Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The War Over Time

Once, there was a war.
Three sides fought, tearing apart the entire world in their struggle to claim an ancient power.
This power was said to be the key to the greatest secret in the universe.
Whosoever wielded this power was given control over time itself.
And so the three sides fought, destroying everything.
As the last man fell, he gazed across the barren waste of a once fertile world.
Then there was silence.
The rest of the universe continued, and the memory of that war over time was soon forgotten.
Until that ancient power was discovered on a new world.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I want to try

1. Akashiyaki. A dumpling made from an egg-rich batter and octopus, dipped into dashi (a thin fish broth).
2. Bobbin lace. This lace textile is made from braiding and twisting thread which is wound around bobbins. It as also known as pillow lace or bone lace.
3. Dyeing thread. The color combinations are limited only by your imagination when the choice it made to dye your own thread.
4. Bookbinding. Have a favorite paperback that has lost its cover? Recover a classic from a yard sale with the front cover and spine hanging on by just a thread? With the knowledge of bookbinding, you can rebind these books; thus allowing them to be treasured companions for years to come.
5. Reading a book backwards. This challenge could be a intriguing exercise or a frustrating waste of time.
6. Traveling by plane and boat. Would I be seasick? Would looking out the window and seeing a sea of clouds cause terror?
7. Count the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
8. Fletching arrows.
9. Horseback riding. How exactly does it feel to be in the saddle for long journeys?
10. Sledding.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poem from Fragile Existence

Here is a poem I wrote for one of my stories, entitled Fragile Existence.

Tear apart all I know,
And fill it with a life just grown,
Forget the dance shared with my love,
 Remember nothing, not a dove,
For once across the path unknown,
A world of worry shall be shown,
Fragile is the life I know, 
Its Existence like new fallen snow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Excuses for Procrastination

1. Disinterest.
2. Other things take higher priority.
3. Dislike of the subject or task leads to purposeful delay.
4. The completion of the task is not deemed necessary at the moment.
5. More exciting activities are available, distracting from the current task.
6. A lack of inspiration plunges any thought of continuing the task into a pit of despair.
7. Fear of ridicule causes one to postpone completion.
8. The difficulty of the task increases beyond what was expected.
9.  Unforeseen events necessitate the need to halt activity.
10. Sheer laziness.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Terrarth Creatures: Wyvern

The blistering water of the hot spring soothed my aches, and as I sunk under the surface, my thoughts melted away. I loved this hot spring, especially because of the water; which was barely tolerable even with a wyvern's high resistance to heat.
I loved the blistering water, and the solitude it gave to those who challenged it.
I swam back to the surface, then inhaled when my head broke out of the water. But out habit, I scanned the almost completely dark cavern, turning as I tread water to analyze the entire area. Though few of my kind ever came to the hot spring, I knew of at least two people who would.
But at the moment, it seemed I was alone.
I stopped trying to stay above the water, allowing myself to sink. The water burned my eyelids, causing a memory to flash through my mind.

I strained to gain altitude through the cloud of ash. The air burned around me, and dragon-flames leaped skywards from the ground. The cries from those stuck on the ground and the roar of the inferno where the only sounds I heard, aside from the pounding of my heart.
I felt the black dragon fly over my position before his roar echoed like thunder over the plains.
Come out, come out, where ever you are, little cousin.” The black dragon's voice echoed through my mind, and my wings folded against my sides in terror.
Between the choices, burning in dragon-flame was preferable.
Then being found by an insane dragon.

I shook off the memory, touching the long burn across my left hand and forearm. The burn began at the base of my little finger, and ended just before reaching my elbow. It's coloration fairly good, which I knew came from excellent healers and the wyvern's high resistance to heat and flame. And I had been lucky that my wing membrane hadn't been critically damaged by the dragon-flame.
I shook my head and broke the surface for air, then dived back down.
You think too much, Jonathan...
...Okay, if you think too much, then stop thinking.
I stretched out in the water, and focused on my bestial form.
I felt the strange, almost painful sensation of my flesh rippling. My bones became hollow as they elongated and altered from human to wyvern. As my bones settled into their new shape, my organs felt as if they were pricked with thousands of needles as each organ shaped itself to it's new frame. Throughout all of this, my skin continued to ripple, and all of my hair fell out. Then some of my skin became tough like leather, while the rest hardened into very dark blue-gray scales. There was a prick of pain as a long spike of bone grew out of my back at the base of my elongated neck. This bone spike served little purpose to me alone, but was quite useful when it came to carrying supplies while flying. My ears itched as the cartilage hardened into bone that lengthened, becoming charcoal horns that angled along the back of my head with a slight upward curve.
I felt the water of the hot spring tickle the membrane that grew along the sides of my upper torso and connected to the outside my arms (or forelegs, as I suppose they would be called now), creating my wings. As I opened my eyes, my third eyelid slid shut to protect my eyes from the water.
I folded my wings, tucking them close to the body that was my bestial form. My hind legs touched the bed of the hot spring, and a pushed off, moving my body like a sea serpent through the water. My head broke the surface, and I twisted my long neck so that I could see the shore as I heard a splash.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Strange Combinations

1. Macaroni and cheese with peanut butter.
2. A paisley shirt over leopard print pants.
3. Jellyfish and vulture hybrid.
4. A CD featuring the sounds of duct tape.
5. Jell-O sunscreen.
6. Sharks preforming dental work on hockey players.
7. Airbags for turtles.
8. Raccoon working for a locksmith.
9. Snails looking into real estate.
10. Toads advertising wart removal products.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The hare paused in his grazing, ears twitching to an upright position as he listened. All was quiet in the desert brush. Then there was a rustle as a coyote leaped from the brush.
The hare darted to the side, narrowly missing the coyote. Darting through the brush, the hare's heart beat rapidly as the coyote gave chase. Tearing through the dense growth of a mesquite bush, the hare heard the coyote yip as it attempted to follow the smaller creature through the thorny plant.
After existing the mesquite bush, the hare darted left toward a cluster of sagebrush. The brush around the mesquite bush rustled as the coyote tore out of it into the open.
The hare reached the sagebrush as the coyote closed in, and felt the hot breath on his tail.
The coyote jerked forward, jaws open to catch the hare.
Only to snap close on air as the hare ducked into his burrow.
The coyote stuck its nose into the burrow, straining against the earth in an attempt to reach the hare.
After a while, the coyote lifted its head and shook itself before stalking away. While the hare stayed deep in his burrow, safe for the moment.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Why weddings can be fun

1. They provide an opportunity to see family members who you are not often in contact with.
2. It is a chance to do some field research.
3. The food can be tasty.
4. You might get to play with balloons and helium.
5. You can help with the reception.
6. It is a chance to give someone a gift.
7. It might be held at an exotic location.
8. The reception is a good time to show off some dance moves.
9. Decorating the get-away car is exciting.
10. Having the newlyweds escape on bicycles is a possibility.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nightingale High: Nigh, part III

The lock clicked into place, and I removed my key.
You know, locking your door really is just a formality here. If you think of all the thieves and critters slinking down the halls, it makes the idea of locks... well, useless.” A cheerful tenor voice rambled from above my door.
I shrugged and slipped the chain that held the key back around my neck, tugging the long silver-blue sleeve of my uniform. Another condition of my father funding this school was that, for the first semester, I went to a class of his choosing.
So what wonderful subject do I get to study?
Inter-species Relations.
Without looking up at the elemental above my door, I spoke as I began down the outer ring.
So what class are you taking, Kyler?”
Well, I was going to take Encounters with Creatures, but apparently the teacher they had for it had to call in some sick days, so I'm in Woodsmanship.”
Through his voice I saw another air elemental with pale blue eyes and light blond hair. Then I saw some brief flashes of Kyler's memory.
A horrible dragon-bird tearing flesh.
Isabel Grace and the blue-eyed air elemental.
I blinked, pulling myself out of his memories. I looked at my new friend, noticing the scar that ran from the right edge of his jawbone diagonally down his neck before disappearing under his shirt on the left side of his collarbone.
The first memory with the dragon-bird was when he received the scar.
At least that's what I would guess from the terror of that memory.
So what do you think of the mythological beings running around? Not that they're really myths or anything, it's just easier then naming all of them.” Kyler glided through the air for a few moments, before his feet finally touched the ground.
I shrugged again, not really caring about our fellow students. “From the few I've met, Headmistress Kiffer wasn't kidding about this being a place for the socially challenged.” We passed by a door with a carving of a full moon being drowned by the sea before turning down the hallway that led to the inner ring.
Socially challenged is putting it lightly. We've got thieves, werefolk, wyverns, and even a few humans!” The air elemental exclaimed as he matched his stride to mine. I shook my head and ran a finger across one of the carvings on the wall, allowing myself this one indulgence. Then I let my arm fall back to my side.
Kyler hadn't mentioned my being a siren, and I still wasn't sure if he even knew what I was.
I wasn't sure if I wanted him to know what I was.
So,” Kyler began, clasping his hands behind his head. “what would you like to do with our last day of freedom? We could hike through the wood, or get to know our fellow students in the dining hall.” His eyes met mine, while his voice created countless images that I tried to ignore.
Let's go to the cove.” I told his storm-gray eyes. The air elemental smiled. Then with a flourish bow, he offered me a hand. “If I may?” His voice was full of mischief which made my Song flutter in my throat. I breathed in, dragging my Song down into the depths of my heart and chaining it down.
You have tasted freedom already, now let Silence rein.
My Song cried out in protest, but the Silence held strong, devouring the cries before they could surface.
I took the offered hand, and we flew down the stairs.
Kyler grinned as I let out a gasp of surprise. “Air elemental, remember? We don't have to climb up and down stairs.”
The air continued to carry us after we reached the ground floor, not releasing its hold until we were at the front door. Free from the air currents, I looked at Kyler and shook my head. “You just can't help showing off, can you?”
The elemental lifted his hands and tilted his head with a inquiring look. “If you have a skill, why let it rot?” He opened the door, nodded outside. “So, shall we make use of my skill? Or shall we ruin our shoes?”