Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Like the wild winter wind.
Like sparks from a raging flame.
Like a smile from one you love.
Like the last thought before you fall asleep.
Like a heart that has finally healed after a break.
How free will you be?

Friday, October 13, 2017

For a Window

1. To provide light to a room.
2. To protect you from the weather.
3. So you have a breeze during hot summer days.
4. So you have something to look out during long car rides.
5. Because some help keep your house well insulated.
6. Because a door isn't always easy to look through.
7. Because sometimes art looks best when light shine through it.
8. It helps you keep an eye on the kinds when they go out to play, without you needing to go out into the snow.
9. It lets you see all the interesting things that happen to food while it is in the oven.
10. Because a wall would be so bland without one.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leave Behind

Leave behind all you know, to get lost within the winter snow.
Let your heart be frozen by the weather, and then be thawed through time spent together,
Together with those you love, watch as the sun rises above,
Above the distant mountains, oh, what a sight.
Will this journey bring delight?

Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Beat a Boss

1. Sneak up on him from behind.
2. Take away his energy source.
3. Attack quickly while running for your life.
4. Copy his abilities.
5. Overwhelm him with sheer numbers.
6. Toss him out of the ring.
7. Beat him at a tennis match.
8. Destroy whatever je is standing on.
9. Go for the giant eye.
10. Jump on his head.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Simple Cut

It started out as a simple cut.
You couldn't even remember where you got it, only that it itched.
Oh, how it itched. For such a little thing, it became impossible to ignore after you discovered it.
A little cut, just below your elbow. How had you gotten it?
You couldn't remember, but the itching was getting worse, and nothing seemed to help.
And was it looking a bit redder now?
Should such a little cut have been gone by now? You could remember other cuts around that size being mostly healed by this time, yet this cut hadn't gotten any better.
But other then the unending itch and the ever brightening color, nothing seemed wrong.
Perhaps the doctor would know what to do...
The doctor was useless.
He couldn't find anything wrong with the cut. Not even after all the tests.
Yet a part of you was certain that something was wrong.
If only you could remember how you got the cut.
It had been almost a month now, and the cut was still there. It hadn't healed at all, and now the itching was everywhere.
What was wrong with you?
You finally got an answer tonight.
The cut burst open when the moonlight hit it tonight, and a monster consumed you.
Even now, as you felt a ravenous hunger in your gut and stared at the pale fur covering your arm, the cut was still there.
Still just a little thing, weeping slightly as it continued to itch.
Would the itchiness ever end?
You howled out the question, then followed the sound of someone's reply.

Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Survive a Road Trip

1. Pack plenty of snacks.
2. Have a playlist with upbeat music for the road.
3. Make sure your phone is charged.
4. Have a map, so you"ll know where you're going.
5. Make sure to have extra cash on you, for those places that don't accept a card.
6. Have a drink on hand.
7. Make sure to pack sunglasses.
8. Wear comfortable clothes.
9. Have a good pair of shoes.
10. If possible, bring a friend.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Winter Storm

White death falls from above, covering all beneath its chill grasp. It lingers in hidden nooks, disguising danger with the appearance of flatness.
When will it leave?
When will the warmth of summer return?
None can tell, for the powdery ice listens not to the whims of men.
All one can do is find someplace safe, warm, and dry; and wait out this winter storm.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Phone Cases

1. The kind with a place for your I.D.
2. One which features your favorite Disney character.
3. The kind which reveals your pride for your Hogwarts house.
4. One that you can accidentally run over and it won't break. Your phone, on the other hand...
5. The kind that has a built in stand.
6. One that looks like an older piece of technology.
7. The kind that is waterproof.
8. One that is customizable.
9. The simple kind that keeps your phone safe without needing to be flashy.
10. One that looks like a book.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book in a Box

There is a book in that box; though it is tattered and torn.
Once it was well loved, and kept out from the storm.
But now there it lies, with no home of its own.
With no one to read its pages, it might as well be a stone.
For that is how useful the book in the box has become.
With pages waterlogged, and the inked words nearly gone.
The book has no purpose, left alone in a box.
It has no reader, just a moldy old sock.
So when you young novels pass by after the rain blows through.
Remember the book in the box, for the same could happen to you.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cool Names

1. Therius.
2. Eirlys.
3. Hendryx.
4. Leyva.
5. Echols.
6. Nyquist.
7. Ruzek.
8. Salstrom.
9. Feniuk.
10. Lilavois.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One Threat

The first wave of the invasion was a success.
There had been a few stragglers, a few rebels who refused to give in to the new world order.
But in time, they had unknowingly succumbed like all the rest.
When the main fleet finally arrived and surrounded the planet, there was no resistance left.
All it took to gain the planet's full surrender was one threat.
"We'll take back the Internet."

Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Break a Heart

1. Lie. Lies spread like cracks in a glass, and will eventually shatter.
2. Forget. Forget about a birthday, forget about that promised you made. Forget, and let that forgotten heart wither away in loneliness.
3. Dwell on what you want. Me, me, me. I want, I need, I deserve. Focusing only on yourself leaves nothing left for another's heart.
4. Get mad. Anger fuels the Heart-Breaker 3000, and is often on a hair trigger.
5. Break a promise. What you say matters, and following through on what you say matters even more.
6. Don't listen. Listening is a way to show you care. By not taking time to listen, you show how much you no longer care.
7. Betray their trust. If you are trusted, and then do something which shatters that trust, you can be sure that a heart got shredded with the fragments.
8. Make it worthless. If no one cares about it, if nothing of worth could ever come from it, then of what use is that heart?
9. Let it go. Sometimes the best way to tear a heart in two is to simply release it.
10. Never notice. It's sad when a heart is purposefully broken, but it is even more terrible when someone doesn't even notice the heart they've just broken.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What If

Of what use is a talent, if it is not shared?
What profit does it bring to the heart, if kept hidden away in the dark?
What can it teach you, when left all alone?
Whose life can it brighten, if it is never made known?
It brings a special kind of sorrow, known as "what if".
What if I had done that?
What if I had shared?
What if I had done anything, to show that I cared?
What if your talent had brought joy to their lives?
Happiness does not come from the "what ifs" of life.
It comes from the choices you make each day.
The choices that lead one to act, doing all that you can.
Using your talents to help your fellow man.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Sad Moments

1. When your ice cream melts.
2. When you discover that a page has been ripped out of your book.
3. When the dog eats the craft you were working on.
4. When an event you were looking forward to gets canceled.
5. When your favorite pen runs out of ink.
6. When you miss an opportunity to spend time with family who you haven't seen in a while.
7. When you need to sleep, but can't.
8. When someone forgets about you.
9. When a beloved pet dies.
10. When the computer crashes before you could save your work.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Autumn Leaves

The leaves change slowly from their vibrent green.
Yellows, oranges, and reds creep like flames to consume summer's green life.
Yet as the world grows colder, the fires flickering among the branches begin to dim.
As those flames tremble in the wind, their grip slips.
Down they fall, to the uncaring ground.
Crisp brown creeps like the bugs beneath the hard earth, snuffing out what life was left in those colorful embers.
And as the last bit of life withers, the autumn leaves are left bitter beneath the shade of their evergreen cousins.

Friday, August 25, 2017

To be Excited

1. You got to see an old friend.
2. Someone gave you a present.
3. You beat a hard puzzle in a game.
4. You were invited to a party!
5. You got a new pet.
6. You found something you had lost.
7. Someone complimented you.
8. You learned something new.
9. Someone made you laugh.
10. You were able to spend time with your family.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Cat's Mind

Isn't it so sad, when the mouse gets away?
A shake, and ruffled fur smooths, providing a mask of ease.
So one mouse got away. The family frets, wondering what trouble it will cause them.
Lift a paw, and lick. Go through the motions of all being right in the world, and it would be.
Pretend. It was too scrawny, and wouldn't have been worth eating.
The family's disappointed muttering made ears twitch.
A lousy hunter? They hadn't even heard it scurrying.
Stand, stretch as if nothing is wrong.
Nothing is ever wrong, when you're a cat.
Stride from the room, head held high.
Never let them see you break, and you never will.
Away from the family, claws were released and tail could lash with his fury.
Doubt cannot be left to fester. That mouse must die.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Problems Cats Have

1. Their food dish is always empty.
2. The mouse gets taken away just as the game was getting interesting.
3. Baths take up so much of the day.
4. There is never enough time to sleep.
5. "The dog gets to go outside; so why can't I?"
6. Fish are a constant torment within their watery fortress.
7. People have this thing about picking up cats. Don't they know cats are allergic to hugs?
8. Cats, for some strange reason, are expected to share the bed with their human. Cats don't share.
9. Attention is not properly given unless all enemies are destroyed. Enemies such as the TV, books, the Internet, and humans not belonging to the cat.
10. Bells on collars.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The rabbit is quick and nimble,
While the turtle is steady and slow.
The mice are blind to all they'll find,
When the clock strikes one.
The cows moon for greater heights,
While curds and whey are where spiders set their sights.
Jack, so quick to break his crown,
Finds giants above where beans touched the ground.
The goose tries hard to be a mother hen,
But the tales at nursery-time must end.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Things Most Children Have

1. An imaginary friend.
2. Constantly messy hands.
3. Enough energy to power a small town.
4. A sixth sense which alerts them to when you try to eat something without sharing it with them.
5. A highly selective memory; they can remember that you promised to give them two cookies for snack-time, but forget to pick up their toys even after you've told them five times.
6. The ability to sing every word of their favorite show's theme song.
7. Enough curiosity to kill ten cats, and drive the dog into hiding.
8. An irresistible urge to cut their own hair.
9. Confidence to try new things — unless it's vegetables.
10. The ability to make others happy, just by being themselves.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Clayridge Dragons

Clayridge dragons are fierce, feral creatures that strike fear in all who have the misfortune to meet them.
But though their claws are sharper than any sword, and their fangs can pierce the moat well made armor, it is their fire that one must avoid.
Hotter than the flames of the emeraldian dragon, and  with precision that means the first bout is all they need to engulf their target, clayridge dragons are masters of their inner furnace.
But then, they have to be.
For unlike other species of dragons, the clayridge dragon must be cautious in how often they use their inner fire.
For should they use it too often, then their malleable clay flesh bakes from within, making it ever harder for them to move as every joint stiffens, until the strain of their heavy scales causes their baked insides to crumble.
In the end, nothing is left of a clayridge dragon except for dust-coated scales.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Dragon's Don't Wear Hats

1. Their horns get in the way.
2. The wind steals them whenever the dragon flies.
3. Knights laugh when they see a dragon in a ballcap.
4. Hats catch fire too easily around the hatchlings.
5. They don't fit properly, since no one bothers making hats large enough for a dragon's head.
6. Because princesses get frightfully aggressive if you try taking their headwear, and no dragon wants to explain how they lost an eye to a princess' pointy hat.
7. Villagers never notice them. What's the point of wearing your new hat to a raid, if no one pauses in their screams long enough to compliment how well it matches your scales?
8. Because heroes always assume it's a magical hat, and steal it before you get a chance to wear it.
9. They itch, and no dragon likes having an itchy head.
10. The hat smelled tasty, and dragons get hungry.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Crimson Terror

The stone was polished to a glistening shine, though it would never be seen by human eyes.
No, this magnificent gem would sit in a place of pride deep within a labyrinth of caverns, where bats flew and rats scurried to hide from the crimson terror.
A colossal, scaled beastie, the crimson terror was the local dragon of Fardell, known for his delight in pilfering stones from the farms and towns nearby.
Any stone would do, be it the rarest exotic sapphire or a lump of local red clay. Some of the more cunning villagers had taken to leaving a selection a stones on the road a short distance from their homes, so that when the crimson terror came calling, it would take that instead of destroying buildings in his search.
The crimson terror thought well of these humans, and so kept the charring of roofs to a minimum in places that left him an offering.
Some of the not so cunning humans left unacceptable offerings such as golden-haired maidens.
The crimson terror didn't want maidens with false gold locks. He'd rather have real gold, and so ignored such distasteful offerings.
Still, the crimson terror's collection was quite vast, and though none had yet dared enter his labyrinth, the dragon couldn't help worry that some foolish adventurer might one day seek to claim his hoard.
And so when the crimson terror wasn't out gathering more stones, he was digging; striving with each excavation to make his labyrinth more complex, his hoard ever harder to find, and thus safe from thieving human hands.
For with how precious each stone in his collection was, surely some adventurer would one day come calling.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun Shaved Ice Flavors

1. Horchata.
2. Coconut cream pie.
3. Tiger's blood.
4. Grape.
5. Dreamsicle.
6. Lychee.
7. Sugar cookie.
8. Super sour lime.
9. Pina colada.
10. Black cherry.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Bring late is what got me on this adventure.
I arrived a few minutes after the party began, and a few minutes after everyone at the party had been turned to stone.
From there, I was got lost on the way to a old sage's hut, and so missed the ambush the bad guy had set to catch any hero types (like me, supposedly).
My throw was late facing the monster, and so my newly found boomerang missed the creature's head, hitting the surprisingly explosive wall behind it.
So the pattern went throughout the journey.
My lateness wound up solving the problem or saving me time and time again.
And at last, I reached the bad guy.
And yet again, I was late.
Only this time, being late didn't save me.
Instead, it doomed everyone else.
Because I was too late.

Friday, July 21, 2017

To Wear a Mask

1. So you can breathe while working with dangerous fumes.
2. To help keep your face warm in the chilly weather.
3. As an aid while swimming underwater.
4. While at a masquerade party.
5. When you are sick.
6. To help you sleep while surrounded by city lights.
7. To provide protection while welding.
8. As part of a uniform while participating in a sport.
9. While performing on stage.
10. If you are a superhero.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moments of a Mouse

Trapped. Forsaken, left to rot.
Beguiled by an alluring scent, foolishly betrayed by call of hunger.
Steel walls surround on all sides, while a clear ceiling taunts with perfect view of what lies beyond.
The entrance, so easily entered, mocks any attempt at escape. All avenues have been closed, and each cry for help has been ignored.
Forgotten. Condemned by a sweet bait, and sentenced to pay dearly for the meal.
The floor shakes, and the view above shifts as the prison moves.
Frantically searching for escape, nothing is found but bitterness.
Scents change, and sounds offer nothing but despair.
The cluck of the enemy, and the rush of water.
Within moments, steel walls leak.
Liquid death fills every crevice, and lungs ache.
The sweet taste of allurement which had graced the tongue is washed away.
Eyes close, as the final sleep overwhelms.

Friday, July 14, 2017

To Smile

1. Because someone made you laugh.
2. You found something you had lost.
3. Someone complimented you.
4. A friend came to visit.
5. Your ice cream didn't melt all over your hands.
6. The cake you baked was delicious.
7. Your dog didn't get into the trash while you were gone.
8. You were able to spend time with your family.
9. The cat didn't bite you when he was given a bath.
10. Because it was a good day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The scraggly old barn cat wasn't looking for a family, nor did he want a friend.
All the barn cat wanted was to be left in peace to hunt some mice.
He didn't care about the young mother and her litter of kittens. In fact, he was quite irritated at how their presence was scaring the mice.
The old barn cat's whiskers twitched in annoyance, not amusement, when the runt of the litter gave a very poor impersonation of walking and managed to scare am entire nest of mice into the old barn cat's paws.
The old barn cat got very good at ignoring when the kittens made a mess of his den during their play. After all, acknowledging them could be taken as acceptance of their presence in his home, and that would mean sharing his mice.
The grumpy old barn cat finally managed to scare the young mother and her nearly grown litter away late one afternoon. All the mice would be his once again.
Well, almost all the mice.
For the runt of the litter was still around. Why the runt thought himself welcome, the old barn cat didn't know.
But the runt kept catching the plumpest mice, and leaving them in the old barn cat's den.
And so, the old barn cat would ignore the runt, and hope he went away soon.
But until then, he'd eat all the mice.

Friday, July 7, 2017

For Spots

1. Because seeing stars gets tedious after a while.
2. If Spot doesn't run, then who will?
3. Spots of dirt means that the children didn't wash their hands.
4. Chicken pox just wouldn't be the same without them.
5. A dalmatian without its spots would simply be a blank pup.
6. How can an X mark a spot if it wasn't there?
7. Because connect the dots wouldn't work without those little spots.
8. Spots let you know when you've spilt food on your shirt.
9. Well, they are a lot of fun to draw.
10. Because stripes were so last year.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Joys of the Hunt

Terror stalked the night, waiting for his chance to strike.
The hour was late, and the streets were deserted. Yet Terror would not concede defeat, for he knew something would happen soon.
For the nights had been too quiet.
The flicker of a streetlamp made Terror pause. Could this be it?
No, Terror shook his head, It is merely a dying bulb.
Leaping onto a wooden fence, Terror stared up at the smiling moon. What prize had it gained, to be so smugly illuminated?
The soft patter of paws made Terror's ear twitch, and he turned toward the sound. It had come from a lawn overgrown with honeysuckle, its sweet stench clogging Terror's nose. Still, he noted the rustling of movement within the mass of oval leaves and pale flowers.
Careful calculation dictated each movement as Terror prepared himself. He would have only one chance, and it would not be wasted through haste.
One last twitch from within the honeysuckle, and Terror leapt with claws outstretched.
Warmth crumpled as his weight pinned it in place, and a swift bite ended the struggle before it could really begin.
Terror lifted his head, tilting his face to the sky so the smiling moon could see his prize. Let it smirk from so far above, Terror thought, Nothing with so pale a smile could possibly know the joys of the hunt.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Favorite Family Desserts

1. Pecan pie.
2. Lemon cake with lemon curd filling.
3. Homemade vanilla ice cream.
4. Lemon squares.
5. Rice crispy treats.
6. Cherry crisp.
7. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
8. Dark chocolate brownies.
9. Apple pie.
10. Oatmeal cake.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dragons' Dominion

It was a programming error that released the dragons. Just one line of code, mistakenly imputed, somehow broke the ancient binding spell.
The dragons were swift, mercilessly targeting those with any aptitude for magic. For it had been mages who locked them away, and so the dragons desired a world without mages.
The dragons hadn't expected the world to have forgotten how to use magic, nor to have transforms their ancient enemy into a creature of myth.
But the dragons didn't complain. Such behavior merely meant that there was no one watching for the dragons' return, nor were there any who were prepared to face the dragons in combat.
No, the fools had spent there time making dwellings that stretched so flimsily into the sky.
Such things were begging to be burnt back to the ground.
The dragons were cunning, and took note of all that their weak opponent tried to use against them. Some things, like the metal shells somehow filled with a strange kind of dragon-fire,  were surprisingly dangerous.
Yet despite the danger, those metal shells were laughably easy to beat with a carefully aimed blast of real dragon-fire.
It wasn't very long at all before the skies were once again ruled by dragons, and the land would soob be theirs as well.
For the the weak creatures of the world were on the run, scattering at the briefest glimpse of a dragon's shadow.
Without the aid of magic, nothing could stand against the dragons' dominion.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Packing Tips

1. Make sure the bottom of the box is securely taped. If you plan to fill a box with heavy objects (like books) make sure that the bottom of the box is taped in such a way that the tape won't give out when you pick up the box.
2. Don't overload boxes. If a box is too heavy for you to comfortably carry, then you might want to make it lighter. After all, you might not have the help of stronger friends later on when you need to move that too heavy box.
3. Bubble wrap is your friend. Have something fragile? Wrap it in bubble wrap. Have this one empty spot in the box that none of your stuff will fit in? A piece of bubble wrap can fill it in so your stuff won't shift.
4. Don't pack empty containers. If you have little knick-knacks and containers like jewelry boxes, why not combine the two? The knick-knacks gain a safe place to travel in that means they won't get lost, and you'll feel better about packing your cute box collection.
5. Label the outside of each box. If you don't have to open a box to know what is inside it, then moving the boxes into the right room of your new home will be so much easier.
6. Keep a packing list. What have you packed? Did the crystal monkey get put in the same box as the kid movies, or is it in with the stand mixer? With a packing list, you won't have to wonder where that crystal monkey is.
7. Work on one room at a time. Packing up a house can be a daunting task, but if you break it into smaller chunks, and focus on one chunk at a time, then it will help you keep from being overwhelmed.
8. Have a plan. As startling as it may be, plans can actually work. If you stick with it, that is. Don't change from one plan to another without sufficient reason, for darting about from one plan to another willy-nilly will only add to your stress.
9. Donate what you no longer need. Or more accurately, donate anything you mo longer use. If you haven't worn that shirt in seven years, perhaps it is past time to give it away. For anything you aren't using (and will probably never use again) is simply extra baggage that you don't need to waste resources packing, storing, or moving.
10. Take time to relax. Frantically rushing will only leave you exhausted. Take time away from packing up to remember what fun, food, and sleep are.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Opportunity Awaits

When the road is long, how far will you go?
When the path grows steep, will you make the climb?
When storms rage and shelter seems so far away, will you still trudge through the wet muck?
Will you stick to your course, no matter what trouble may arise?
Will you be the strong back, friendly shoulder, and outstretched hand to others in need?
Will you stand tall through each trial, when they come your way?
Do not delay.
Do not shrug and say, "Another will do it, so it needn't try."
"Maybe tomorrow, it will be easier to get by."
Do not wait for the maybes, though they are tempting to hear.
For "maybes" breed "sometimes", and "when I get the chance".
The opportunity is now, right this moment you see.
And it won't wait for you, for it is already free.
Opportunities must be seized, before they escape.
And put to good use, through each tough time you face.
Through long roads, steep paths, and countless storms every day.
Opportunity awaits.
So make no delays.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Road Trip Necessities

1. A toothbrush. Because fuzzy teeth are no fun.
2. Extra socks. For you never know when you'll need another pair.
3. Snacks. A snack makes the long road seem a little shorter.
4. Cash. Because no every place accepts a card.
5. A planned route. You'll want to know where rest stops and gas stations are.
6. A buddy. They can help keep you awake, pass out snacks, and make sure you don't miss too many turns.
7. Enough time for unexpected delays.
8. The proper chargers for whatever electronics you bring.
9. Water. Because stating hydrated is very important during long trips.
10. Comfortable shoes. Your feet matter, so be kind to them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The night was still, the storm that had raged finally over. But though the chaotic winds and chilling flurry was gone, the desolation left behind acted as a harsh reminder.
Build your walls, and nature will tear them down.
Cower beneath the earth, as the skies rage.
It would take time to recover from the destruction, time that could nit be wasted.
Time that currently kept loved one apart, anxiously wondering if the other had managed to weather the storm.
Would time see them to a joyous reunion?
Or was a rain of bitter tears lurking on the horizon?
Buildings would be restored, others rebuilt.
Strangers would stand together, strengthened by the realization that they'd survived the storm.
Time would bring healing from grief and pain, and provide strength to the weakened.
But at this moment, deep in the night, time holds its breath.
For even time needs a moment to recover from such a storm.

Friday, June 9, 2017


1. Frozen hot chocolate.
2. Sugar cookies.
3. Lemon bars.
4. Caramel.
5. Pineapple upside down cake.
6. Frozen yogurt.
7. Cupcakes.
8. Candied plums.
9. Fruitcake.
10. Pie.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The ground shook as the fierce hunter bounded after its prey. After having stalked the tasty critter for so long, the hunter wasn't about to let it get away.
Around the corner, under obstacles the prey was too dumb to realize the hunter could follow it through, and then a dash through open space toward its hideaway.
But such a fine snack would not be allowed escape.
The hunter leaped, claws outstretched and eager to tear into tender flesh.
The prey only had time for a single squeak, before the hunter bite into its neck.

"Mom!" A little boy named Bobby shouted excitedly from the living room, "Whiskers just caught a mouse, and he's eating it!"
At her son's words, Mrs. Pine gave a sigh from her seat at the kitchen table. She didn't know where their new kitten kept finding mice, but she wasn't about to scold it for following its instincts. She would let the kitten eat what it caught, and mop the living room tile after its meal was done. Hopefully the kitten's hunts would discourage the mice from nesting near (or more disgustingly, in) her family's house.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Names for a Hedgehog

1. Sonic.
2. Lance.
3. Pin Cushion.
4. Quills.
5. Spike.
6. Seamstress.
7. Amy.
8. Snuggles.
9. Chia.
10. Grump.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baby Turtle

Once there was a baby turtle, who loved his neighbors so.
Every day, he would go out to play with them. It was a long walk from the burrow to where the neighbors lived, and even after getting there his journey wasn't through.
For his neighbors were chickens, and lived in a coop.
For the baby turtle to go in and play, he first needed to find a hole. A hole that led beneath the wire and wood walls of the coop's run, a hole large enough for him to go through.
This hole was his secret tunnel, and made him the envy of his chicken neighbors. For his neighbors would love to be free from their run, free to eat all the delicious grubs that squirmed just out of reach beneath the tree outside their run.
But it was not to be.
For the chickens stayed trapped in their run, and the baby turtle faithfully came every day to play.

Friday, May 26, 2017

For Numbers

1. They help us stay organized.
2. They are used in coding.
3. Because without them, we might have counted by colors.
4. Because math wouldn't be the same without equations like 2+2=4.
5. Without numbers, crafts like knitting, crocheting, and tatting would be harder to write patterns for.
6. Keeping time is easier with numbers.
7. Because the alphabet would get lonely without their number neighbors.
8. When your bookmark falls out, those page numbers can help you find where you were.
9. If numbers didn't exist, how could you be sure you've line up oldest to youngest?
10. Because without numbers, this would be called Reasons A through J.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Brownie Delights

The little girl knew three things about bedtime.
First; hers was at eight o'clock.
Second; parents don't go to sleep until ten.
And third; the brownies always strike at midnight.
That's why the little girl had learned how to reset her alarm clock. If she got up at 11:55PM, then she had just enough time to hide in the kitchen cabinet.
For at midnight, the brownies came. They were little people, with purple shoes and yellow hats. The little girl wasn't sure where exactly they came from, or why the came to her house.
All she knew was that they made the most amazing treats.
Lemon bars, strawberry jam, apricot pudding, and many other dessert delights that she'd never heard of.
The brownies came, and after making that night's treat, they would leave.
But the treat stayed on the counter.
And the little girl was quick to realize that her parents didn't know about the brownies. For some silly reason, they both that that the other had gotten up early to make the treat.
The little girl didn't think it fair that parents didn't have to follow the sharing rule, and so she would wait for the brownies to make the treat each night, and then have an after midnight snack all by herself.
For brownie delights were worth sharing, even if it was only with the dark.

Friday, May 19, 2017

For a Table

1. It can be a gathering place for your family.
2. You can play games on it.
3. It can hold stacks of books.
4. Food can be kept out of the dog's reach with it.
5. You can use it while folding clothes.
6. Depending on the table, it can be used as a makeshift stretcher.
7. Child can use it as a fort.
8. It can serve as a barrier when someone is trying to put frosting on your face.
9. You can use it while organizing your coin collection.
10. It makes using a sewing machine easier than if you were sitting on the floor.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


When there is nothing, it doesn't matter how you begin.
For how can the first word be wrong at that point i  time?
That one word will lead to another, and another after that.
And soon the page will be filled with words, where once blankness reigned.
Within that jumble of words, how does one find the right phrase?
Where do you begin, when awash in a sea of sentences?
It often comes down to a slow crawl through the muck, in order to find the gems hidden beneath.
And after you've found the right words, it comes time to polish them to a shine.
For though they are right, these words are not yet ready to carry the weight of the stories they'll tell.
Polishing can at times be painful, as it reveals the words that aren't quite right.
Those words are discarded, and those that remain become stronger for it.
In the end, others will wonder how your words came to be.
For in the beginning there was nothing.
But now you've made a wonderful something.

Friday, May 12, 2017

For a Pet

1. So you'll always have a friend close by.
2. Because talking to yourself can get pretty lonely. Besides, you'll get a better response from your pet than from a mirror.
3. Who else will you blame for having eaten the last of the bacon?
4. Pets are great at comforting you when nothing else seems to help.
5. They are fun to watch. For just like children, pets can react so humorously to the simplest of situations.
6. Because you need someone to get you moving in the morning, and a pet insisting on being fed can really get you out of bed.
7. So you'll have someone to go on walks with.
8. Because they can give you fun stories to tell your friends.
9. A pet can help teach children about responsibility.
10. Because they make you happy. What better reason is there?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Best Pet

With a pet in your life, you haven't a care.
For each day is exciting, filled with the love that you share.
But one day it all vanishes, the fun times all die.
On that horrible day when you must say goodbye.
How do you cope, with a heart laden with grief?
Is there any way at all to find some relief?
Your eyes have been puffy, swollen, and red.
Throughout that day you have dread.
Your pet has been so frail, only bones beneath skin.
You wonder if your heart will ever be whole again.
Through all the anguish, you stay by her side.
For no pet of yours should have to go hide.
In those final moments, your heart simply breaks.
And you're shocked by how much it aches.
Can it ever be mended? Will this scar ever fade?
Can you even bare to look back at all the memories you've made?
For the moments of love surely outweigh the grief.
Maybe, one day, they'll bring some relief.
But for now your heart weighs heavy and sad.
As you mourn the best pet that you've ever had.

Friday, May 5, 2017

To Smile

1. Because you were able to spend time with those you love.
2. Someone complimented you.
3. You thought of a witty joke that made people laugh.
4. You didn't stub your toe.
5. The weather was nice.
6. You made a new friend.
7. Because the dog cared about you enough to get off his bed.
8. You ate tasty food.
9. You were able to finish a project.
10. Just because you can.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Duck Pond

There are three constants in the Missy Lee Park. First is that Mrs. Flora will always be sitting on the only park bench at exactly two o'clock, ready to feed the pigeons. Second is that all baseballs will eventually be stolen by the White Sox hound, who is quite friendly unless you try to reclaim your baseball from his collection by the pond.
The third thing that never changed was the duck.
Rain or shine, middle of summer or dead of winter, the duck would always be swimming at the center of the pond.
Nothing could entice the duck from its spot. Not breadcrumbs, dogs, fireworks, or even the rest of the pond freezing. The duck never flew away, and was never seen anywhere else.
And just like people learned not to bring baseballs to the park, they eventually stopped wondering about the duck swimming at the pond's center.
Until one day, one of the townsfolk were visited by their cousins from the city.
As it was one of the few places for fun in the town, the entire family gathered at the park. One child decided to show his cousin how to use a slingshot, as he didn't think they had such things in the city.
The city kid's aim was horrible.
So horrible, in fact, that she hit the duck.
And for once, the duck moved.
The stunned duck drifted a little to the left, the the ground shook.
People shouted and darted away from the pond as a sickly greenish light shot up from beneath the surface.
The duck stirred, but far too late.
The water churned a frothy white that hid the duck from view, and then a head almost too large to fit in the pond broke free from its watery prison.
The duck made a satisfying breakout snack.
As people fled the park, the monstrous creature pulled itself free from the pond, teeth chattering in anticipation as the lizard breathed in the dry scent of freedom.

Friday, April 28, 2017

What to do at Midnight

1. Have a snack. Eating something is a great way to get that kast bit of fuel you need to finish a late night project.
2. Get some sleep. You might not turn into a pumpkin, but if you don't get enough sleep you'll probably be a sour apple in the morning.
3. Read. Books don't have bedtimes, and have a way of making you forget yours.
4. Write. Because when you've gotten into a groove, why let some time on the clock stop the words fron flowing?
5. Play with your cat. Unlike a dog, cats are often up at night. So if you want to play catch the mouse, you might need to stay up with your feline.
6. Talk with a friend. The time of day doesn't matter when a friend needs help or a attentive ear.
7. Do a jig. Because in the night, no one is awake enough to laugh at your silly dance moves. So turn in some music, and let your feet fly.
8. Think. Everything is quiet, and now you can relax from the worries of the day. Think about whatever you'd like. Just let your mind unwind and the thoughts freely drift.
9. Fold clothes. Because sometimes, midnight is the only time you'll have to fold them.
10. Make a plan. Because what better time is there to plan than at midnight?