Friday, November 29, 2013

What to do with leftover turkey

1. Make a sandwich. Be it hot or cold, simple or elaborate, slices of turkey are wonderful within a sandwich.
2. Pair it with eggs. Chopped turkey fits well in an omelette or mixed with scrambled eggs.
3. A turkey pot pie! Why not make a thanksgiving themed pot pie out of all those leftovers?
4. Turkey and waffles. Instead of syrup, you could cover it with gravy.
5. Turkey stew. A nice, warm dish for cold weather.
6. Macaroni and cheese with turkey. Why should hot dogs have all the fun? Invite some turkey into that cheesy goodness!
7. Turkey burritos. They could be breakfast burritos, or whatever type you like.
8. Biscuits, gravy, and turkey. Or if you have some leftover, you could use rolls.
9. Turkey fried rice. It can be pretty yummy.
10. Turkey stock. Don't just toss that carcass away! Those bones can be used to make your own stock. It'll make the house smell really good.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The origin of the turkey

Far away across the galaxy, there is a planet inhabited by turkeys.
Its name? Than'Giv.
Here, the turkey is the most intelligent creature. They have built vast empires and made stunning progress in their space travel program. The very best from their ranks were trained as ambassadors to the stars, for the turkeys hold a strong belief that they are not the only life in the universe.
And so their rockets were launched. Each destined for a different galaxy.
But on one rocket, there was a malfunction with the life support system.
The malfunction effected the mind of those in cryo-hibernation. The mind slowly began to degenerate, growing ever worse the longer one was maintained by the life support.
By the time the rocket landed on the strange blue planet that had shown signs of life on the turkey's scanner, the crew had become nothing more then animals.
Somehow managing to escape their craft, the wild turkeys fled into the strange wilderness.
Generations later, their descendants have never recovered their ancestors intelligence.
They now have become the main course for a celebration held by the natives of the blue planet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

For rain

1. To remind you that the gutters on the roof need to be cleaned.
2. So you have an excuse to cuddle with your cat.
3. Because the wet dog smell will remind you to give the dog a bath.
4. When it is raining, the sky becomes a beautiful shade of gray.
5. It's a free car wash! All you need to do is toss on some soap.
6. Becoming cold and wet helps you remember why sunshine is a wonderful thing.
7. When the storm causes a blackout, you finally get a good reason to sit down and read a book by candlelight.
8. Some really cool pictures can be taken while it is raining.
9.  The rain can provide ideas for future stories or scenes. If nothing else, the storm will provide an opportunity for research.
10. It can be easy to fall asleep when listening to the sound of raindrops.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The great hunter

"The great hunter stalks her prey." A little girl whispered as she crept forward. Peeking over the table, she slowly smiled. "With her prey in sight, the great hunter prepares to strike."
Creeping forward, the little girl made her way stealthily over to the kitchen counter. Glancing around fervently, she stood on the tip of her toes, reached up, and stretched her arm toward a plate of cookies.
"Clairie, what are you doing?" The little girl froze at the sound of her mother's voice. Slowly turning around, she looked up with wide eyes and gave her mother her brightest, most innocent smile.
"I'm checking to make sure that Rudolph can't reach the cookies. I know that chocolate chips are very bad for him, so wanted to be sure the plate was far enough from edge."
Clarie's mother stared at her daughter for a moment. "Rudolph is a dachshund."
"But he loves jumping! And cookies!" Clairie replied as she put out her hands. "If he decided that he really wanted those cookies, Ruldolph could find a way to get them. So I had to make sure he couldn't!"
With a tilt of her head, Clairie's mother began to smile.
"Are you really worried that he's going to find a way onto the counter?"
"Yes! Cookies are delicious, but he can't have these ones!"
"Very well, we'll have to remove the temptation then." Clairie's mother reached out and picked up the plate of cookies. Clairie rubbed her hands together eagerly. But then her mother walked over to the fridge and poured the cookies into a jar. "There we go," Clairie's mother said as she set the jar on top of the fridge, "Rudolph can't reach them here."
As her mother walked out of the kitchen, Clairie stared up at the jar. "With her prey out of reach, the great hunter must return without a snack..."

Friday, November 15, 2013

For a cape

1. So that there is something to flow dramatically behind you in the wind.
2. As part of a superhero costume.
3. In order to show your sophistication at a dinner party.
4. A cape is useful for tearing into makeshift bandages.
5. While wearing a cape, any entrance or exit you make is sure to cause a scene.
6. What Dracula costume would be complete without a cape?
7. The type of cape you wear will help others know if you are a villain or hero.
8. A cape can become a blanket for you to place over someone else.
9. During a fight, a cape can be grabbed in order to stop your opponent from escaping.
10. Capes are pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A dragon's prize

When you see a rampaging dragon, what do you do?
If you're a sane individual, you would probably get out of the way.
But if you are like my little brother, then you are probably trying to slay it.
And if you were me, then your brother dragged you along to help.
"Did you bring the net?" My brother Dale asked as we ducked behind an overturned wagon. Patting the strap to the large pack on my back, I nodded. "Yes, though I don't see how it could help."
Dale looked around the wagon at the young dragon and offered a grin. "It's not that big. This'll be a piece of cake." Leaning, I caught sight of the dragon just as it released a blast of fire. Trembling, I pulled back out of sight and lifted a hand to check that my hair was safely hidden by my headscarf.
"You're crazy."
"We can do this." Dale turned to face me and motioned for the pack with his spear. "We've got to hurry before any adventurers show up."
Releasing a sigh, I pulled off the pack and opened it. Dale pulled out a chain net and nodded. "All we've got to do is keep is stick to the plan."
I shook my head. "You mean where you threw the net over its wings and then stab it with a spear while I try to distract it?"
"That's the one!" Dale's smile grew as he looked out at the dragon again. Shoulders falling, I leaned forward to pull a metal platter and short rod out of my pack. "I was afraid of that."
So while my brother waited behind the wagon, I worked my way around to the other side of the dragon. Heat radiated off the burning buildings in waves, the flames eagerly consuming the wooden walls and thatch roofs. Wiping away sweat, I wondered again at my own stupidity. I knew how dangerous dragons were, even one the size of a horse. I'd been through a dragon attack before. It had been sheer luck that my brother and I had survived.
Yet here I was, trying to help him get revenge for that attack.
I was the crazy one.
Now in position, I banged my rod against the platter. "Hey! Over here, scaly!" I shouted as I continued to bang against the platter. The dragon turned its head toward me with a guttural growl. "Yeah! Come on!" I yelled, heart racing as the dragon stared at me.
Then the dragon turned back to the house it had been destroying.
"Hey! I'm talking to you!" I shouted, pounding harder as I took a step toward the dragon. It let out a burst of flame, then began to pick through the burning wreckage. "Pay attention, you oversized lizard!"
As the dragon continued its destruction, I lowered the platter and rod. It was ignoring me.
I was being ignored by a fire-breathing monster.
A nervous laugh escaped me. Then another. Shoulders shaking, I couldn't stop laughing.
Then a net hit the dragon's neck.
Whipping its head around, the dragon released a roar. As it stepped toward my brother, the laughter caught in my throat.
Dale lounged at the dragon. Like lightning, its head darted forward and the dragon bit the spear in half.
"Get out of there!" I shrieked as I ran forward. It was going to kill him.
Dale glared at the dragon, his arms shaking as he gripped the broken shaft. "I'm not afraid of you!" He shouted at the dragon. As the dragon released a growl, I got a stupid idea.
Dropping the platter, I ripped off my headscarf and threw the rod. It flew through the air and hit the dragon's tail.
Twisting around with a hiss, the dragon paused as it saw me. I stopped running and ran a hand through my long golden hair. "Come and get me, scaly!"
"Milla, no!" Dale shouted as the dragon streaked forward. It rammed into me. As I hit the ground, the dragon gripped me with its front claws. I felt the dragon tense, then it sprang into the air. Its claws dug into me as the dragon flew higher and higher, my brothers cries fading as the village was left behind.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Uses for chocolate

1. It can be given as a gift.
2. You can make it into a drink.
3. You can bake with it.
4. A chocolate fountain makes a lovely table decoration.
5. To build a chocolate house. It should taste pretty good with your gingerbread house.
6. Mold it into fun shapes for a party.
7. Cover ice cream with it.
8. Chocolate can be used as the ink for an edible note.
9. Small pieces of chocolate can be thrown at someone without causing too much damage.
10. Eating chocolate can help brighten a gloomy day. Just don't consume too much!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The deadline

The goal date was set. An arrow was shot into the sky.
You watched as the arrow flew up, up, higher and higher. As it became a speck, you slowly began to push your plans aside as other things caught your interest.
"I have time enough to work on that." You laughed as the thought of your goal comes to into your mind. "The arrow won't fall for a while yet!"
So other activities came and went. Your goal lay unfinished.
All the while, the arrow flew. Soon, it reached its peak.
And began to fall.
You jolt awake one night as realization strikes.
The goal's date for completion is hours away.
Frantic, you search out your goal. You find it lying in a forgotten corner, covered with dust and the grime of a job half-done.
Staring at it, you comb your mind for ideas in how to complete it in time.
But none come.
For while you were idle, the desire that fueled the goal burned out.
And now, the arrow hits.
The deadline has come.
What do you have to show?

Friday, November 1, 2013

What to do with a Halloween costume

1. If you have multiple children of the same gender, keep them! If next year one of the younger kids decides to be the same thing their older sibling was, then you might have saved some money and time if they fit in the old costume.
2. If you have young children, they could use the costumes all year round for their playtime adventures!
3. Take a family photo! Have everyone wear their costume for a fun photo. It'll be a great memory to put in a scrapbook. This isn't just limited to family photos either. Friends can take part in the monstrous photo shoot too!
4. Repurpose it. Some well made costumes can be altered for more everyday use. It all depends on the costume. So look at yours and ask, "Can I make this work for more then one night?"
5. Have a party! Invite your friends for a costume party some time other then Halloween. It might be a bit odd, but a costume party in June could be a lot of fun!
6. Make a video. Get a few friends together and record yourselves performing a skit. The different costumes will allow for strange, amusing characters. Afterwards, watch the video and eat some food. It could be a fun time for all.
7. Wear it while writing. Being in costume might ignite a new idea for a story. At the very least, you could imagine how your characters would act if they were the ones in the costume.
8. Depending on the material, you could transform your costume into a series of pillows. It would make for a good conversation starter whenever someone visited you.
9. Make your costume into a prop for next year. Your costume could become a zombie, scarecrow, corpse, or silhouette on the wall.
10. Donate it. If you can't think of anything to do with your costume and don't want it taking up space, don't throw it away! There may be somewhere you could donate it to so that others might be able to find a use for the costume.