the door at the sound of his sister's voice.
Due to the death of their parents, he had become her guardian. She was quite plain looking and although she was of age to marry, none had come to him in search of her hand.
"Do you have what you owe?" The magician asked.
"No. But if you give me some more time, I can get twice what I owe!" The merchant said quickly, his voice trembling.
The magician shook his head, blue eyes narrowing on the merchant. "How could I trust you to get double what you owe, when you can't even collect the original sum?" Lifting a pipe, the magician began to play.
The merchant's body stiffened, his lungs constricting. Unable to move, he could not breath.
But after a moment, the magician paused. "What do you have?" He demanded, looking around the room. The merchant, having been freed from the music's spell was gasping for air. The magician paused in his search, studying the merchant's sister. Turning to the merchant, the magician offered a smile. "I have decided to allow the debt to be paid by service. Your sister will work for me for two years, Then I will consider the debt paid."
Looking at his sister, the merchant nodded. "Agreed."
After the two had left, the merchant sat and closed his eyes.
He would never forget the look of betrayal in his sister's eyes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Disadvantages of being a sidekick

1. You may get stuck with a hero who doesn't take the time to teach the things you need to know. Good luck taking on the hydra with only a sword!
2. The hero may decide to make you his scapegoat. The villain slip a tracking device under the supercycle? Nice job, sidekick!
3. Getting captured is very bad when the villain can use you to harm the hero.
4. Your outfit is often the most ridicules thing the hero could come up with.Remember to laugh when the hero's attempt at wit falls flat for the fifteenth time today.
5. The team pet loves to make your life miserable. You gain more aches and pains from Fluffkins then from adventuring with the hero!
6. The professor has made dozens of new gadgets that need testing! You better go get the fire-resistant suit and hope that all the bugs were fixed.
Nope, still faulty...
7. The other sidekicks are extremely competitive. Due to a slight misunderstanding, you have gained the title "The Sidekick's sidekick".
8. When exploring, the hero claims all of your ideas as his own!
9. Tasty food is for heroes. Sidekicks get gruel.
10. While others get amazing names that fit their abilities, you get the embarrassing name. But there is one good thing; the villain is too busy laughing at you to push the red button of doom.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: In the Kitchen


After walking around the block a few times, I decided that enough time had passed since my mother's call. As I approached my house, I scanned the neighborhood for any changes. This was a habit of mine, picked up after critter's became attracted to me. I worried about being followed home and placing my mother in danger.
After a few uneventful moments, I released a sigh. Putting on a smile, I walked up the drive to the front door.
"I'm home!" I announced as I entered the house. Walking through a living room decorated with turtles, I headed for the kitchen.
The kitchen was painted a light purple, and was where my mother was most often found when she was home. She was a waitress at the local diner, but didn't have a set shift. This week she worked the lunch shift, which gave me little hunting time after school. It hadn't been easy to keep my hunting a secret for the past four years, but it was necessary.
My father had been the Vartija of the family, while my mother was human. I was working under the assumption that he hadn't revealed that fact to my mother before his death.
"How was school?" My mother asked from the computer desk, looking up from the monitor.
"Eh," I shrugged as I sat on of the bar stools at the counter, "nothing special. Nathan was going to come over later so we can study for Friday's math test."
She smiled as she spun the chair around to face me. "We could order pizza for dinner. Do you know what toppings he likes?"
"Any type of meat will do." I answered, opening my bag. As I set my books on the counter my mother spoke.
"What happened to your wrist?"
I looked at the bandage wrapped around my left wrist. "Nothing serious. Alicia let me borrow a bracelet, and it got caught on a locker." I explained, taking a large metal bracelet out of my bag. I had borrowed the bracelet from my friend, but only to appease her. Alicia pushed a piece of jewelery on me every day: she had made it her goal to infect me with her love of fashion. It wasn't that I disliked accessories and stylish clothes, but they just weren't suitable for the type of encounters I experienced.
When I looked back at her, my mother shook her head and  sighed. "Oh Emrri, you must be more careful. You're starting to get clumsy again."
I laughed. For the first two years after my Vartija abilities activated, I was plagued by a mischievous Kitsune. Everywhere I went, he played some sort of trick that left me fumbling about. I was relieved when I finally figured out how my binding abilities worked.
"I'll try and be more careful." I promised after my laughter subsided.
My mother smiled, then turned back to the computer. I stood, leaving the kitchen to prepare for the study session with Nathan.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Benefits of being a sidekick

1. The learning opportunities abound. Whether it be slaying a dragon or fixing a tire, your hero will probably have something to teach.
2. As a sidekick, you avoid receiving the majority of blame when one of the hero's adventures goes awry.
3. When you and the hero are captured, you can often count on the villain ignoring you. This is your chance to get free.
4. Depending on the setting, you get a colorful attire and the chance to give witty remarks.
5. It is your job to take care of the team pet. Be sure not to be late with Wonderpup's lunch!
6. You might be the one who gets to test all of the new gadgets you and the hero receive.
7. Other sidekicks will enjoy hearing of your amazing feats; so long as you give them plenty of time to tell theirs as well.
8. Keep an eye out as you explore; something you see may aid the hero.
9. Depending on your hero, the food may taste better then what you can cook.
10. Sidekicks get neat names!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To the tune of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

The big scary velociraptor leaped up the building side.
The soldier ran away to try and stay alive.
His partner fired a ray gun which instantly vaporized,
The big scary velciraptor who leaped up the building side.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool Accessories

1. Bow tie.
2. Pocket watch.
3. Gauntlet style gloves.
4. Hat.
5. Glasses.
6. Scarf.
7. Belt buckle.
8. A trench coat or duster.
9. Boots.
10. A personalized handkerchief.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rainy Day

Thunder crashed as lightening ripped a path through the sky.
The rain pelted the city; forming shallow ponds and slippery streets.
Water dripped from a leaky roof into buckets and kiddy pools.
The smell of wet dog saturated the air, coupled with the aroma of mud.
Candles burned and flashlights glowed, giving light in homes where the power had gone out.
Families huddled together, laughing as they focused on each other.
While outside the rain continued to fall.

Friday, August 17, 2012

For Suggestions

1. In an attempt to further the progress of something.
2. When your assistance has been requested.
3. To better personalize a gift.
4. When it can  help break a creative  block.
5. As a help with projects that the you may not be familiar with.
6. They can be an amusing break from reality.
7. They can be the source of a new idea.
8. As an introduction into an activity that you never had an interest for.
9. When a compromise is necessary.
10. To help make someone else smile.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Firstborn (Part Two)

Seventeen years later

From a cliff overlooking the forest, I watched the sun rise. Raising my hand, I twisted the magic flux. A large crystal phoenix materialized on the cliff, its body capturing the morning light. I looked at the statue, stifling a sigh as I waved my hand. The magic dispersed, leaving the familiar smell of bread in its wake.
Crystal again?” Asked the only voice I had ever heard besides mine. I looked at my master. Due to being exposed to the magic flux, his body had been disfigured. With a short stature and abnormally long arms and fingers, large gold eyes, and wide ears, he had commonly been referred to as an imp in the past.
Yes. It is still the default substance for my manipulations.” Concentrating as I flicked my fingers, a silver flask appeared before me. Catching my creation, I lifted it to my lips. Magic flowed onto my tongue, each drop a different flavor. As I drank, my master spoke.
It is time.” I stopped drinking and studied his appearance. His golden hair was fading to blonde, while his face showed signs of his centuries.
How long do you have left?” I asked, snapping my fingers. A small, cushioned chair appeared; which my master sat on.
Not much longer. Three hundred and eighty-seven is quite a long life.” He stared out at the sunrise. “Most likely another day or two. Then you will take my place.”
I looked out at the sun, the magic in my blood allowing me to stare into the fiery orb.
Am I ready?” I asked quietly.
A shrill laugh, followed by a sigh. “You know enough. My master taught me for twenty-three years.”
I closed my eyes, remembering the lessons of my life.
The first; the effects of drinking magic. It was what separated my master and I from normal people. Having drank magic all but three days of my life, I was able to sense and reconfigure magic. It also had an affect on on my body. I would live longer then a human. My appearance was not disfigured in the same way as my master, but it was changed by the magic. My skin was crystal, altering its coloration based upon the light. My eyes were copper, while my hair shone silver. Despite my crystal skin, I could still bleed.
The second lesson; my inheritance. After my master's death, I would inherit his duty. Go into the world, and aid those in need for a price. For all magic had to have a price. We had paid ours; disfigurement and a reliance upon the magic we drank.
How should I begin?” I asked, looking at my master. He snapped his fingers and a scroll materialized. He opened it: revealing a map of the surrounding area.
There is a kingdom to the south of these woods. That would be a good area to begin.” He handed me the map. I took it and placed in a pouch on my belt.
When should I leave?”
Soon. But before you leave, there is a final lesson that I must teach.” My master stood. Facing me, his gold eyes revealed an ancient life. "There will come a time when you must choose your successor. Before that time comes, you must make a decision."
He snapped his fingers. Two images etched in fire appeared before me in the air. One was of a couple with a child. This image changed, following the growth of the child; spanning lifetimes, the child and father lived while the the wife parished.
The other image was of my master, taking a child from a woman with straw colored hair.
"You may choose to take a wife while you are within a human lifespan. If you choose this, you and your child will have to watch as she grows old and dies; eventually fading to nothing but a wistful memory of days gone by. Or you can choose as I did: to gamble your name for a child. "
I turned away from the image of my mother to stare at my master. For one who has drank magic all their life, to reveal your name to another was to place your life in their hands. Bound to their whim, incapable of using magic unless commanded by the keeper of your name. It was a dangerous deal, but equal in value. A life for a life.
"So either I raise a child of my own, and watch as we both lose a woman we love; or I risk my name to claim a child who will have no memory of their parents, and thus not need to suffer the agony of watching a parent die."
He nodded. "If you choose to make the bargain, you must be careful in raising the child. As you have been raised without knowledge of your biological family, so must the child." Then my master took a purple pouch from his belt. "Until the time comes when that child must venture into the world." He flicked his hand and the pouch appeared before me. "These were the tokens I received from your mother before claiming her firstborn. They now belong to you."
I opened the pouch and tossed the contents into the air. Floating within the magic flux I had called fourth, I studied the two items. They were plain pieces of jewellery, such as a peasant would own. The first piece was a crude clay ring, which had a lumpy bit bulging out of the center. The next piece was a necklace: fashioned out of a leather thong wrapped around gray stone speckled with white.
"So she was a peasant?" I asked after returning the jewelery to the pouch.
"The miller's daughter. She had to spin straw into gold; an impossibility for one without magic. For three nights I spun for her: first claiming the necklace, then the ring. On that third night I received the promise that after she was wed, I would receive her firstborn child. A year later, you were born." My master shook his head. "As I had expected, she was reluctant to relinquish you into my care. I gave her three nights to guess my name. She failed."
I nodded. I knew the rest, for it was my life.
Raised in this hidden wood, surrounded by powerful magic. Taught how to manipulate others to my advantage, and how to lose a lesser bargain in order to win that which was of most importance.
My entire life had been in preparation to take my master's place.
"What should I call myself?" I asked. There would be instances when I would need a name to go by.
"Something easy to remember, that is not similar to your true name." He smiled, "I have gone by many names, but Spinner Gold was the one that I favored."
I nodded, stretching my arms. I bowed my head. "I will remember you."
My master met my gaze, his gold eyes softening. "That is all I can ask."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Things you can do with rocks

1. Create figurines.
2. Practice your slingshot.
3. Skip along the surface of a body of water.
4. Make a trail marker.
5. Grind wheat.
6. Build a wall.
7. Use as entertainment.
8. Break stuff.
9. Strengthen muscle.
10. Trip.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Firstborn (Part One)

"Is your name Ferdinand?" The Queen asked, gently rocking her son. Her arms tightened around the child as the imp shook his head.
"Wrong again, miller's daughter. Only two attempts left!" The imp smiled, revealing crooked teeth. The queen glanced around the chamber, searching her mind for a name she hadn't tried. She knew from the previous two nights that this trial was hers alone. Her husband the King had awaited the coming of the imp the night before; only to fall into a deep slumber from which he had yet to awaken.
"Is your name Helmfried?" She asked. The imp released a shrill laugh, shaking his head.
"Only one attempt left!"
The Queen looked at the child in her arms. Peacefully sleeping, the babe was ignorant to the fact that his future rested on a name.
Without looking away from her child, the Queen spoke. "Is your name Melchior?"
The imp bowed his head for a moment, then lifted his hand. With a snap of his fingers, the child disappeared from his mother's arms.
"I have claimed what was owed." The imp said before disappearing as well.
Staring at her empty arms, the Queen wept.

Far away from the distraught Queen, the imp carefully set the child in a cradle. After watching the sleeping child for a few moments, the imp spoke. "Sleep well, my heir."

Friday, August 3, 2012

Small things that can add up

1. Water. A single drop might not do much. But when enough come together, try not to be downstream.
2. A crack. Nearly invisible when it began, it was left unchecked. Expanding beyond the limits, the crack collapses into itself.
3. Fatigue. You begin your day, expending your energy a little at a time. As this continues, you grow tired.
4. Distance. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
5. A second. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. What will you do with them?
6. Interactions. Meeting a new person, you introduce yourself. Friendship begins when someone takes the time to say hello.
7. Food. Necessary for survival, how much or little you ingest has an affect.
8. Money. You take a dollar and place it in a jar. If you do this every day, it will add up.
9. Knowledge. Even a mathematician had to start with the basics.
10. Ideas. A single thought can grow, expanding into something far greater then the original idea.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Call to Adventure

Pick up your bow and put on your cap,
Exercise often, until you can run many laps!
Polish your sword and take up a shield,
On this journey your strength will build.
Remember provisions, to pack them well,
Else they could be lost during a powerful gale.
Camp should be made with the utmost care,
Lest monsters strike while you slumber there.
When at last the call to adventure ends,
Return to your home, to family and friends.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Some things you can catch with a net

1. Peachicks.
2. Fish.
3. Small house cats.
4. Slow rabbits.
5. Goslings.
6. Butterflies.
7. Birds that get stuck in your fireplace.
8. Small objects.
9. Roosters.
10. Leaves.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Djinn and The Vartija: Ignorance


"Oh," the girl's ignorance showed further with each passing moment.
How she had survived so long was becoming a miraculous feat. How could a Vartija without even the most basic of training have survived with such a powerful aura?
Now due to my betise, I would have to protect her until I was free.
"Well, at least one of us knows what is going on." The girl said. Then the shrill whistle from the hunt pierced the silence. She pulled a small device from which the noise originated out of her pocket. She pressed her finger to its surface then held the device to her ear.
"Hey mom, sorry about missing your call earlier… Yes, I'm on my way home, I'll see you soon. Bye."
The girl put the device away, then looked at me.
"Stay here."
Her command washed over me, but had no persuasiveness compelling that I yield to her will.
"Why should I stay in this deficient shanty?"
The girl shook her head. "Because I can't come up with a reasonable explanation for why I've brought home a Djinn."
She grabbed her bag and began down the wood ladder. "Just make the tree-house work for now."
I listened as she walked away, feeling the bond stretch to connect us despite the distance forming. The bond constricted against me as the distance between us lengthened. I waited until the girl's movement ceased, then took account of my senses.
It will be nearly impossible to sustain a distance from her for long. The further apart she moves, the more lethargic I become.
I shook my head and focused on my confinement. It appeared that this would be my abode for the present. But that did not mean I would have to consent to dwelling in a single layer.
Like the other higher species, the Djinn are capable of traversing and manipulating the dimensional layers of Earth. Lesser beings were confined to a single layer; only traversing between layers in places where they overlap.
Partially immersing myself in the potential of the layers, I shifted their position within the tree-house.
After curving the layers to my desire, I stood upright and surveyed the new interior. Plush red carpets covered a wide stone floor. Golden spiral columns towered throughout the room, rising to melt into the gold ceiling high above. Flickering lamps hung on the walls, spreading light tinted with a rose glow.
I walked over to a low couch and sat down. The Ifrit decor brought a longing for home, and for those few I had considered friend. It also spurred the desire to end my exile, to return home. To do that, I needed the girl.
My first attempt may have failed, but I will succeed in killing the Vartija.Her ignorance will work in my favor.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Perspective is Important

1. It provides a point of reference for the viewer.
2. Depending on the type, it allows a person to place themselves into the story.
3. Done well, we learn along with the character in such a way that we do not realize we have been taught.
4. We are given the opportunity to connect with personalities and cultures that we otherwise might not have attempted to understand.
5. Various angles are able to be shown, giving the viewer insight that the main character may not have.
6. The same surroundings can come to life  in vastly different ways based upon the perspective.
7. Whether the character is hero or villain can be disguised.
8. Important knowledge can be veiled from the beginning.
9. The meaning behind  actions can be misinterpreted or plainly understood.
10. The same story, told from a different perspective, changes entirely from what it was.